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  • Need to Probate an Estate – Start Your Ontario Executor Journey Here

    Kathy had always been told she would be her aunt’s Ontario estate trustee or executor. Kathy was too shy to ask where her aunt’s original will was stored. Then Kathy got a nasty Boxing Day surprise. Suddenly, her aunt passed away and Kathy could not locate the original will. What was she to do? Kath … Read more »

  • Can Handwritten Notes Be Valid Ontario Holographic Wills?

    This is how it happened: Martin’s uncle sent him an email saying he was going to change his will. Uncle Ted told Martin he would change his will beneficiaries and wanted to leave Martin his condominium. Uncle Ted said he would see his lawyer and make sure everything was done legally to give Martin t … Read more »

  • How Can Wills be Made in the Future?

    Can you make your will with Alexa or Siri? Artificial intelligence may take over our lives. Voice activated search may eliminate smart phones and keyboards. Voice activated technology has already intruded our privacy and homes. The answer is ‘No’ to electronically signing wills when it comes to Onta … Read more »

  • Can You Dictate Your Last Will with Google?

    You are brushing your teeth in the morning when it happens. You recall your daughter, Sandra, did not call you on your birthday yesterday. Your blood begins to boil. AGAIN. You know this may be petty. But despite your attempts to control your parental anger, you say to yourself, this time there will … Read more »

  • Notice to Public about Investment Scheme from The Law Society of Ontario

    The Law Society of Ontario has an important notice to the public about investment schemes. The post Notice to Public about Investment Scheme from The Law Society of Ontario appeared first on Edward Olkovich Law. … Read more »