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  • Notice to Public about Investment Scheme from The Law Society of Ontario

    The Law Society of Ontario has an important notice to the public about investment schemes. The post Notice to Public about Investment Scheme from The Law Society of Ontario appeared first on Edward Olkovich Law. … Read more »

  • Scammer Warning – Take Caution – Relatives’ Money

    Regrettably, someone has been impersonating me. They have copied my website and changed all contact information. They are sending faxes and emails claiming to be me. Correspondence about money that you receive is not from my office. This is a phishing attempt by scammers for improper purposes. I did … Read more »

  • How Ontario Distributes Estates Without a Will

    My last post gave you tips on handling Ontario estates if there is no will. These are intestate estates. Guess who shares when there is an intestacy? What you learn may encourage you to sign your will. Here is a Simple Example of an Intestate Distribution: When you die without a will, all your estat … Read more »

  • How Do You Handle An Ontario Estate If There Is No Will?

    The simple answer is that you need court authority to handle this estate. Without a will that names an executor, no one can control the estate. You must wait until a court appoints an estate trustee without a will. Here are some steps to save you time and aggravation. Can’t find a will? Then you nee … Read more »

  • If You Are an Ontario Executor Beware This Danger Sign – Part 2

    Everyone has an estate horror story to tell. And each estate is different. That is why executors can’t rely on checklists to protect themselves. I am starting a new series about the dangers Ontario Executors must be aware of to avoid trouble. Here is the second in the series of warning signs of poss … Read more »