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  • Ontario Executor Accounts – Track Every Penny of Estate Money for Compensation 

    Anita, like you, was an executor. She used her father’s estate funds to pay for her mother’s nursing home care for years after her father died. This was what dad had specified were his wishes in his last will.    Anita never dreamed she’d have problems after her mother died. Her brother living abroa … Read more »

  • Estate Administrators – Handle Problems When There Is No Last Will  

    Allison was retired and 64 when she passed away in Ontario. She thought she was too young to need a will. She died without a will leaving a sister, Joy, in California and her brother in British Columbia. They wanted to administer Allison’s affairs. But they had no legal documents to allow them to do … Read more »

  • Ontario Executors, at Last, Your Estate Terms Made Easy – A

    Are you stuck trying to understand some of the terms you run across as an Ontario Executor? No need to Google them. They may mean something different in another province or state. I have prepared your A to Z list in plain English to help. Today we will start with the letter A. Do you have specific w … Read more »

  • Ontario Executor Advice – Play It Safe: First, Hire an Estate Lawyer

    Albert didn’t bother talking to a lawyer. He was executor of his uncle’s estate. He didn’t realize the size of the estate’s tax liabilities. Uncle’s RRSPs were transferred directly to his designated beneficiaries. Unknown to Albert, those assets carried income tax liabilities.    Albert’s uncle left … Read more »

  • Ontario Executors Take Heart 

    I  help Ontario executors avoid and resolve estate problems. I am starting a new series for my Learning Center to offer you valuable information.   Every estate is different. Each executor will face different estate problems.  You may deal with: disgruntled beneficiaries dad’s new wife business cred … Read more »