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  • Equal Pay for Equal Work Now in ForceApril 11, 2018

    On April 1, 2018 Equal Pay for Equal Work, the new section 42 of the Employment Standards Act (ESA) came into force. This was a Bill 148 amendment. You can read more about the big changes Bill 148 has made to the Ontario employment landscape in our previous posts on this topic.   Equal Pay for Equal … Read more »

  • What a Year!April 4, 2018

    SpringLaw celebrates its one year anniversary this month.  We kick off year 2 with our new monthly newsletter that we hope will be a useful, quick read to keep you updated on Canadian workplace law.   Our clients and colleagues have been such an important part of our journey. It’s been a year of thi … Read more »

  • Employee Benefits: Government Health Insurance and Employer Benefit PlansMarch 28, 2018

    Benefits are always a hot topic in employment law. My 2012 post on benefits during the notice period remains my most read post. On January 1, 2018 the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) introduced Children and Youth Pharmacare, drug coverage for children and youth, who are otherwise covered by OHI … Read more »

  • Bill 148 Client Questions: Personal Emergency Leave for Short Term WorkersMarch 21, 2018

    Today we will address another in our series of Bill 148 client questions. Over the last two weeks we have tackled a question related to the new vacation entitlements and one about the entitlements of salaried workers to the Three Hour Rule. This weeks’ question addresses one of the most talked about … Read more »

  • Bill 203: Introducing Pay TransparencyMarch 14, 2018

    On March 6, 2018, Ontario Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn introduced Bill 203 the Pay Transparency Act, 2018. It has passed first reading and is in the process of making its way through the legislative process. While the Bill is not law yet, it would introduce several measures aimed at further closin … Read more »