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  • Contract EnforceabilityMarch 8, 2017

    Must the Employee Sign Off Prior to the Start Date? Photo Credit – Aaron Burden When an employee is terminated without cause and offered a package that is very modest, but otherwise compliant with the employment contract, a common first step for his or her lawyer will be to see if the contract can b … Read more »

  • Getting Fired Sucks!February 8, 2017

    Today is the day.  The decision to terminate an employee has been made and now you have to deliver the news.  Before you step into that meeting, give some consideration to the impact this will have on your soon to be former employee.  Once the correct legal process has taken place, help guide the in … Read more »

  • Employment Standards FYI – Rest PeriodsJanuary 25, 2017

    This post is a quick primer on the subject of hours of work and rest periods for provincially regulated employees in Ontario. The Ontario Employment Standards Act (“ESA”) has several rules regarding hours of work for employees, including permitted length of shift, time off between shifts and time of … Read more »

  • Employment Standards FYI – BreaksJanuary 18, 2017

    This post is a quick primer on hours of work and eating periods. Photo Credit – Lisa’s Dad The Ontario Employment Standards Act (“ESA”) requires that employees be given a meal break of at least 30 minutes within each five consecutive work hours. The ESA builds some flexibility into this, as the empl … Read more »

  • New AODA Requirements Effective January 1, 2017January 11, 2017

    As of January 1, 2017, several new requirements have taken effect under the disability law regime in Ontario.  The Integrated Accessibility Standards (IAS) made under the Accessibility of Ontarians with a Disability Act (AODA) sets out a comprehensive framework for business in Ontario to ensure the … Read more »