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  • Ontario Employment Law Reform on HorizonMay 19, 2017

    Photo Credit – Alex Robert The Ontario government has been reviewing employment laws and labour standards in Ontario, the first such major review since the mid-1990s. A package of reforms is expected to be released next week.  “Changing Workplaces” has been a two-year review, headed by outside exper … Read more »

  • Getting Sued by an Ex-EmployeeMay 11, 2017

    What is an employer to do when served with a Statement of Claim?  Here are the most common questions we get: Is a response mandatory or can we ignore the claim? How do we get rid of this ridiculous claim? How much is this going to cost? Is a Response Mandatory? Yes, an employer must respond by servi … Read more »

  • Workplace Instant Messages: Information OverloadApril 12, 2017

    Photo Credit – Gilles Lambert We all know that social media, electronic communications and the online world has changed how we interact socially. Who has the patience to leave a voice message for a friend about a restaurant meeting place, let alone listen to one? That’s what instant messaging (IM) i … Read more »

  • SpringLaw is here!April 10, 2017

      I’m excited to announce the launch of SpringLaw! We are a virtual law firm advising on workplace legal issues for employers and executives. Whether you are US in-house counsel with a Canadian operation, a Canadian company with employees and clients abroad, or entirely local, our experience with gl … Read more »

  • Contract EnforceabilityMarch 8, 2017

    Must the Employee Sign Off Prior to the Start Date? Photo Credit – Aaron Burden When an employee is terminated without cause and offered a package that is very modest, but otherwise compliant with the employment contract, a common first step for his or her lawyer will be to see if the contract can b … Read more »