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  • Dress Code Rules: What’s wrong with saying “no hot pants”?

    With so much hot news swirling around, some may have missed the story of the Arctic research mission MOSAiC’s dress code. Apparently, women on board the ship were told not to dress in tight-fitting clothing, and specifically no leggings, no crop tops, no short shorts, no hot pants and “nothing too r … Read more »

  • SpringLaw is looking for another rockstar lawyer to join the team!

    SpringLaw is hiring! We’re looking for another rockstar lawyer to join our virtual employment law boutique that helps bosses and execs build and manage workplaces with more calm and less drama. We believe in using tech and automation to deliver legal services more efficiently, so that we can focus o … Read more »

  • Employment Law Damages: The Risk of Not Firing Properly

    Photo by Dustin Tramel on Unsplash Employers often wonder what the consequences might be if they don’t do everything their lawyer tells them to or, if they don’t get a lawyer at all and just “wing it” when hiring, firing, or dealing with workplace issues like harassment complaints or requests for ac … Read more »

  • A Guide for Employers During COVID-19 – October 21, 2020 update

    A Guide for Employers during COVID-19 This Guide sets out the key employment law issues to consider, as well as the government’s financial relief options to explore to get through this deep economic crisis.  (Last Updated October 21, 2020). Further free resources can be found here. Should you need l … Read more »

  • Termination Entitlements: Benefits, Bonuses and Commissions

    Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash Unfortunately, lots of terminations are coming across our desks these days. While most employers understand that they need to provide notice of termination, many employees have a variety of different types of compensation which may or may not continue during the … Read more »