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  • Why You Need An Employee Handbook – The Devil Is In The Details

    What’s an Employee Handbook? An employee handbook is a document where an employer can keep all their policies, procedures and other information an employee needs to have. Often, it forms a part of the employee’s contract, and employees are required to review the handbook and sign their copy to ackno … Read more »

  • Are Changes to Canada’s Privacy Law Landscape on the Horizon?

    It looks like 2020 might be the year where Canada catches up in the realm of privacy and data protection laws. These will likely have a ripple effect throughout the workplace. Mandates Letters In December 2019, PM Trudeau sent mandate letters to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, the … Read more »

  • Public Health Emergencies and the Workplace

    The Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (or 2019-vCoV) is a public health emergency in Canada with confirmed cases in Ontario. This has led many employers to ask how they should manage their employees’ concerns, while still trying to operate “business as usual”.  On the one hand, employers are obligated to prov … Read more »

  • Recent Changes in Ontario Litigation Forums

    On January 1, 2020, changes were implemented to the Simplified Procedure under Rule 76 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure, as well as in Small Claims Court. The changes were brought to increase access to justice for individuals and businesses by reducing the cost of resolving disputes. New Limi … Read more »

  • What does it mean to be in a union?

    We often get contacted by employees who are members of unions and employers looking to better understand the pros/cons when faced with unionization. What does it mean to be in a union? Collective Agreement vs. a Contract One big difference between unionized and non-unionized employees is that the em … Read more »