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  • The Ontario Government and Changes to Bill 148 and Cannabis LawOctober 17, 2018

    Legislatively speaking, a lot has happened in the Ontario workplace law space over the past year. The biggest shake-ups being the Bill 148 changes to the Employment Standards Act and today’s legalization of recreational cannabis. The state of workplace law continues to evolve as the Doug Ford govern … Read more »

  • To google or not to google? Candidate background checksOctober 10, 2018

    In the information age it’s usually relatively easy to find out all about someone by doing a simple Google search. The burning question of online daters, “do I google my date before the date?” applies equally to employers. Can, and should, an employer background check a candidate? If so when? And ho … Read more »

  • Equal Pay for MidwivesOctober 3, 2018

    The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal (HRTO) released an interim decision last week in the application of the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM) and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOH). The AOM brought an application to the HRTO alleging discrimination on the basis of gender in th … Read more »

  • Salaried workers, overtime and hours of workSeptember 26, 2018

    In our connected age, work often creeps beyond the set hours of the workday. See my last post about legislating the right to disconnect for more on this. We often get questions from employers and employees about whether salaried workers should be getting paid for these extra hours and what exactly c … Read more »

  • Bill 164: Amendments to the Ontario Human Rights CodeSeptember 19, 2018

    Bill 164, introduced in October 2017, would expand the current prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Ontario Human Rights Code to include social condition, police records, genetic characteristics and immigration status. We are currently waiting on the Bill to pass, or not. It passed second … Read more »