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  • Drug PoliciesSeptember 13, 2017

    Photo Credit – Get Budding on Unsplash I blogged about pot in the workplace early this past August – see my post here. The legalization of marijuana made the news again, as Ontario announced its plans with respect to how the legal sale of marijuana will be practically rolled out. Basically, the LCBO … Read more »

  • Parental Obligations in the WorkplaceSeptember 8, 2017

    Photo Credit – Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash For many of us who are parents, September feels like the real New Year.  Workplace issues can arise with respect to shifting childcare obligations, as kids transition from summer schedules to school schedules. Employers may be met with requests to accommodate … Read more »

  • Labour DayAugust 30, 2017

    Photo Credit – Aaron Burden on Unsplash The first Monday of September is Labour Day (Labor Day to our friends in the States). In Canada, this is a provincial statutory holiday, celebrated in all of our Provinces and Territories. Most businesses will be closed, with the exception of business that fal … Read more »

  • Transgender Rights and Employer ResponsibilitiesAugust 23, 2017

    Trans rights have been in the news a lot lately. During his eventful tenure, President Trump has eroded existing protections for transgendered individuals in the United States. This winter he removed protections for transgendered students in public schools that allowed them to use the bathroom of th … Read more »

  • PHIPA Fines in the WorkplaceAugust 17, 2017

    Photo Credit – Brandon Morgan This spring the largest penalty to date was issued under Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (“PHIPA”). A social work student was convicted of accessing personal health information without authorization, and ordered pay a $20,000 fine and a $5,000 victi … Read more »