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  • Bill 148 Fair Workplaces Changes:  Scheduling, Leaves and VacationJuly 19, 2017

    Photo Credit – Kazuend This is the third post in my series about the proposed Bill 148 legislative changes. In this post I discuss changes related to scheduling, leaves and vacations.    Under the proposed changes employees will have the right to increased workplace flexibility and increased leave e … Read more »

  • Bill 148 Fair Workplaces Changes: WagesJuly 13, 2017

    Photo Credit – Fabian Blank Last week I posted about Bill 148. In this post I will discuss some specifics of the proposed changes related to pay. The Bill proposes several changes that will affect how much employees get paid. Minimum Wage Perhaps the most wide sweeping change will be the proposed in … Read more »

  • Introduction and Economic Viability of Bill 148July 5, 2017

    Photo Credit – Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash I posted in May about upcoming reforms to Ontario’s workplace laws and you’ve likely heard other rumblings in the employment and HR world about Bill 148, known as the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017. Early in June the first reading of the Bill was car … Read more »

  • Employee Engagement in the Modern WorkplaceJune 8, 2017

    Photo Credit – Daria Shevtsova I regularly speak on the issues of employment and human rights law, but it turns out that lawyers really do end up with a warped view of the world.  Yesterday I spoke on a panel of HR and people-management thought leaders: David D’Souza, Anna Petosa and Shaun Scott, mo … Read more »

  • Ontario Employment Law Reform on HorizonMay 19, 2017

    Photo Credit – Alex Robert The Ontario government has been reviewing employment laws and labour standards in Ontario, the first such major review since the mid-1990s. A package of reforms is expected to be released next week.  “Changing Workplaces” has been a two-year review, headed by outside exper … Read more »