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  • Employment Law 101: Workplace Harassment

    Complaints of harassment in the workplace continue to flourish across all industries. But what counts as “workplace harassment” and what are an employer’s obligations? This post will set out the basics. What is Workplace Harassment? Workplace harassment is defined under the Ontario Occupational Heal … Read more »

  • Attention Employers: Legal Changes Coming to Job Posting Requirements 

    Attention employers and job seekers! As a result of some incoming changes to the Employment Standards Act, job postings are about to look different! Ontario’s Working For Workers Four Act received Royal Assent on March 21, 2024. And now, a brief interlude on Ontario’s law-making process in case you’ … Read more »

  • Employment Law 101: Mitigation

    Mitigation issues can save an employer months of termination pay and/or gut your termination case, depending on whether you are the employer or employee in a dispute. But what exactly is mitigation? This post sets out the basics. What is Mitigation? In Canadian employment law, mitigation refers to t … Read more »

  • Another Termination Clause Bites the Dust

    Employers have another reason to worry about their termination clauses.  Following the case of Waksdale v Swegon North America Inc., 2020 ONCA 391, Ontario courts have placed increased scrutiny on termination clauses with very few surviving. Recently, the Ontario court found a new reason to void a t … Read more »

  • Exiting Employees on a Disability Leave

    The dust has settled post-pandemic and employees are out of sorts. Turnover is high across all industries as people regroup and sort through what they want out of their careers. We regularly hear about employees resisting commuting, moving on quicker than ever when the job gets difficult, and when r … Read more »