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  • Transcript January 26th Legal Talk With Derek Wilson

    Topic 1:  About Derek Wilson Personal Injury Law Laura Hampshire: Good morning, and welcome to Legal Talk with Derek Wilson on 900 CHML. I’m Laura Hampshire, and really excited about this, because before I got into radio, I was actually going to be a lawyer. My mom is still crying about it, but that … Read more »

  • Injured From A Slip And Fall? Why Time Is Of The Essence!

    I’ve talked before about the importance of getting a personal injury lawyer involved in a slip and fall case on public property RIGHT AWAY because of the requirement of notice within ten days. But what about accidents on private property? How Notice Of Claim Limits Work On Public Property Just as a … Read more »

  • How Car Insurance Companies Investigate Accident Claims

    Insurance companies are businesses and they are, like all businesses, expected to make a profit. In the simplest terms, they do so by assessing risk and hoping they will pay less in claims than they earn in premiums. One way they can mitigate that risk is by making sure that they pay only what is [… … Read more »

  • Are You Guilty of Distracted Walking?

    There’s a lot of talk about distracted driving, but what about distracted pedestrians? It might seem patently unfair to talk about pedestrians ‘causing’ accidents. After all, cars outweigh the average human by two tons and any injuries resulting from a collision between a person and a car are likely … Read more »

  • What Is Psychological Pain Worth In A Personal Injury Case?

    When determining a settlement, it’s not just the bills that get counted anymore. Imagine this: You were a passenger in a serious car accident. While the driver walked away with a concussion and some bruising, your injuries were more serious. Even so, you were able to resume some of your pre-accident … Read more »