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  • 2019 Ontario Highway Traffic Act Changes In Fines

    Like updates to the rules of the road, there are changes in fines that should make you think twice! I’ve written before about some changes in the rules of the road and the fines that go with infractions resulting from people breaking them. Distracted driving, for example, has increased a lot, and so … Read more »

  • Can Traumatic Brain Injuries Be Predicted (And Prevented)?

    The future of data may hold the answer If you Google “traumatic brain injury”, you’ll see a lot of articles and research about sports related brain injuries, yet the reality is that the majority of brain injury cases are the result of motor vehicle accidents. “Motor vehicle crashes are the most comm … Read more »

  • Enjoy Safe Beach Time In Hamilton And St. Catharines

    Summer is fleeting and one way to enjoy it best is to get out to a local beach. Going to the beach for the day is a time honoured tradition in my household. It’s also an economical way for the whole family to have a day of fun in the sun. You can bring your […] Read more »

  • The Future Of Safe Cycling In Hamilton

    I came across an article recently about the City of Saskatoon removing bike lanes on one of their major arteries. The reason? “Detractors were concerned about the lanes limiting parking spaces and creating an unsafe, confusing situation for drivers.” This pilot project included white posts along the … Read more »

  • Traffic Rules People Often Forget & A Few You Never Knew Existed

    I did a little math the other day and realized that I’ve been driving for… well, let’s just say it’s been a long time since driver’s ed and my nail biter of a road test. It’s normal to get so set in our driving habits that we forget to think about the rules of the […] Read more »