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  • Using AI to Characterize Financing Between Related Parties

    Abstract The debt-versus-equity question is largely relegated to the common law. The central inquiry is the “extent to which the transaction complies with arm’s length standards and normal business practice.” The courts have established a list of recurring factors to determine whether a transfer sho … Read more »

  • The Step Transaction Doctrine

    Introduction The Step Transaction Doctrine (Step Doctrine) determines whether the court should treat a series of transactions as a single taxable event for federal tax purposes. … Read more »

  • Real Estate

    Introduction Any gain made upon the sale of real property may be taxed as capital or as ordinary income depending on whether that property is classed as a “capital asset” under § 1221 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).1 This primer discusses how to determine whether real property may be considered … Read more »

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

    Introduction Most employers must withhold Social Security, Medicare and federal income taxes from their employees’ wages. Businesses generally must collect and remit excise taxes from their customers. These withholdings are often referred to as “trust fund taxes” because the employers or businesses, … Read more »

  • Debt vs. Equity

    Introduction Corporate cash advances can be divided into two categories: debt and equity. Debt is acquired through the borrowing of funds to be repaid at a later date; equity is a contribution to capital,1 typically an investment in exchange for a stake in the company. … Read more »