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  • Qualifying for the R&D Tax Credit: Internal Use Software (IUS)

    Few tax incentives are more coveted than tax credits. As dollar-for-dollar tax offsets, tax credits are almost as valuable as cash on hand. One such credit, found in § 41 of the Internal Revenue Code, allows certain business that invest in qualified research to claim a tax credit to offset some of t … Read more »

  • GILTI in Focus: Recent and Potential Future Developments

    Introduction: From a Global to a Hybrid Territorial Tax System The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) moved the United States from a global to a hybrid territorial tax system. In doing so, the TCJA eliminated the taxation of repatriated dividends but simultaneously increased the scope of taxation … Read more »

  • Exploring Artificial Intelligence and the Law

    It is tempting to cite the benefits of being the early bird when it comes to innovation—but some firms fear they may be burned by being too quick to adopt new technology. … Read more »

  • Law in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    In the future, self-driving cars may become the norm on roads rather than the subject of promising reports from the tech industry’s leading companies. What first seemed impossible has now progressed into the realm of believability. A similar evolution is happening in the legal industry and, while th … Read more »

  • TCJA Brings Risks of Accuracy-Related Penalties: Are You Prepared?

    For years, the Section 6662 accuracy-related penalty has been one of the most frequently litigated federal tax issues in the United States. This is unlikely to change in light of the recent amendments to the Internal Revenue Code brought by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). … Read more »