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  • When eating at the wheel becomes driving without due care and attention

    You may have read the news story this week about a BC driver caught eating with chopsticks while at the wheel. The story raises the issue of what constitutes the offence of driving without due care and attention. Police caught a woman driving with a bowl in her left hand and chopsticks in her right. … Read more »

  • Defence of necessity in speeding cases

    There are relatively few defences available to you if you get a speeding ticket. However, one option that may be available to you, in certain circumstances, is the defence of necessity in speeding cases. This is basically when you argue that you had no other choice but to speed. Proving this in cour … Read more »

  • Appealing Your Deemed Conviction

    There are two ways in which you can receive a deemed conviction for a violation ticket. The first way is when you do not dispute the violation ticket within the 30-day dispute period. The second way is if you do not attend your scheduled court hearing for your traffic violation. Late dispute If you … Read more »

  • Applying to adjourn a trial

    A new decision just came out at the BC Supreme Court that will help drivers who applied to adjourn their Violation Ticket hearing and had it denied, and drivers who testified based on their speedometer but lost their hearing. Mr. Sandoval applied to adjourn his trial on the basis that his lawyer was … Read more »

  • Fighting a speed camera ticket

    Okay, so you’ve just opened the mail to find a big fat speeding ticket. It’s probably ruined your day but fighting a speed camera ticket is still an option. All is not lost. If you had been pulled over at the roadside you might have been able to talk the officer out of giving you a speeding ticket. … Read more »