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  • Watch out for these traffic tickets in winter

    It’s winter, which means weather conditions on BC’s roads are more hazardous. It also means drivers could pick up some traffic tickets in winter that they might not in any other season. In winter, your obligations as a driver change. This blog will look at some of those obligations and the penalties … Read more »

  • Dash-mounted phone: calls for greater clarity

    Another day, another dash-mounted phone distracted driving conundrum. By now the law is so convoluted it’s honestly safer and more convenient to throw your phone into a volcano. Police issued a woman a $368 ticket for distracted driving. The driver was stopped at a red light when she changed songs o … Read more »

  • Prayer app not exempt from distracted driving laws

    When it comes to distracted driving, there are few excuses that actually work. Just picking up your phone after it falls in the footwell? Distracted driving. Plugging your phone in to charge while driving? Distracted driving. Well, it appears as if another excuse has fallen on deaf ears with the pol … Read more »

  • Can I dispute a ticket outside the 30-day limit?

    When a peace officer issues a violation ticket the recipient can either pay it or they have 30 days to dispute it. But can you still dispute a ticket outside the 30-day limit? Violation tickets are issued when an individual disobeys certain laws or regulations. Examples include traffic offences such … Read more »

  • What is careless driving?

    A lot of people get confused about the offence of careless driving. People tend to think it’s the same as distracted driving. It isn’t. For one, there is no such offence as distracted driving. Distracted driving is a term associated with people using their phones while driving, or use of an electron … Read more »