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  • What does the prosecution have to prove about speed signs to show they apply?

    When you dispute a speeding ticket in BC, the relevant offence might be referred to at Court as, “speeding against a highway sign”. The language is important here. In BC, the speed limit is 50 km/h within a municipality and 80 km/h outside a municipality, unless there is a sign indicating otherwise. … Read more »

  • Appealing a speeding ticket on your own

    Appealing a traffic ticket for speeding can be difficult. Appealing a traffic ticket for speeding without the help of a lawyer can be doubly so. People who decide to represent themselves in traffic-related matters in BC face a complex system that requires a lot of skill and experience in order to su … Read more »

  • Why hiring a traffic court lawyer can save you a lot of trouble

    Two recent cases heard at BC Supreme Court serve as good examples of why hiring an experienced traffic court lawyer can save you a lot of trouble if you plan on disputing a ticket. Challenging any kind of traffic ticket can be difficult. Doing so without the guidance of someone who knows what they’r … Read more »

  • Motor Vehicle Act Video Series, Episode 11: Driving While Prohibited

    Driving While Prohibited is one of the most serious offences under BC’s Motor Vehicle Act. Paul Doroshenko, of BC Driving Lawyers, sets out the offence of Driving While Prohibited. He also explains some of the severe punishments for committing the violation. Watch the video below to find out more: T … Read more »

  • Learning from your mistakes can be costly for Class 7 Drivers in BC

    It’s tough being a young driver in BC. Making mistakes as you learn the rules of the road can be costly, especially when the rules are much stricter for Class 7 drivers. A recent story involving a teen driver serves as the perfect case study of what not to do if you are a learner driver. The 16-year … Read more »

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