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  • The Elusive Technicality on a Traffic Ticket

    One of the first things many people do when they get a traffic ticket is they scour the ticket for a mistake made by the police officer. The hope is to find a technicality – some clerical error that will cause the ticket to be thrown out at trial. And sometimes there is an error. But it doesn’t mean … Read more »

  • Admissible Evidence: Just as important in Traffic Court

    Admissible evidence, meaning any proof presented in a court of law, is a way for lawyers to verify the case they’re trying to make. It is just as important in traffic court as it is in criminal or civil court. Admissible evidence is so important that trying to introduce inadmissible evidence can ove … Read more »

  • A good defence to a traffic ticket

    You might think you’re guilty and yet still have a good defence to a traffic ticket. We have defended thousands of traffic tickets and we have developed many good defences to traffic tickets that you would likely never have considered. There are many factors at play. The burdens: It’s important to r … Read more »

  • Common mistakes in traffic court

    We attend a lot of traffic violation hearings, and we notice people making the same common mistakes in traffic court over and over. These defendants, usually self-represented, run over themselves making weak arguments, giving contradictory testimony, and otherwise spinning their wheels. This blog wi … Read more »

  • Police RADAR calibration records

    One of the most common things do-it-yourselfer lawyers want the police to produce is the police RADAR calibration records. We see it all of the time. People are in the hallway of the courthouse arguing with the police about obtaining the records of the RADAR calibration. In the end their request get … Read more »