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  • Daily log requirements for commercial vehicles

    In British Columbia, commercial drivers must adhere to safety regulations. This includes keeping a daily logbook. Failure to keep a logbook up-to-date or tampering with it are offences under the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations. But when and to who do these rules apply? When is a vehicle a ‘commercial … Read more »

  • Speed cameras introduced at 35 BC intersections

    The BC government has gone ahead with plans to introduce intersection speed cameras. The plan was not without controversy with many critics calling it a return of the widely-hated photo radar of the 1990s. The program has been a lesson in how to roll out a potentially unpopular policy. The drawn-out … Read more »

  • Can you get a ticket if your vehicle is too loud?

    It may come as a surprise to some but you can get a ticket for having an excessively loud vehicle. Vehicles make a multitude of loud noises. Screeching brakes, a rattling engine, skidding tires. The question is, when does the noise become an offence? It’s not just any noise that can cause an offence … Read more »

  • Is having a dead cell phone battery a distracted driving defence?

    Having a dead cell phone battery would make it pretty difficult to use a cell phone. Impossible even. But is this a valid defence against a distracted driving ticket? A necessary element of the offence of using an electronic device while driving is the ‘use’ of the device. The difficulty is the term … Read more »

  • What does the “when children are present” road sign mean exactly?

    Have you ever driven by a sign like this one and wondered what it actually means? These speed limit signs sometimes appear near schools in Canada. The sign indicates that the normal speed limit on that route is lowered “when children are present”. But this can be confusing. Are you only supposed to … Read more »

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