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  • Tips on Negotiating Your Severance Package

    There’s no simple way around it – getting terminated from a job is not pleasant. Whether you saw the writing on the wall or it came as a total surprise, losing a job is always difficult. Employees often talk about leaving a termination meeting feeling dazed, and that they quickly begin to worry abou … Read more »

  • Change of Substratum: Are Employment Contracts Enforceable After Substantial Changes?

    What happens when an employee’s job has changed so much that the relationship is completely different than it was when they signed their contract of employment? For example, the individual who starts as a junior clerk at $15/hour and works her way up to a management position? Should they be held to … Read more »

  • How Expensive is Employment Law Litigation?

    When someone retains us to pursue an employment law claim on their behalf, they inevitably ask two questions: How long will it take, and How much will it cost. The reality is that both of these things are linked, and they are impossible to predict. While that may not be very satisfying to hear, we c … Read more »

  • COVID-19: Getting Back to Business (Again) – FAQ

    In May of 2020, the team at Rudner Law prepared a thorough, comprehensive return-to-work guidebook. At the time, few expected COVID-19 lockdowns to last more than a few weeks. We were hopeful, like most Canadians, that the problem had been caught quickly and that an aggressive lockdown strategy woul … Read more »

  • Childcare Obligations: How Much Has to Be Accommodated?

    Family Status Obligations This is a follow up to Part One, in which we discussed a strategy for requesting accommodation. If you have yet to read Part One, we would recommend those strategies as a starting point. At this point in the process, we turn our minds to the legal obligations of the employe … Read more »