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  • Court Confirms Test for Proper Location of Proceeding

    You’re located in Ontario and want to sue someone in another province regarding a loss you suffered in Ontario. No problem, right? Like many aspects of the law, however, it’s not always that simple – instead, the classic lawyer’s answer of “it depends” applies when considering where you must file yo … Read more »

  • Teachable moment for ESPN anchor after commenting on Zack Whitecloud’s name.

    I want to talk about something that happened last week during this year’s NHL playoffs. Now, I always love it when I get to combine hockey and HR law into one story. So, as you can see in the headline here, ESPN anchor Josh Anderson is describing a goal scored by the Las Vegas Golden Knights, by Zac … Read more »

  • Obtaining Disclosure of Documents

    What do you do if there is a key document that can help prove your case, but it is in the possession of the opposing party, and you don’t have access to it? Clients often ask us how we can obtain documents from the other side. For example, a former employee might know about an email that will be hel … Read more »

  • Court of Appeal: Silence Does Not Equal Consent for Layoffs

    Recently, the Ontario Court of Appeal held that: an employer’s past practice of laying off employees does not necessarily result in an implied term permitting layoffs with respect to another employee, as each situation must be assessed based on its particular facts, and an employee’s silence does no … Read more »

  • Can You Be Fired For Having an OnlyFans?

    We posted about this story on our TikTok account and received many comments, some supporting the teaching assistant and others saying that she should lose her job. Many people have picked up on the point that, as this teaching assistant said when interviewed, “she doesn’t make enough money as a teac … Read more »