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  • How Do Foreign Exchange Programs Work

    The Foreign Exchange Programs: Two Broad Categories. One category includes countries on  the International Experience Class (IEC) list and include the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium,  Chile,  Costa Rica,  Croatia, Czech Republic,  Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kon … Read more »

  • How to Work in Foreign Country / Canada

    Working in a foreign country such as Canada is often financially rewarding.  Further, a foreigner’s work experience in Canada can sometimes be seen as a foothold to acquiring permanent resident status in Canada.    There are steps to determine whether the Canadian employer has explored the possibili … Read more »

  • How To Sponsor a Foreign Worker In Canada?

    Background:  The Canadian Labour Market Canadian employers may sponsor of a foreign worker.  However Canada’s labour market is skilled, given the relatively high quality of education available to Canadians. Nevertheless, there may be some occupations in which a foreign worker may legally work in Can … Read more »

  • How to Appeal Temporary Immigration Decision Canada

    A refused visitor visa, or work permit/visa, or study visa can be disappointing.  Find out where and how to  appeal  a temporary immigration decision. Where Was the Negative Decision Made? One key consideration is where the negative decision was made:  was it made by an immigration officer inside of … Read more »

  • Express Entry Foreign Work Experience Requirements

    Foreign Work Experience is Part of The Federal Skilled Worker Program The  arguably less talked about method of immigration to Canada under Express Entry is the Federal Skilled Worker program.  Foreign work experience is often the keystone element of this program.   This program in theory does not r … Read more »