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  • Can a Student Drive to School with a Permit

    Can a Student Drive to School with a Permit?  Study permit holders in Canada (who are full time students,  particularly those in the latter year of secondary school) may be of driving age.  If they are of driving age they may want to drive to school while possessing a study permit.   In the province … Read more »

  • Temporary Resident Permit vs Visitor Visa

    A visitor visa (also known as a temporary resident visa) is the document placed by a visa officer into a passport – that document can allow a person to approach a Canadian port of entry  (such as an airport in Canada) to request admission as a visitor.  At a port of entry, a Canada Border Services A … Read more »

  • Changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program

    Sometime in early 2020, Canada’s temporary foreign worker program will make changes to certain work permits. The changes may allow more mobility (within the Canadian labour market) for work permits in specific occupations.  The occupations that may benefit would be in the Primary agriculture and Low … Read more »

  •  Temporary Resident Permit  Case Types

    There is a remedy to address inadmissibility known as a temporary resident permit. Such inadmissibilities may include the broad categories of criminal inadmissibility, and  medical inadmissibility. Some more specific examples suitable to facilitate entry to Canada may include trying to enter Canada … Read more »

  • How to appeal an immigration decision in Canada?

    About Immigration Appeals An immigration appeal is a process to complain about a visa officer or immigration officer decision.  The complaint usually relates to a refusal of a visa or permit.  In less common cases, the appeal is filed  to disagree with a removal order .  It is commenced by filing th … Read more »