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  • What the Buy / Sell Market Looks Like RIGHT NOW…

    It’s August 10, 2020.  Things are settling.  They were a bit crazy during COVID-19.  Then when the banks started coming back online last month, things started to take shape.  Buyers came out of the woodworks.  And here’s what’s going on in the market: The price of a practice will always (and I mean … Read more »

  • Life as a Dentist: It Hasn’t Been Easy…

    If you’ve got a weak stomach or believe that everything is peachy in dentistry, don’t read this.  Move on.  This blog post isn’t for you. But if you’re curious as to why I think life as a dentist hasn’t been easy of late… then read on.  If you’ve been practicing for at least the past 5 years, then y … Read more »

  • New Employment Case Terrible for Dentist Employers!

    Terrible for dentist employers.  Just Terrible!  That’s what I think of the recent Ontario Court of Appeal case of Benjamin Waksdale vs. Swegon North America Inc. 2020 ONCA 391 (decision released June 17, 2020). I am not sorry for saying that the Ontario Court of Appeal got this case DEAD WRONG.  I … Read more »

  • Time to Sell! Skip Going Broke-Er and Talk to Us…

    DMC has been flooded – I repeat FLOODED – with calls from dentists across Ontario wanting to sell their practices as soon as possible.  Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, Niagara, Brampton, Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Northern Ontario, etc.   Both General Practices and Speciality Offices. So in this blog … Read more »

  • What this Dentist Seller Wrote Us After We Sold their Practice…

    Here’s what one of our dentist sellers wrote after we sold their practice right before the Covid-19 pandemic hit: Hey Michael, Hope you and the family are keeping well during this unprecedented time. Here’s the long-awaited testimonial!  I honestly wasn’t prepared for the inner emotional rollercoast … Read more »