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  • Are Dental Labs The Next Big Opportunity?

    As DSOs have become an important segment of the broader dental industry, our firm is regularly retained by both DSOs and dentists (that would like to sell to DSOs or form part of a DSO). As dentist and DSO lawyers, we have recently been hosting very successful dinner seminars aimed at educating dent … Read more »

  • Create Your Own DSO – Legal Structure And Issues

    You’re reading this article either because you ARE a DSO or you WANT TO BE a DSO in Ontario / B.C.  Either way, I’m going to address some of the legal issues that arise when you creating your own DSO. Warning: this is a typical model that you’ll see throughout North America.  There are plenty of oth … Read more »

  • 2019 DSO Conference by Dykema – Lessons Learned from the U.S.

    I’ve written about DSOs (Dental Service Organizations) a lot on this website.  Check out my last blog HERE.  So last week, Matt Bladowski of Dental Strategy and I were in Dallas Texas, attending the 2019 Definitive DSO Conference put on by Dykema, the leading law firm for dentists and DSOs in the U. … Read more »

  • DMC Expands to Help Dentists and DSOs in B.C.!

    The time has finally come to expand our services (primarily helping dentists prepare, market, and SELL their practices to dentists and Dental Service Organizations) to beautiful British Columbia!  Over the years, we’ve received numerous calls and emails from dentists in B.C. wishing to sell their pr … Read more »

  • 123Dentist Raises Funds for Dental Acquisitions…

    The Race Is On 123Dentist announced today that it has raised an eye-opening $425 million to accelerate the expansion of its dental practice portfolio across Canada. If you thought competition for dental practices was high before, with 123Dentist’s announcement in conjunction with the almost $1 billi … Read more »