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  • So You Think You Have A Good Termination Clause?

    In the next installment of my “So You Think You Can…” blog series, I want to alert dentists to a relatively new case where an Ontario Judge took the time to review, in detail, whether a termination clause is good or bad. As many dentists know, the termination clause is a standard part of any employm … Read more »

  • “Contractor” Receives Full Termination Pay

    It is quite common within the dental industry for dentists to hire contractors for the practice.  Associate dentists, hygienists… even sometimes receptionists and assistants. As any good employment lawyer will tell you, only employees and dependent contractors receive termination notice. Independent … Read more »

  • Why We Don’t Get Millennial … But Have To …

    I’m a Gen X-er: I consider myself a Gen X-er most days. I wasn’t born with an iPad in my hand.  I didn’t have a computer until I was in my teens.  And it was used for looking up cheat codes for my favourite video games (Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo). I never had a work cell phone handed to me unt … Read more »

  • 48-hour Sick Day Notice=$30,000

    Sick time is one of the most common issues that come across my desk.  In 2018, employees were automatically entitled to paid sick time, but now in 2019 it has been taken away. Unsurprisingly to us, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario recently confirmed it was unreasonable for an employer to fire an … Read more »

  • Another Happy Dentist Sells with DMC And Says This After…

    We just sold another dental practice here in Ontario and the selling dentist (a client of ours for years) had this to say about the experience of using DMC LLP: “Dear Michael, I take this opportunity to express my sincerest THANK YOU to you and all DMC professionals for such an excellent work in dea … Read more »

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