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  • Court of Appeal Sides With Employer – Termination Clause UpheldJuly 13, 2018

    When it comes to termination clauses in employment contracts, the common (judge-made) law has been turbulent to say the least. We’ve seen ups and we’ve seen downs; judges have upheld termination clauses that, to us, look straight-forward and stricken down others that we thought would have been ambig … Read more »

  • New OHSA Fines Against Employers ConfirmedJuly 4, 2018

    The Ontario government quietly updated the Occupational Health and Safety Act in March 2018 to update the fines against employers for various offences under that act. For each of the following offences, the new set fine is $550 per offence: Employer failing to cause workers to select at least one he … Read more »

  • Employee Gets a Brake on MitigationJuly 4, 2018

    We’ve talked a lot about wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal over the years and we have touched on the fact that employees who are wrongfully terminated must make reasonable efforts to mitigate their damages. The law regarding employee mitigation has recently been re-examined and clarified … Read more »

  • New Smoking Law Now In EffectJuly 3, 2018

    Happy Canada Day! I hope you had a safe, fun, and of course warm holiday. Unbeknownst to most employers, there was a new law that came into effect while we were all melting outside.  Ontario has a new smoking law that came into effect on July 1, 2018. So now that we are back in the office, it’s time … Read more »

  • Wait! Don’t Fire that Probationary Employee Yet!!!June 28, 2018

    You spent weeks finding the best receptionist for your practice.  You posted.  You interviewed. You did follow ups. You got the contract signed. You hired! But the new employee isn’t living up to your training and standards. So you reassure yourself: “It’s less than 3 months, I can just fire them wi … Read more »