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  • Assigning Your Lease – What’s Unreasonable Landlord Behaviour?

    Who is the most crucial party in the sale of your dental practice? You may think you are, being the person who built up the successful practice. Or maybe the buyer since you must rely on them to follow through with the purchase. But sometimes, it can all come down to someone else entirely. Someone w … Read more »

  • Mandatory Vaccination Policy in the Dental Office

    With vaccination rollouts now going strong and workers in the dental field being prioritized for vaccines, we are getting daily calls from dentists. What do they want to know? Should I make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for my staff? For the time being, my very short answer is, “Not unless you wan … Read more »

  • DMC News & Updates

    We all know the dental industry is always busy so of course, so are we. Check out what we’ve been up to below, and don’t forget you can sign up here to receive all the DMC updates you want and enjoy subscriber exclusives direct to your inbox! DMC In The News Check out DMC’s latest published articles … Read more »

  • Broke-Ers vs. Dental Lawyers: Best Bang For Your Buck When Selling?

    Thinking of selling now or in the next 5 years? Who should you turn to, traditional Real Estate Salespeople who take a commission for preparing an appraisal and running an open house (but then you still need a lawyer)? OR how about you save yourself some time, money and headaches and go straight to … Read more »

  • What’s in a Name? What You Need to Know About Naming Your Dental Practice

    Congratulations! You just bought or started up your very own dental practice. Now you want to give your practice a sleek, catchy name that will attract patients and give you an edge over the dentist across the street. But what name should you choose? How about “Best Smile Dental” or “Number One Dent … Read more »