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  • CAT Deals with Noise and Human Rights

    In TSCC 2448 v Ihejirika et al., the condominium corporation received numerous complaints regarding unreasonable noise emanating from a unit occupied by Ms. Ihejirika. The complaints were ongoing for over a year and were characterized as screaming, shouting, loud chanting, loud music and repetitive … Read more »

  • Pet Rules and the Duty to Accommodate

    In the case of YCC 202 v. Szabo et al., the CAT dealt with two dogs that the condominium corporation claimed were too big (and therefore exceeded the condominium corporation’s rule limiting the permitted weight of pets to 25 pounds). The CAT ordered the pet owner to provide more information about th … Read more »

  • Parking Is Not Storage

    In Middlesex Condominium Corporation No. 169 v. Doherty et al., the CAT held that the condominium corporation’s declaration did not allow the parking units to be used for storage. The Tribunal said that a “plain reading” of the relevant provision of the declaration was that the parking units could o … Read more »

  • Court Orders Owner to Sell and Vacate Unit

    In the case of TSCC 1899 v. Devlin, the owner had a fairly brief history of misbehavior. As the Court explained it: “Starting in the spring of 2023, Ms. Devlin started to disturb, threaten, intimidate, and harass the residents, staff, and board members of the corporation.” As a result, the condomini … Read more »

  • CAT Deals With Competing Needs Respecting a Water Feature

    In a recent CAT case, one resident had installed a small water feature (a small portable one gallon fountain) in that resident’s backyard.  The resident who had installed the water feature said that the water feature was installed to help create a therapeutic relaxing environment, needed because of … Read more »