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  • Condominium Landlords Can Be Held Responsible for their Tenants

    Can a condominium corporation hold a unit owner financially responsible for legal proceedings initiated against the corporation by his/her tenant, even in cases where the owner did not authorize the lawsuit? In the recent case York Condominium Corporation No. 187 v. Sandhu, the Ontario Superior Cour … Read more »

  • Register Now for CCI Eastern Ontario Presents “Dysfunctionality? Paradise? Where Do You Fall in the Spectrum?”

    Join us this Wednesday, September 25, 2019 for the CCI – Eastern Ontario’s event “Dysfunctionality? Paradise? Where Do You Fall in the Spectrum?” at the Orange Art Gallery, 290 City Centre Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario. This interactive experience will feature a panel of legal experts from Davidson Houle … Read more »

  • What’s in a Majority? The Buzz on By-Laws

    The condominium community has been buzzing since the decision LaFramboise v York Condominium Corp No 365 was released this past January. We thought it would be helpful to provide a refresher on the procedure for passing by-laws and to weigh in on LaFramboise.  By-laws are not effective until the own … Read more »

  • Have You Looked At Your Water Bill Lately?

    We reported previously on the City’s new fee structure, cautioning that the new tiered approach might be bad news for condominiums (click here to access our previous blog). The new billing structure has been in place for approximately five months now, and as far as we can tell, our fears for condomi … Read more »

  • An Update on Annual Fire Code Testing

    For the purposes of the Fire Code, the condominium corporation is essentially a co-owner of the unit. In addition, a condominium corporation is obligated to take reasonable steps to ensure that unit owners comply with the Fire Code; which may include conducting an annual inspection on the fire alarm … Read more »