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  • Ontario Extends Virtual Meeting Provisions to September 30, 2022

    As businesses and corporations remain required to respect the measures adopted to reduce the spread of COVID-19, condo corporations will be able to continue to call and hold their meetings virtually. These provisions have been extended until September 30, 2022. Regulation 692/21 extends the temporar … Read more »

  • CAT Applications – We’re Ready to Help at Reasonable Cost

    The CAT’s Rules of Procedure state that: “the CAT will not order a User to pay to another User any fees charged by that User’s lawyer or paralegal, unless there are exceptional reasons to do so”.  Furthermore, recent CAT decisions seem to indicate that the CAT won’t award such costs (to a condominiu … Read more »

  • Important CAT Decision in Relation to Nuisance Pets and Costs

    In the recent case of Middlesex Vacant Land Condominium Corporation No. 605 v. Cui, the condominium corporation applied to the CAT for relief in relation to two alleged nuisance dogs.  According to the decision, the evidence revealed that: the Respondent had allowed her Shepherd dogs to run off-leas … Read more »

  • Episode 15 – Construction Related Issues, Part 1 of our 2-Part Series

    We’ve tried something new with our latest “Condo Crunch”. The topic, construction related issues, is a bit large so we’ve split up the subject into two parts. Some of our readers might have been aware of Part I, which took place on September 29. If you missed the session, you can now hear the entire … Read more »

  • CCI Eastern Ontario’s Education Extravaganza – October 27, 2021

    CCI Eastern Ontario’s Education Extravaganza (on October 27th) will include the following sessions: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Breakfast with the CAT (including our own Nancy Houle as one of the speakers) 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Insurance Bites (including our own Christy Allen as one of the speakers) 3:00 pm – 4: … Read more »