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  • Newly Released Documents Show Doug Ford Lied About Legal Aid

    Back in April, after almost “hitting three telephone poles,” Doug Ford called into a Toronto radio station to defend the government’s cuts to the legal aid system. The boiling public backlash seems to have gotten under his thin skin and at the end of that impromptu call Ford said that, “if anyone ne … Read more »

  • Baseball Bean Balls as a Crime

    Baseball is a gentleman’s game. Unless you are on the Cincinnati Reds, or the Pittsburg Pirates, or just about any other professional team.Let’s start that over. Professional baseball is a game played by man-sized children. They hold grudges. They fight. They throw things at each other when they get … Read more »

  • CCTV cameras don't deter crime, so why does Ottawa want them?

    In the wake of several fatal shootings in Ottawa’s ByWard Market the city’s mayor Jim Watson desperately reached for the lowest of low hanging fruit – he wants to install CCTV surveillance cameras.The three shooting took place over about six months. There was little talk from the mayor about the roo … Read more »

  • More is needed than judicial education for sexual assault law

    Sometimes judges make mistakes. Sometimes they get the facts wrong. Sometimes it’s the law. Mistakes are often corrected by appeal courts. That is how our system works. And although nothing is perfect, our system works pretty well. In some cases, when a judge makes a mistake, there is public outcry. … Read more »

  • Doug Downey: Who is Ontario's Newest Attorney General

    There were lots of reasons to fire Caroline Mulroney. So very, very many reasons. Mulroney, Ontario’s former attorney general, provided cover for Premier Doug Ford when he unnecessarily invoked the Charter’s notwithstanding clause in a petty fight over the size of Toronto’s city council. Even when F … Read more »