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Information About CLEO Connect

The PLE Learning Exchange supports organizations across Ontario in developing and delivering effective public legal education and information (also known as PLEI or PLE) for their communities.  Our major activities include:
  • sharing research, articles and reports, best practices and tools that could improve the effectiveness of community-based PLE work
  • showcasing examples of interesting PLE projects as a way of demonstrating different approaches to effective PLE
  • providing an interactive online space to help organizations working with PLE  ask questions, build partnerships, and share experiences and learnings
  • providing opportunities for the Connecting Communities project to gain an awareness of other active and innovative projects.

Recent Posts

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  • Advancing community-based access to justice: Join us on October 28!

    Ontario’s Access to Justice Week 2021 will feature a panel of community workers from across Canada discussing how the justice system can better support community workers.   The 90 minute session will explore the critical work done by community-based organizations that support and assist people acros … Read more »

  • Access to Justice Public Awareness Campaign – join in!

    The Action Committee on Access to Justice has posted a call to action to “get the public thinking about access to justice”. They’re asking organizations across Canada to share short video content they’ve developed to highlight their Justice Development Goals.  Want to view and share the videos throu … Read more »

  • Navigating family courts during the pandemic – our latest COVID-19 webinar

    Family court and related court services have changed drastically since the COVID-19 pandemic. What counts as an emergency motion? How have parenting time and decision-making been affected? How can survivors of domestic violence navigate family court and related services during the pandemic? Thijiba … Read more »

  • Changes to ODSP forms

    Recently, the Ontario government changed all the forms in the Disability Determination Package for Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) applicants. But while the forms have changed, the legal test that decides whether a person is eligible for ODSP has not changed. This issue of On the Radar loo … Read more »

  • Espace francophone de CLEO Connect/ CLEO Connect’s French corner

    Visitez nos pages d’Espace francophone pour en savoir plus sur les ressources et les organismes en Ontario qui peuvent aider les Francophones qui ont des problèmes juridiques (Ce contenu est en français seulement.) Cliquez ici Veuillez envoyez-nous un courriel à afin d’obtenir plus d … Read more »