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Information About PLExchange

The PLE Learning Exchange supports organizations across Ontario in developing and delivering effective public legal education and information (also known as PLEI or PLE) for their communities.  Our major activities include:

  • sharing research, articles and reports, best practices and tools that could improve the effectiveness of community-based PLE work
  • showcasing examples of interesting PLE projects as a way of demonstrating different approaches to effective PLE
  • providing an interactive online space to help organizations working with PLE  ask questions, build partnerships, and share experiences and learnings
  • providing opportunities for the Connecting Communities project to gain an awareness of other active and innovative projects.

Recent Posts

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  • Youth-Police Dialogues: A chat with OJENApril 12, 2018

    For over 10 years, the Ontario Justice Education Network has been carefully refining how we work with vulnerable youth around criminal law and policing issues. The post Youth-Police Dialogues: A chat with OJEN appeared first on PLE Learning Exchange. … Read more »

  • Boundaries and opportunities for community workersFebruary 8, 2018

    What challenges do community workers face when helping their clients with legal problems? Jagdeep Kailey, manager of settlement services at Peel Multicultural Council, joined us at a day of discussion in late October 2017. The PLE Learning Exchange convened the day of discussion as part of Ontario’s … Read more »

  • What I learned: question assumptions and listen to the clientDecember 11, 2017

    Our clients’ perspectives and needs should drive the information and referrals we give them, and we need to make sure we’re listening – and hearing. The post What I learned: question assumptions and listen to the client appeared first on PLE Learning Exchange. … Read more »

  • New legal information tip sheet kitDecember 7, 2017

    We’ve created a series of tip sheets and referral lists to support community workers, library staff, and other front-line “helpers” in giving legal information and referrals to people. The post New legal information tip sheet kit appeared first on PLE Learning Exchange. … Read more »

  • Cumulative Action: How NOT to reinvent wheelsDecember 1, 2017

    Guest author Benjamin Miller joins us today to talk about strategies to keep institutional memory within your organization.   “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton By providing legal education and information, we invite the public to hop on our should … Read more »