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  • Three Weddings Plus One Divorce Equals Confusion

    It seems pretty straight forward that in order to get married a second time, one has to be divorced from the first marriage. However, as we often see in court cases, complications often arise in individual situations that require the courts to dig in and sort out what ends up being a complicated iss … Read more »

  • Court Of Appeal Rules On Ownership Of An Embryo After A Marriage Ends

    Technological advances in helping people become pregnant have provided many people who may not have been able to start a family the ability to do so. With these types of advances come challenging questions for the courts, though. In a recent decision by the Ontario Court of Appeal, the court overtur … Read more »

  • Can Cryptocurrency Holdings Impact Child Support Obligations?

    Cryptocurrency (including the popular Bitcoin) has been a popular source of headlines over the last couple of years, mostly in relation to the ups and downs in the valuation of BitCoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency. In addition to conversations about the value of BitCoin, there has also been n … Read more »

  • Determining Costs When A Party Is Self-Represented

    When parties involved in a legal dispute go to trial, it’s often the case that the unsuccessful party will be ordered to reimburse the successful party for some, if not all, of their legal costs.  The costs associated with trials are one of the reasons more and more couples have looked to alternativ … Read more »

  • Mother Appeals For Retroactive Child Support Dating Back To Birth Of Child

    Many of the child support cases we have reviewed for our blog deal with conflicts over child support orders that have already been made, or conflicts at the time of a couple’s divorce. However, a case working its way through the appeal process in British Columbia highlights a challenge that isn’t di … Read more »

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