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  • Minister Toews and the AUPE: A Shift in the Balance of Power

    “Strikes are only one measure of unrest.” Todd Vachon, an assistant professor and director of labor education at Rutgers University. Did you catch it, that shift in the balance of power? Last Wednesday Finance Minister Travis Toews issued a statement announcing the government and the Alberta Union o … Read more »

  • Happy Thanksgiving…?

    I was composing a short Happy Thanksgiving blog when a UCP government press release appeared in my inbox.   Today is World Mental Health Day and Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Mike Ellis, said “Right now it might seem like a lot of things are out of our control, and this may be … Read more »

  • Jason Kenney the Anecdotal Policy Maker   

    “Anecdotal” (anəkˈdōdl) adjective: an account not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research. And the gong show continues. On Sept 30, we learned Jason Kenney puts more weight on random anecdotal stories than the expert opinions of healthcare profe … Read more »

  • On Liberty and Alberta’s Covid Crisis

    This is for the woman who yelled “Do you feel safer now?” when my daughter stepped off the sidewalk to give the woman and her rambunctious dog room to pass. Do you feel safer now? My daughter stepped off the curb to give the woman and her dog some space. The woman took this as a challenge to her ant … Read more »

  • Kenney’s Awesome Summer and Disastrous Fall

    “So, no, I don’t apologize for the decision to relax public health restrictions in the summer.” – Jason Kenney Let’s recap what’s happened since July 1 when Kenney waxed eloquent about a new day dawning and the future looking brighter because we’d “crushed” covid and were officially open for summer. … Read more »