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  • Alberta Separatism Rears its Goofy Head

    Ms Soapbox was thinking about the fog of words when she received a mass mailout letter from someone she’ll call Mr X urging her to join him and thousands of others (who shall remain nameless because their names were not provided) in an effort to motivate Canadians to make the federal government trea … Read more »

  • Politics in the Age of Bewilderment

    The historian and philosopher Yuval Noah Harari says we’re living in the Age of Bewilderment, the old stories have collapsed and the new stories have not yet been written. Ms Soapbox thinks some politicians are trying to bridge this gap by pretending it doesn’t exist.  They hope to turn this unsettl … Read more »

  • Dignity and Respect

    Two remarkable things happened this week.  One remarkably good, the other remarkably bad. Let’s start with the remarkably good. Ricardo Miranda, Alberta’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, got married to journalist and communications specialist, Christopher Brown, this week.  Premier Rachel Notley of … Read more »

  • Merry Christmas!

    The politicians are on break and so are we. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Soapbox family. Wishing you and yours the very best for 2019! Oh, and here’s the newest addition to the Soapbox family…meet Rudy the rescue dog! … Read more »

  • A Shakespearean Analysis of Jason Kenney

    How many books and articles have we read about the rise of Donald Trump in America, Doug Ford in Ontario and Jason Kenney in Alberta? How many more historians, political scientists and armchair experts do we need to tell us how we got into this mess and how to get out of it? Only one it turns out—hi … Read more »

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