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  • About Those Ear Plugs…

    Sigh.  I expected to spend the next four years writing letters to my MLA, Doug Schweitzer, but I didn’t think the first one would be about ear plugs. But we play the cards we’re dealt so here goes.  Dear Hon. Doug Schweitzer, Justice Minister and Solicitor General, I’m a lawyer with 26 years of expe … Read more »

  • Sisters’ Weekend

    Ms Soapbox just returned from a fabulous long weekend in Victoria with her sisters.  As a result I wasn’t terribly focused on the machinations of our politicians.  Did I miss anything?    

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  • GSAs in Alberta (Even Doug Ford Does It Better)

    It started when the Kenney government introduced Bill 8, the Education Amendment Act which they said would provide “the strongest statutory protections” for gay-straight alliances (GSAs) in the country.  It ended with a news release issued by Education Minister LaGrange late Friday afternoon on “the … Read more »

  • Mr Kenney’s Speech on Bill No. 1

    Mr Kenney and Bill No. 1 There comes a time for politicians who spent the campaign trail foaming with righteous indignation to transform into thoughtful representatives of the people who elected them.       Sadly, for Mr Kenney that time did not come before he rose in the Legislature to speak to Bil … Read more »

  • The UCP Addresses Conversion Therapy…”in due course”

    By a strange coincidence Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 11 came to town the same week that Premier Kenney and his Health Minister, Tyler Shandro, explained (sort of) the UCP government’s position on conversion therapy. Ms Soapbox and her daughters had tickets to the Ru Paul show and were delighted by th … Read more »

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