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  • A Little Story About Character

    Sometimes it’s the little stories that move us. Last week Mr and Ms Soapbox attended a fundraiser for Rachel Notley.  It was hosted by a group of Calgary lawyers at a swanky downtown restaurant.  Lawyers, business people and representatives from the non-profit sector chatted over appetizers and wine … Read more »

  • Tactical Politics … What?

    Not a week goes by without Jason Kenney saying something stupid, being called on it, and then saying something even more stupid in a failed attempt to silence his critics. This week’s clunker came in response to a question about Mr Kenney’s progress in attracting female candidates to run for the par … Read more »

  • Some Thoughts on Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Testimony

    It’s been another week of high drama in politics.  Albertan’s concerns over allegations of impropriety surrounding Jason Kenney winning the leadership of the UCP have been swamped by accusations that Justin Trudeau violated the rule of law in his dealings with Jody Wilson-Raybould over the prosecuti … Read more »

  • The 2019 Provincial Election: What it will be about and what it should be about

    Last week Ms Soapbox had the pleasure of appearing on a panel with economist Trevor Tombe and naturalist Kevin Van Tighem to discuss our perspectives on the upcoming provincial election.  The event was moderated by Shelley Youngblut and presented by Alberta Views magazine and Wordfest. We focused on … Read more »

  • Sorry, Not Enough “Human Capital”

    Restaurant Canada wants Alberta’s $15/hour minimum wage reduced for youth, liquor servers and people with disabilities. Mr Kenney says he’ll consider a reduction for youth and alcohol servers.  No word yet on his position on people with disabilities but given his rhetoric (see below) we can assume p … Read more »

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