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  • The Day Kenney Bet $7.5 Billion on the US Election

    In September 2019 Jason Kenney began negotiating with TC Energy to invest $7.5 billion in cash and loan guarantees in the Keystone XL pipeline. In March 2020 Kenney announced negotiations were complete and the government had signed an agreement which he said had been rigorously vetted by the governm … Read more »

  • When Jason Kenney Told Off China and It Backfired

    Covid-19 upended everything.   No one knows whether the world will snap back to “normal” like an elastic band or be gone forever. Economists, futurists, and historians are all over the map when it comes to what to expect in the future. Some, like conservative historian Niall Ferguson, suggest we sho … Read more »

  • Kenney Rejects Notley’s Request for a Public Inquiry. Why?

    At last count there have been 1,550 Covid-19 infections and three deaths connected with the Cargill, JBS and Harmony Beef meatpacking plants in Alberta.    This is frightening in a province that prides itself on having the highest testing levels in the country and was so comfortable with its Covid-1 … Read more »

  • Leadership in the Post-Pandemic World

    It’s been two and a half months since the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic; infections and deaths will continue until a vaccine is found. Economists and global thinkers may disagree on what the new world will look like, but they’re aligned on one thing: it’s not too soon for us … Read more »

  • Jason Kenney’s Fight with Alberta’s Doctors

    “The crisis we have in health care, rural included, is a void of leadership by the UCP government. They were voted in with a majority government, but do not seem to understand the difference between leadership and power.” —  Dr Ed Aasman The Greeks defined hubris is a character flaw, a combination o … Read more »