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  • Teck Withdraws the Frontier Application

    Let’s try to have a sensible conversation about Teck, shall we? On Sunday, Feb 23, 2020 Teck Resources Ltd pulled its application for the Frontier oil sands project.  The federal government was supposed to give Frontier the green light, or not, on Tuesday.  Jason Kenney blames the feds, saying “It i … Read more »

  • Family Day Alberta Style

    Tomorrow is Family Day in Alberta. While we wait for Jason Kenney’s Family Day announcement extolling the virtues of the family and maybe throwing in a reference to Albertans as “people of destiny” (he hasn’t rolled out that hoary chestnut for a few months) we pause to consider how Family Day came i … Read more »

  • The Teck Decision Provides a Lesson on Handouts

    For a long time Ms Soapbox has been trying figure out what Mr Kenney and the UCP mean when they talk about a “hand up” and a “handout”. She knew from the context that a “hand up” was good and a “handout” was bad, but she was never quite sure why.    But thanks to Jason Nixon’s statement on the UCP g … Read more »

  • Why Is It Always Someone Else's Fault?

    When Jason Kenney convinced Albertans that our economy is solely dependent on fossil fuels (diversification is a luxury, remember) and government policy, not the global marketplace, drives our economy; he needed a scapegoat when our economy failed to grow. Cue Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau, altho … Read more »

  • In Search of Efficiencies in Higher Education…or something…

    “The greatest waste now confronting us is not one of money but of human possibilities.” – John Maynard Keynes   Ms Soapbox is concerned that the recent announcement by Mr Nicolaides, the minister of Advanced Education, has brought Alberta another step closer to squandering its human possibilities. M … Read more »