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  • Personal Injury Laws Also Apply to Boating-Related Accidents

    With by far the largest provincial population, four great lakes on our southern and southeast borders, as well thousands of rivers and lakes, it’s little wonder that Ontario households have the greatest recreational boat ownership rate of all Canadian provinces. In fact, some reports suggest that mo … Read more »

  • Oshawa Courthouse's trial sittings with no jury

    Personal Injury Lawyer in Whitby discusses the Court’s new notice to the profession for car accident lawsuits and personal injury cases going to trial in Durham Region at the Oshawa Courthouse. Read more »

  • Long Term Disability Denial Lawyer Steven Polak discusses typical fees for Long Term Disability denial lawsuits against insurance companies like Sunlife, Manulife, Great West Life, TD, Industrial Alliance, Desjardins, and others. Read more »

  • Injured by a Defective Product?—How to Protect Your Legal Rights

    If you have been injured by a defective product in Ontario through no fault of your own, you have the right through product liability laws to seek compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, and any related losses, such as income. However, the legal system puts the onus on the victim to prov … Read more »

  • Long Term Disability Denial Lawyer in Whitby discusses how Long Term disability claims work with a video explainer of lawsuits, claims, denials by insurance companies like Manulife, Great West Life, Industrial Alliance, The Personal, Desjardins, Sunlife and others. Relevant to people with long term … Read more »