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  • The Cost of Terminating Employees When a Business is SoldApril 17, 2018

    When a business is sold the cost of terminating unwanted employees can significantly impact the sale price. The purchaser does not want to pay the cost of terminating long service employees, and the seller doesn’t want to incur termination costs which reduces the net sale price. General Rules on Ter … Read more »

  • Are All Employment & Labour Lawyers Created Equal?April 4, 2018

    Are there many employment & labour lawyers in Ontario? There are many employment & labour lawyers working in Ontario – especially in large urban centers like Toronto. I go to a Christmas party each year that is attended by about 150 employment & labour lawyers and it is always sold out. Every employ … Read more »

  • Employer Alert: Payroll Costs in Ontario are Going Up (Again) on April 1, 2018.March 20, 2018

    Who Should Read this Blog If you use a temporary help agency or hire casual or part-time employees then you should read this article. Because starting next month there is a change to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (the “ESA”)  that could increase your payroll costs. Equal pay for equal work take … Read more »

  • Terminating Senior Executives: The Nickels and Dimes Can Really Add UpMarch 6, 2018

    News Flash: An employer who does not specify in an employment contract how much an executive is entitled to receive when terminated can pay much more termination pay than expected. The Case UBS Securities Canada Inc. found out the hard way how the nickels and dimes can add up when it terminated the … Read more »

  • The Latest on the Legality of Random Drug & Alcohol TestingFebruary 20, 2018

    In 2013, the issue of whether an employer can unilaterally implement random drug testing was addressed by the Supreme Court of Canada. Bottom line: there are very few instances when random drug testing will be permitted. This blog summarizes a recent arbitration award where a union challenged an emp … Read more »