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  • Doug’s Top 5 Employment Law Stories of 2022

    Here are my top 5 employment law stories for 2022: 1. COVID 19 – Temporary Layoffs This issue remains my number one story because this issue impacts so many court cases. Some judges have concluded that a temporary layoff set out in the Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (“IDEL”) regulation under the … Read more »

  • Justice for Unionized Employees

    Unionized employees often seek our advice regarding human rights issues in their workplace. Sometimes this is because human rights violations have occurred and the union is not assisting them. Other times, the union itself may be part of the problem. The rights of unionized employees are different f … Read more »

  • Employee Entitlements Upon Termination

    Termination is a stressful experience for any employee. An employee who has been fired needs to understand what their employer owes them, and what their employer is offering them. When employers do not make this clear, additional damages could be due to the employee. When an employee is terminated, … Read more »

  • Notice of Termination: Appeal Court Weighs in

    When terminated, an employee should generally receive reasonable notice of termination or pay instead of notice. This is unless the employee has signed a contract that contains an enforceable termination clause (which we’ve written about here). The calculation of the employee’s notice period is base … Read more »

  • Reducing Litigation Risk

    In a recent case, Pohl v. Hudson’s Bay Company, 2022 ONSC 5230 (CanLII),an employer was ordered to pay a long service employee the equivalent of about 3 years pay and contribute about $ 35 000 to his legal fees. Although this was a without cause termination case, it was anything but a simple case. I … Read more »