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  • Knowingly Misleading An Employee Can Result in Special Damages

    A recent Supreme Court of Canada case, C.M. Callow Inc. vs. Zollinger, imposes an obligation on an employer not to knowingly mislead an employee about how it intends to exercise its contractual rights. The Facts In this case, a number of condo corporations entered into a two year contract with Mr. C … Read more »

  • Laid Off and No Recall in Sight?

    2020 has been the year of layoffs. We have received numerous calls from clients wondering if their employer was allowed to lay them off and what they can do about it. The answer depends on the employment contract and the ever-changing legislation from the Ontario government. The Legislation The Empl … Read more »

  • COVID in Ontario Workplaces: What is a Gray Zone Anyway?

    On November 20, 2020 the Ontario government announced that certain regions of the province would be moved into different colour-coded zones. Effective November 23rd, restrictions were imposed on the City of Toronto and Peel Region as they were moved into Gray Zone which is a partial lockdown. These … Read more »

  • Court Refuses to Enforce Contractual Language Limiting Termination Pay

    I have written several blogs on whether wrongful dismissal damages include compensation for the variable compensation the employee would have earned during the applicable notice period. Most cases consider whether the language in a variable compensation plan which purports to limit or eliminate the … Read more »

  • Judge Refuses to Enforce an Amended Employment Contract

    I have written many blogs on the legal enforceability of employment contracts because judges are increasingly refusing to enforce them and I want employers to be live to this issue. Employers should assume that changes to employment contracts that benefit the employer will be challenged. This blog s … Read more »