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  • Is An Employee Ever Required to Accept a Demotion?May 19, 2017

    Sometimes, as part of a restructuring, an employer will eliminate some positions and offer the displaced employees new positions. Are displaced employees required to accept a demotion or a pay cut? In a recent decision, the Ontario Court of Appeal tackled the question of whether an employee was requ … Read more »

  • WSIB to Overhaul Employer Premium Rate SystemMay 16, 2017

    WSIB has held ongoing consultations with various stakeholders over the years regarding how it assesses employer premiums. Several concerns have emerged, including inconsistent classifications of employers and inconsistent premiums being assigned to similar employers. Recently, the WSIB published its … Read more »

  • OHSA in Wonderland: Through the Looking GlassMay 15, 2017

    Section 50 of the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act (“ OHSA ”) prohibits an employer from disciplining an employee who has sought enforcement of this law. Guilty until Proven Innocent If an employee alleges a violation of section 50 of OHSA then the employer must prove there has been no viola … Read more »

  • Employer Obligations: Pregnancy and Parental LeavesMay 1, 2017

    We often get calls from employers asking about their rights and obligations toward employees seeking pregnancy and parental leaves. Applicable Legislation About 90% of employees are provincially regulated and in Ontario the Employment Standards Act (the “ESA”) is the governing legislation. For more … Read more »

  • Employer Alert: What to Do When the Ministry of Labour (MOL) Comes CallingApril 18, 2017

    We often get calls from employers who are the subject of a Ministry of Labour (“MOL”) Inspection. Sometimes the employer is a target of one of the MOL’s pro-active enforcement blitzes. For information on the MOL’s 2017-2018 blitzes, click here. And sometimes an employee has called the MOL and lodged … Read more »