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  • Non-Compliance with Mandatory COVID Vaccine Policies

    In the last month or two many (if not most) organizations have introduced a mandatory COVID vaccination or/or a COVID negative policy. A mandatory vaccination policy requires an employee to get double vaccinated, whereas a COVID negative policy requires an employee to regularly test negative for COV … Read more »

  • Is Refusing a COVID Vaccine Just Cause for Termination?

    Your employer has implemented a mandatory COVID vaccine policy. You do not want to get vaccinated. Your employer has told you you will be terminated for just cause if you don’t get vaccinated. This blog discusses your legal rights and obligations. You are required to work in compliance with the Occu … Read more »

  • Wrongful Dismissal: How To Reduce Litigation Risk

    The best way to reduce litigation risk in relation to an employee termination is to agree in advance how much notice of termination (or pay in lieu of notice) an employee is entitled to receive. Employers rarely provide ANY notice of termination so the employee’s employment contract should have a te … Read more »

  • Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policies

    Mandatory COVID vaccination is a controversial issue at the moment. Children will be returning to school in a couple weeks and many parents want all staff and children over 12 vaccinated. The federal Liberals announced it is introducing mandatory vaccinations in a number of settings just before it c … Read more »

  • The end of IDEL ( i.e. COVID layoffs) under the Employment Standard Act: The Great Reckoning

    Some employers have benefitted from COVID and others have not. The federal government has supported the “have not” employers with a 75% wage subsidy. But it is scheduled to come to an end in September. So I have been getting calls from employers who cannot maintain their workforce without these subs … Read more »