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  • Dismissal for Poor Performance: Don’t Go Paperless

    A Common Situation Pretend you have a full-time employee who’s missed several important business meetings. They’re always late for work and they aren’t meeting targets or expectations. Do you have just cause to fire them? Well, it depends. Dismissal for poor job performance is a tricky ground to nav … Read more »

  • Can I start a HUMAN rights claim? I am HUMAN…

    Imagine you’re at a social event. You’re mingling, maybe trying to nab an extra serving of dessert or wine, and someone starts chatting with you. As they chat – and you try to eye up some more snacks – you realize they’re talking about a particular issue relating to your profession. They’re talking … Read more »

  • Employment Contracts 101 | Employment Lawyer Darren Schmidt

    Once an agreement on location and compensation is reached with the operator, I advise my clients that a Right-of-Entry Order issued by the Surface Rights Board protects their rights better than signing a Surface Lease or Easement form prepared by the Company. The post Employment Contracts 101 | Empl … Read more »

  • 3 Things Landlords Can Do To Regulate Pot in Rental Properties

    I often have real estate clients ask me the following question: What is title insurance and why is it important when purchasing or selling a residential or commercial property? The post 3 Things Landlords Can Do To Regulate Pot in Rental Properties appeared first on Stringam LLP.. … Read more »

  • USMCA: How to Use the New NAFTA to get Work Permits to Canada

    One of the biggest changes that occurred when Express Entry(EE) was released back on January 1, 2015 was the ruthless approach that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) took with respect to the processing of permanent resident applications. The post USMCA: How to Use the New NAFTA to … Read more »