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  • 5 Interesting Things You’ll Learn at the 2019 Osgoode Certificate in Elder Law Program

    Defining Elder Law can be a challenge. On one hand, all laws affect older adults in the same way as any other adult. On the other, there are certain areas of law that overwhelmingly impact older persons more, such as the rights of residents in retirement and long-term care homes. Fortunately, there’ … Read more »

  • Why the Kavanaugh Hearings Hit Home

    In late September, Prof. Christine Blasey Ford came forward with historic allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the context of his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. Riveted, a global audience tuned in to watch their respective testimony before the Senate Judiciary Commit … Read more »

  • From Criminal Defence Lawyer to Crown to Judge

    We had the pleasure of speaking with Alexandre Boucher – a former OsgoodePD LLM alumni – about his career, experiences, and advice for up-and-coming lawyers. You are an appointed Judge with many years of experience in law. How did you get to where you are? I am a very lucky man! I truly feel gratefu … Read more »

  • How Improvisation Can Help Your Legal Practice

    I’m going to be leading an upcoming course on Improvisation for Legal Professionals, and a common question I am asked is “why improv for legal professionals?” How is improv relevant, especially when preparation is such a key focus of the legal profession? Today’s professional culture is marked by a … Read more »

  • Top 9 Tips for Your LLM Application

    Applications for Fall 2019 of OsgoodePD’s Professional LLMs are now open. Applying to one of these LLM programs can seem daunting, especially if you’ve been away from the academic setting for a while or if you don’t have a previous law degree. We asked Meghan Thomas, Director of Professional Graduat … Read more »

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