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  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Sandra Donnelly

    We had a chance to sit down with Dr. Sandra Donnelly, who is currently a Clinical Nephrologist at William Osler Health System (Osler) and has been teaching at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine for 29 years. She serves as Regional Medical Lead and Member of the Optimal Dialysis Access Pan … Read more »

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Yonida Koukio

    Tell us about your professional development journey, and how it’s ultimately led you to your current position at McCarthy Tétrault. Before moving to Canada in 2015, I practiced civil litigation in Greece for a few years, while completing an LL.M. in civil procedural law. By the time I left Greece, I … Read more »

  • Who Owns Blockchain?

    Intro: You’re listening to Strictly Legal Osgoode Professional Development Podcast about all things legal. Each episode, we unpack current issues affecting the legal landscape with the help of some of the industry’s leading thinkers.  This week who owns the Blockchain?  Can this revolutionary techno … Read more »

  • OPD is Helping Lawyers Get Ahead of Blockchain

    While the legal industry has traditionally been slow to embrace disruptive technology, a recently launched program at Osgoode Professional Development, part of Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, has the ambitious goal of creating a new generation of blockchain-savvy lawyers and executives. No … Read more »

  • Viewpoints From Tim Fitzgerald Maguire: an LLM Candidate, City Worker and Labour Leader/Activist

    See the LLM in Labour Relations and Employment Law from Tim Fitz Maguire’s perspective. He is an Ontario Works Caseworker and past President of CUPE Local 79. For over a decade, you held a number of Labour Leader/Activist roles at CUPE Local 79. What prompted your decision to pursue your LLM in Labo … Read more »