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  • Breaking Ground: OsgoodePD Renovations BeginApril 30, 2018

    The day has finally come. OsgoodePD’s 1 Dundas Street location is closed for renovations until August 31, 2018. We’ve talked about our renovation plans in previous posts, with an overview of our plans, and the first phase of our move. Yesterday marked the last day of programs in our downtown facilit … Read more »

  • Two New Courses Reflect How Legal Education is Changing for 21st Century PracticeApril 3, 2018

    Whether it’s a solo, small or large legal services enterprise, the delivery of legal services is changing. This spring, we’re launching two new hands-on courses to equip students for 21st century practice. Small Firm Practice The first, Using Digital Technology in Law Practice, is a collaborative ef … Read more »

  • Digital Assets and Planning for IncapacityMarch 27, 2018

    Canada presently boasts a population of more than 770,000 people aged 85 or older. In recent years, this group has grown nearly four times faster than the growth rate for Canada’s overall population. By 2051, Statistics Canada predicts that this number will increase more than threefold, such that 2. … Read more »

  • Straight Talk about Artificial Intelligence with Kathryn Hume and Carole PiovesanMarch 27, 2018

    This article was originally published on BetaKit (March 22, 2018). Kathryn Hume and Carole Piovesan are powerful forces in the Toronto artificial intelligence community. Kathryn Hume is Vice President of product and strategy for and a venture partner at ffVC, a seed- and early-stage tec … Read more »

  • Moving Day: An Update on OsgoodePD RenovationsMarch 21, 2018

    Late last year, I shared the plans for our expanding footprint, including new OsgoodePD offices at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University campus, as well as renovations at 1 Dundas Street West. It’s hard to believe but phase one is upon us already. March 22 marks the first of four physical moves … Read more »