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  • In for the Long(er) Haul with Online Teaching & Learning

    We’ve been adjusting to the reality that OsgoodePD’s offerings will remain online into the Fall. Having recently spent millions renovating our downtown Toronto facility at Yonge & Dundas and opening a second location at Osgoode Hall Law School at Keele campus, this might have been a bitter pill. Wel … Read more »

  • Comparing the LLM in Criminal Law and the Graduate Diploma in Law for Law Enforcement

    Hoping to enhance your professional experience with a greater and deeper understanding of criminal law and criminal justice? Looking to engage with the most current, pressing and challenging issues affecting the Canadian criminal justice system? OsgoodePD has two options you can consider to add a gr … Read more »

  • What We’re Doing Re the COVID-19 Pandemic

    You can see here (for continuing legal education) and here (for professional LLM) how we are responding to the urgent logistical issues that the COVID-19 situation has raised for our students, instructors, speakers and program participants. These notices address what has been scheduled and was in th … Read more »

  • ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: François-Xavier Beaudry

    François-Xavier Beaudry is a recent alumnus of Osgoode’s Professional LLM in Tax Law. Here’s what he had to say on how the LLM helped him develop lifelong legal skills and connections with a couple of the top experts in the country. Why did you decide to pursue an LLM in Tax Law? When I was completi … Read more »

  • The Differences Between the LLMs in Business Law, Financial Law and Securities Law

    I want to advance in the financial industry — which LLM specialization will get me there? OsgoodePD is home to over 14 unique LLM specializations. Though they are all distinct, you many be interested in more than one specialization and want more information about which would be the best fit for you. … Read more »