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  • If Information is Power, How Can You Use Yours in the Battle Against Cyber Crime?August 15, 2018

    Safeguarding private information and network security are now critical elements of the operation of any successful business. Coupled with this is the need for an understanding of how best to manage an organization’s risks and the potential liabilities associated with the failure to protect data and … Read more »

  • The T-shaped Lawyer Experience Through the Lens of IFLPJune 27, 2018

    What does the future of law look like in an age of machine-learning era advancements? After attending a 3-week boot camp in Chicago at the Institute for the Future of Law Practice (IFLP), it became clear to me that the future of law is less about technological advancement and more about change manag … Read more »

  • The Divorce Act is Being Amended: What it Means to YouJune 20, 2018

    In May 2018, Justice Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould introduced a Bill to amend the Divorce Act. This is the first set of amendments since the modernization of the Divorce Act in 1986. To be sure, the Child Support Guidelines and Tables were updated in the 1990’s but no new language, terms, or change … Read more »

  • How Diversity is a Strength in LawJune 15, 2018

    A few weeks ago, Osgoode Hall Law School hosted Osgoode’s Internationally Trained Lawyers Day (OITLD) to showcase the strength of internationally-trained talent in Toronto. We had a diverse array of lawyers from different countries attend to meet other like-minded individuals so they can build their … Read more »

  • The Three Possible Futures of Law SchoolJune 13, 2018

    Law schools in the early twenty-first century are under many pressures that did not exist half a century ago. Law as a body of knowledge has become much more fissured and specialized in the curriculum and has become more globalized. There are many more pressures on faculty research and teaching acti … Read more »