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  • How To Protect Photos You Post Online

    How to protect photos you post online may be both simpler and more difficult than you realize. Are you one of those people snapping photos all the time with your phone, or perhaps a camera or tablet? Although you may think your images are amateur and simply family or travel images, you still have ri … Read more »

  • Instagram and Copyright — What Are the Terms of Use?

    Instagram and copyright make strange bedfellows. Instagram is all about images. And legally using images is a major issue when it comes to social media. Here are some things you should think about when using Instagram: Are you posting your own images on Instagram? If so, what use and re-use can othe … Read more »

  • U.S. vs Canadian Copyright Law: Which Has Stronger Copyright Protection?

    When it comes to the question “U.S. vs Canadian copyright law: which has stronger copyright protection?” the answer requires a historical examination of each country’s copyright laws (legislative policy, cultural differences, court cases and copyright statutes). In this article, our comparison focus … Read more »

  • 8 Steps to Copyright Compliance

    Copyright compliance is a core value of all types of businesses. This post sets out eight things you can do for copyright compliance. All organizations and businesses need to carefully monitor how they legally use the content of others (third-party content), and how they mitigate their copyright inf … Read more »

  • Sharing and Republishing Online Content: 6 Tips for Copyright Compliance

    Sharing and republishing online content is something we all do, but how many of us think about copyright law, permissions and licensing before sharing and republishing content? If it’s your own content, then you can tweet and post on Snapchat or Facebook without worrying about copyright law. If it’s … Read more »