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  • A Simple Guide to Copyright for Librarians: 15 Essential Facts & Tips

    Who answers copyright and licensing questions in your library? Who addresses compliance issues in your organization? Are they best equipped for this role? Copyright can be complicated, so we’ve created this simple guide to copyright for librarians to get you started. You may also want to view copyri … Read more »

  • Canadian Copyright Law Course’s primer/refresher course Canadian Copyright Law includes 17 lessons including a final self-marking quiz. Canadian Copyright Law is one of the five eTutorials in our Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law. Each lesson provides … Up-to-date fundamentals on the topics listed in the … Read more »

  • 21 Virtual Ways to Build Copyright Awareness in Your Library or Organization Course

    21 Virtual Ways to Build Copyright Awareness in Your Library or Organization is a self-paced eTutorial with: A wealth of tips on how to transform your workplace copyright compliance culture Copyright awareness ideas you can immediately implement to lower the risk of copyright infringement in your or … Read more »

  • Legally Using Images in Libraries

    There are two perspectives to legally using images in libraries: Use of images by library staff and patrons Understanding how copyright pertains to images, educating staff and patrons about this, and creating a copyright culture in your library Are You Legally Using Images in Your Library? The follo … Read more »

  • WIPO World Intellectual Property Day: How to Celebrate World IP Day

    World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated each year on 26 April. The 2020 theme is Innovate for a Green Future. Before you start celebrating, get up to speed on the meaning of intellectual property. And due to COVID-19, WIPO has compiled a great list of virtual activities for World IP Day 2020. … Read more »