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  • 10 Strategies for Institutional Copyright Compliance Pushback is excited to share this guest post by Erin Gurski, our first Copyright Specialist in Residence and now an Assistant Instructor at Erin has experience as the Coordinator and Licensing Agent for Copyright Visual Arts in Ottawa, Canada. She was previously the Copyr … Read more »

  • About Lesley Ellen Harris

    Lesley Ellen Harris, JD, is the founder and CEO of Lesley is a copyright consultant, published author, copyright blogger and educator. Her areas of expertise include U.S. and Canadian copyright law, international copyright law, and licensing digital content. I feel honored to take … Read more »

  • Developing A Copyright Policy or Guidelines Online Course

    Developing a Copyright Policy or Guidelines is a unique hands-on, eight-lesson eTutorial where you complete a draft copyright policy or guidelines with our guidance. Register now to start drafting yourcopyright policy or guidelines right away!Registration Fee: $499 US This is the course for you if: … Read more »

  • The International Copyright Symbol

    A copyright symbol informs others that copyright exists in your work. It also indicates that those who use (or want to use) your intellectual property should obtain permission from you. This article provides: A greater understanding of the purpose of the copyright symbolBenefits of using the interna … Read more »

  • Sharing and Republishing Online Content: 6 Tips for Copyright Compliance

    Sharing and republishing online content is something we all do, but how many of us think about copyright law, permissions and licensing before sharing and republishing content? If it’s your own content, then you can tweet and post on Snapchat or Facebook without worrying about copyright law. If it’s … Read more »