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  • Top Legal Considerations for Military Families

    Estate Planning The Judge Advocate General (“JAG”) at times provides military families with a basic Will that may not be substantial enough for specific needs. JAG often provides no further assistance in relation Estate Planning. Military members and their families should ensure that all estate plan … Read more »

  • The Easy Way is Not the Best Way: Informal Surrogacy Arrangements Can Have Heartbreaking Consequences

    The Ontario Superior Court of Justice was faced with a regrettable set of circumstances in a recent case, known as Jacobs and Coulombe v. Blair and Amyotte.[1] In her May 2022 decision, the Honourable Justice N. Gregson delivered a compelling summary of her opinion on the case: To be clear, this is … Read more »

  • Biology v. Best Interest

    A recent Supreme Court of Canada decision has altered the way courts view and treat “stand-in” parents in child protection matters. In June 2022, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) released its decision on a child protection case in which a child’s maternal grandmother was granted custody over the ch … Read more »

  • How Two Tax Credits Can Help Nova Scotia Families

    These are very exciting times for people looking to start or expand their families in Canada. Two new tax credits have come into force for Canadians to use for surrogacy services and fertility treatments. What are the tax credits? According to the 2022 Personal Income Tax Measures Budget, the Medica … Read more »

  • New Brunswick Court of Appeal Clarifies Mortgage Sales and Deficiencies

    On April 14, 2022, the New Brunswick Court of Appeal released its decision Royal Bank of Canada v. Allan Marshall & Associates Inc., as trustee in bankruptcy for the Estate of Susan Lynn Williams, 2022 NBCA 10. This decision builds upon the principles regarding mortgage sales and mortgage deficienci … Read more »