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  • Ontario: appealing from an arbitrator’s limitations decision

    The decision in Tall Ships Landing Devt. Inc. v. City of Brockville is a rare example of an appeal to the court from an arbitrator’s limitations decision pursuant to ss. 45(2) and 46(1) of the Arbitation Act, 1991.  The arbitrator found the claim statute-barred without determining when the claims be … Read more »

  • Ontario: a limitations defence appropriate for r. 21(1)(a)

    The decision in Kaynes v. BP, PLC is a rare example of a limitation defence appropriately determined on a r. 21(1)(a) motion: [68]           In my opinion, as explained below, there are no material facts that could be pleaded or any discoverability issues that could or would postpone the running of … Read more »

  • Ontario: unusual misnomer motions

    Here’s an interesting question: can you add a defendant to a proceeding with leave to plead a limitations defence and then move to correct the misnaming of that defendant as a John Doe (and avoid the limitations defence)?  Yes, held the court in Janet Campagiorni et al. v. Lyne Legare et al. The pla … Read more »

  • Ontario: misnomer and the John Doe doctor

    The decision in Tschirhart v. Grand River Hospital is a good example of a misnomer analysis in regards if a John Doe doctor .  It’s worth noting that the court rejected the doctor’s argument that the Statement of Claim couldn’t satisfy the litigation finger test because it didn’t plead that the plai … Read more »

  • Ontario: the principles of mva “threshold” claims

    Dimech v. Osman contains a useful summary of the limitation of claims for non-pecuniary losses arising from a motor vehicle accident: [14]      Under s. 4(1) of the Limitations Act, 2002 a person loses the right to sue for a claim two years after she “discovers” the claim. Under s. 5(2) of the Limit … Read more »