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  • Fraudulent Conveyances 2021

    In Kootenay Savings Credit Union v Brar 2021 BCSC 2027 the court found that the defendant fraudulently conveyed his property to delay, hinder or defraud  creditors under the Fraudulent Conveyance Act, and set aside the transaction. Facts The defendant G. Brar in November 2017 transferred his half-in … Read more »

  • Multiple Actions Heard At The Same Time

    Li v Liang 2021 BCSC 1856 dealt with the legal procedural issue of whether two family cases involving the same parties should be tried together . The court reviewed the seven criteria discussed in Merritt v Imasco Enterprises Inc (1992) BCJ 160 and Beazley v ICBC 2004 BCSC 1094 and held that the two … Read more »

  • Unjust Enrichment- Joint Mortgage Debt After Death

    Parrott-Ericson v Ericson Estate 2006 BCSC 1409 relied upon the law of unjust enrichment to hold that the surviving joint tenant of property with a mortgager takes both the property and the entire mortgage debt as the surviving joint tenant would be unjustly enriched if the estate had to pay one hal … Read more »

  • Contempt of Court

    This is a short summary of the law of contempt of court that is a hundreds of years old power of the judiciary and part of the courts method of upholding it’s dignity and effect. Most of the summary relates to civil court cases and contempt for them. the most common would probably be family/divorce … Read more »

  • Gifts to Witnesses of a Will ( S. 43 WESA)

    Wolk v Wolk 2021 BCSC 1881 reviewed the law of witnesses to a will receiving a gift under and the effect of S. 43 (4) of WESA . A gift to a signatory witness is automatically void by statute, but the court may declare such a gift valid on application. The present application seeks a declaration that … Read more »