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  • “Inheritance” Given Broad Interpretation

    The words inherit and inheritance were given a very broad interpretation in Lotimer v Johnston 2019 BCSC 2098. The parties were married for many years, but separated in 2007 and negotiated a separation agreement. The husband agreed that as the wife had shared an inheritance she received from her mot … Read more »

  • S. 58 WESA: 2 of 3 Notes Admitted as Will

    In Bizicki Estate 2019 BCSC 2142 the court pursuant to section 58 WESA, the court admitted two of three notes into probate as the last will of the deceased. The documents stated the deceased’s wish that his girlfriend receive the money in his bank accounts and other personal property, so as to const … Read more »

  • Posthumous Births: Conception After Death

    Section 8.1 of WESA provides as follows: 8.1 (1)      A descendant of a deceased person, conceived and born after the person’s death, inherits as if the descendant had been born in the lifetime of the deceased person and had survived the deceased person if all of the following conditions apply: (a)  … Read more »

  • S.58 WESA: Computer Message Found to be Valid Will

    In re Hubschi Estate 2019 BCSC 2040 found a message on the deceased’s computer that the court “cured” and found to be a valid will. Specifically, the court found that the electronic Microsoft Word document found in the deceased password – protected personal computer after his death, is the last will … Read more »

  • Unconscionable Transactions and Predatory Lenders

    In Astina Mortgage Group Ltd v Galpin 2019 BCSC 1811 the court dealt with a predatory lending mortgage group and an 89-year-old widow who allegedly was taken advantage of by the unconscionable mortgage that she entered into with the petitioner mortgage group. Ms. Galpin in turn brought an applicatio … Read more »