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  • B.C. judge overturns Indo-Canadian farmer’s will that left majority of estate to sons

    This article was originally posted on the National Post. Written by Cheryl Chan. Their four daughters would have received $150,000 each — their two sons were slated to collect $4.2 million Nahar and Nihal Litt were farmers from India who came to B.C. and achieved the Canadian dream, building a futur … Read more »

  • Asian Values are No Excuse for Disinheriting Daughters

    This article was originally published by the South China Morning Post. Written by Ian Young. Canadian court rules, Asian values are no excuse for disinheriting daughters, as Vancouver sisters win multimillion-dollar case. A British Columbia law, unique in Canada, forces parents’ wills to fairly prov … Read more »

  • Can You Successfully Contest A Will?

    By The Jon McComb Show. When their parents passed away, their six children stood to benefit from assets worth over $9-million dollars. However, Nahar and Nihal Litt willed 93% of that wealth to their two sons, leaving their four daughters with $1-hundred and 50-thousand dollars each.  Wills that see … Read more »

  • The Nature of a Joint Tenancy

    The nature of a joint tenancy includes the right of survivorship, which is it’s principal distinguishing characteristic. In Zeligs v Janes 2016 BCCA 280 the court described the right of survivorship at paragraph 41: The right of survivorship is, however, a revocable expectancy that manifests only up … Read more »

  • Executor Remuneration: When Do They Get Nothing?

    There are many cases where the actions, or inactions of the executor/trustee amount to conduct that will disentitle any executors remuneration.   EXECUTOR IS FIDUCIARY It is trite law that an estate executor/trustee has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of an estate and its beneficiaries … Read more »