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  • Capacity and Estate Planning

    It’s no secret that Canada has an aging population. The Government of Canada reported that in 2014, over 6 million Canadians were aged 65 or older, representing 15.6 percent of Canada’s population. By 2030 seniors will number over 9.5 million and make up 23 percent of Canada’s population. Additional … Read more »

  • Family Protection Coverage Insurance

    Motor vehicle liability insurance is mandatory in Ontario and there are certain types of coverage which also are mandatory. All policies must have a minimum of $200,000 in third-party liability coverage, known as limits. Third-party liability limits protect your assets from claims by anyone who may … Read more »

  • The New Ontario CARE Credit

    Ontario is rolling out a tax credit that families can use with respect to childcare costs. The Childcare Access and Relief from Expenses (CARE) credit is a new refundable tax credit for Ontarians to help with specific expenses that can be quite the financial burden to many families. Here’s what you … Read more »

  • Vendor Financing in the Purchase of a Business

    In carrying out a purchase and sale of a business, it is not uncommon for a potential purchaser to have difficulties in obtaining financing through traditional financial institutions such as banks or credit unions. As an alternative, the vendor may be agreeable to providing some or all of the financ … Read more »

  • A Burning Issue: Disclosure in Family Law

    A recent case (and article from the Ottawa Citizen) provides an example of the lengths to which some parties will go to avoid full and frank financial disclosure. Mr. McConville claims to have burned just over $1 million rather than share it (or any information about it) with his ex-wife, and is fou … Read more »