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  • For Whom the Limitation Period Tolls: Agreements under Section 11 of the Limitations Act

    In the recently released decision of 1853491 Ontario Inc. v Regional Waste North Inc. (2019 ONCA 37) the Court of Appeal explained when a limitation period could be suspended (or tolled) by the parties having agreed to refer the dispute to an independent third party for assistance in resolving it, b … Read more »

  • The Family Responsibility Office and Support Payments

    The Family Responsibility Office (“FRO”) is a government agency that enforces child support and spousal support payments. FRO collects support from the support payor directly or from the payor’s employer through automatic deductions. These monthly amounts are then paid by FRO to the support recipien … Read more »

  • Review Your Car Insurance Policy as Part of Your Spring Cleaning!

    As RRSP season wraps up, tax season is upon us and spring cleaning is around the corner, it is time to take a close look at your car insurance policy and make sure it is has appropriate coverage for your current requirements! Car insurance is mandatory in Ontario. While basic auto insurance policies … Read more »

  • General and Punitive Damages in Ontario

    The general rule in civil litigation in Ontario (and Canada) is that a party should be compensated for damages that another party has caused them to suffer. A crucial part of any lawsuit is determining the amount (or “quantum”) of damages suffered by the party seeking compensation. Sometimes determi … Read more »

  • The Relevance of Capacity to a Will

    When you choose to prepare estate planning documents such as a will and powers of attorney for property and personal care, it is a pre-condition for signing those documents that you have the capacity to sign them.  “Capacity” means the ability to fully understand what you are signing and the effect … Read more »

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