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  • The Dos and Don’ts of Access Exchanges

    The pick-up and drop-off process can be a difficult time for children. It is important that parents make this as smooth as possible for a child so that the child feels at ease, rather than guilty, hurt, and distressed. Here are some things to keep in mind as you work on access exchanges. What to Do … Read more »

  • Two or More Guarantors on a Debt – What Can Go Wrong?

    As you will know from a previous blog written by my associate Jason Peyman, a guarantee is a document often requested by a bank, landlord, supplier, or other supplier with whom you may be dealing in the course of your business.  Jason has suggested ways in which you can limit the applicability of a … Read more »

  • Collaboration

    We have been discussing here the many advantages of collaboration. On the weekend I attended the international sheep dog trials outside Kingston. To my delight, watching dogs and shepherds work together was a surprisingly pleasant and intriguing way to spend an afternoon.  In following up the day wi … Read more »

  • The Importance of a Financing Condition

    Given the competitive market that exists right now, many buyers have unfortunately been on the wrong end of a multiple offer situation. Sometimes, buyers are unsuccessful due to their price being too low or their closing date being unattractive, but other times it is because they included too many a … Read more »

  • Cheating, Lying, Impaired, Fraudster….Surely This is Just Cause for Termination?

    In nearly every situation where an employee has been terminated for just cause, both the employee and the employer are angry. Employers frequently express shock upon discovering what they perceive to be the employee’s wrongdoing and frustration with the amount of the time and energy they have to spe … Read more »