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  • For the Scottish at Heart

    A little levity for the New Year (and not at all relevant to environmental law): regulated symbols of our province. While you may be aware that the Province of Ontario has a provincial tree (the Eastern White Pine designated under the Arboreal Emblem Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. A.25), a provincial bird (th … Read more »

  • Understanding Legal Fees and Disbursements on a Real Estate Purchase

    When potential clients contact me about purchasing a property, the first question is often “how much are the legal fees”. Most people assume there is a standard rate but are surprised to learn that the legal fees charged and the disbursements incurred depend on a variety of factors. While each trans … Read more »

  • Can I Fire Employees Who Refuse to Be Vaccinated? Kinda, Sorta, Maybe…

    With the rollout of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, employers and most employees are looking forward to a return to some semblance of normalcy and, for many, a return to the workplace for all. With vaccine hesitancy, the anti-vaxxer movement and employees’ simply wishing to continue to work from home f … Read more »

  • The Experience of a Virtual Trial

    Further to my earlier blog post in anticipation of the environmental team at Mann Lawyers first virtual trial, I can now report that the trial has been completed and although it ran much more smoothly than I would have envisioned, some of my concerns were quite valid. A significant issue experienced … Read more »

  • Prison Time for Not Paying Child Support

    A recent Nova Scotia case is making headlines as a man owing a minimum of $250,000 in court-ordered child support has been sentenced to prison for four and a half years. Mr. Power, an IT professional who earned an estimated $260,000 per year, paid minimal child support for his two children. From 200 … Read more »