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  • Public Transit Liability

    Accidents involving public transit vehicles, such as trains or buses, can be complicated if it appears that multiple parties contributed to the collision. If there was negligence on behalf of the bus or the train operator a claim can be made against them personally. The municipality that operates th … Read more »

  • Expect to Become Better Acquainted with your Decision Maker – Case Management Developments in Employment and Human Rights matters

    Faced with delays, inefficiencies, and access to justice concerns, the Superior Court of Justice has just announced a pilot project, launching February 1, 2019, whereby parties may opt into a one-judge case management model.  Under this model, the same judge will be assigned to all case conferences, … Read more »

  • Ontario Automobile Insurance Reform

    On January 9, 2019 the Ontario Government announced that it is seeking ideas on how to make auto insurance more affordable. The Government is inviting drivers and consumers to share their opinions on how to lower auto insurance rates. The Minister of Finance said that “auto insurance is clearly brok … Read more »

  • Standby Guardianship in Canada

    “Standby guardianship” broadly refers to a legal arrangement where a parent gives another person responsibility over their child without giving up their own parental rights. This tool allows parents to plan for a situation where they may be alive but incapacitated. Though there is currently no stand … Read more »

  • Specific Performance for Commercial or Investment Properties?: The Court of Appeal Clarifies

    In the recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision of THMR Development Inc. v 1440254 Ontario Ltd., the Court of Appeal clarified the issue of when specific performance is an appropriate remedy, and determined that a claim for specific performance for commercial or investment uses could succeed. Backgro … Read more »

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