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  • Agents Signing on Behalf of Performers

    Agents Signing on Behalf of Performers – Introduction A client recently asked, “what is the risk of having an agent sign a contract on behalf of an actor or other performer hired for a production?” While the practice of having agents sign on behalf of performers is commonplace, it can carry some ris … Read more »

  • Music Publishing Agreements – Being a Musician is a Business

    Music Publishing Agreements – Introduction One of the ways to get your music catalogue and future compositions onto screens (TV series, movies, advertisements and games) is through a direct relationship to the relevant music supervisor or film/TV producer. Another way is by working with a music publ … Read more »

  • “Work Made for Hire” Explained

    “Work Made for Hire” Explained: Introduction   The phrase “work made for hire” is commonly found in entertainment industry contracts—particularly with regard to independent contractors. Many would be surprised to learn that the phrase “work made for hire”, often unwittingly “borrowed” from American … Read more »

  • OIDMTC Application: Common Pitfalls To Avoid

    OIDMTC Application: An Introduction Developers of digital media products in Ontario are likely familiar with the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (“OIDMTC”).  Anyone who has applied to the OIDMTC is also likely aware that the processing and turnaround time for applications can be slow. M … Read more »

  • Option Agreement – Ask a Lawyer Series

    Option Agreement – Introduction A scriptwriter contacted us, asking what legal issues to be aware of when selling her completed scripts to film producers. Typically, a scriptwriter (let’s call her the “creator”) would enter into an option agreement with a producer interested in producing the film—un … Read more »