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  • Ep 122 Her Majesty in Right of Pod — The World Turned Upside Down

    On this episode of Intrepid Podcast — Her Majesty in Right of Pod, Phil Lagassé returns to discuss the role of parliament in a pandemic. First, Craig provides an update from our last episode on Canada’s emergency powers and how they are being implemented. Next, the trio discuss the challenge Parliam … Read more »

  • Ep 121 An Emergency Podcast on Emergency Law

    Stephanie, Craig and Leah West assemble to walk through a range of actual and possible legal responses to COVID-19. We talk: Quarantine Act; Aeronautics Act; provincial public health law; provincial emergency law; federal emergency law; and the deployment of the Canadian Armed Forces. We’re try to g … Read more »

  • An Emergency Broadcast from Your Sponsor, Big Academia

    If you came for Canadian national security discussions, hold your horses. We have a lot planned. But right now: this is a special podcast dedicated to our academic colleagues who need to convert all their courses to online on two days notice. In this podcast, Stephanie, Craig and our guests David Ho … Read more »

  • Ep 120 Ben Makuch and Reporting on the Far Right Threat

    Ben Makuch’s reporting on national and international security issues has taken him from Eastern Europe to talking to Canadian foreign fighters to challenging the Canadian government in the Supreme Court over protections for journalists. Over the magic of the internet, Stephanie sits down with Ben an … Read more »

  • Ep 119 This Podcast is Not Contagious

    Craig and Stephanie beamed in Steven Hoffman, the Director of the Global Strategy Lab, a Professor of Global Health, Law, and Political Science at York University, and the Scientific Director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Population & Public Health. We do a deep dive i … Read more »