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  • Ep 99 Double Agent Man — Figuring out the RCMP Insider Threat Case

    The INTREPID team assembles: Stephanie hosts as Jessica Davis, Leah West and Michael Nesbitt join her for a discussion about the breaking news that a top RCMP intelligence official, Cameron Ortis, was arrested on September 13 and charged with violating the Security of Information Act (SOIA). Jess de … Read more »

  • Ep 98.5 A Brave New Format
  • Ep 98 Iran So Far Away

    For the last official podcast of Season 2, Stephanie plays the role of interviewer to Craig and regular guest (and Intrepid Blog founder) Thomas Juneau for a discussion about Iran. This is part of our occasional series on Canadian foreign policy in relation to particular states. In this episode we a … Read more »

  • Ep 97 An INTREPID Podsight — Tricia Geddes ADP CSIS

    Stephanie and Craig are very pleased to welcome to the show (as our last “podsight” guest of Season 2) Tricia Geddes, Assistant Director Policy at CSIS. Tricia talks about her career in the security & intelligence community and her present role as assistant director policy — and all that entails at … Read more »

  • Ep 96 Parsing Dissent

    With three episodes left in season 2, Stephanie and Craig return with their last news roundup before breaking for August. Most of bill C-59 came into force this week (and the CSE Act will come into force on August 1). This podcast has the details of the provisions now in force. And CSIS was in the n … Read more »