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  • Ep 117 More Terrorism Prosecutions, More Problems

    Using the magic of the internet once again, Stephanie sits down with Leah and Mike to discuss developments in two terrorism cases: Peshdary and Ali. In the former, Leah talks to Peshdary’s legal team to work through what a “Wilson Application” is and why a defence team might use it in a national sec … Read more »

  • Ep 116 Counting Hate

    The fact that crimes committed by individuals appearing to be motivated by some ideologies (such as far right extremism) are considered as “hate crimes” and not “terrorist offences” has been a frequent theme of Intrepid Podcast. In this week’s episode, recorded on the second anniversary of the Quebe … Read more »

  • Ep 115 Parsing Tragedy — The Legal Issues Raised by the January Conflict in Iraq

    There has been a lot written and said about the US-Iran conflict in Iraq earlier this month. At INTREPID, we waited for (a little bit) of the dust to settle and dedicated this podcast to walking through the international legal issues. We talk jus ad bellum (right to use force) and jus in bello (the … Read more »

  • Ep 114 Her Majesty in Right of Pod Ch 6 — Megxit

    With news that the Sussexes may be leaving the UK for Canada, Stephanie is FINALLY interested in Crown issues but Craig is not (we call it Craigxit). Nevertheless, Phil walks through Prince Harry’s status/non-status in Canada and, using recent reports about former Governor Generals in the news, desc … Read more »

  • Ep 113 Citizen Vavilov

    There is a lot going on in the world right now. But Stephanie and Craig wanted to catch up first with a development just before the holidays: The Supreme Court’s decision in Vavilov. This case is famous (in the narrow circles Craig lives in) for what it has done to “administrative law”. It is also f … Read more »