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  • Ep 163 A Summer Update on Terrorism Charges

    In this episode, Stephanie sits down with Jessica Davis and Michael Nesbitt to discuss recent developments in terrorism cases in Canada. First, in the wake of the tragic attack in London, Ontario, Crown Prosecutors have brought terrorism charges, possibly the first ever against an individual motivat … Read more »

  • Ep 162 Stand on Guard

    In the late spring of 2021, University of Toronto Press released Stand on Guard: Reassessing Threats to Canada’s National Security, by Stephanie Carvin. This episode features the introduction to the book which presents the evolving context in which threats to the security of Canada are manifesting a … Read more »

  • Ep 161 Review of Review: NSIRA calls out CSE and CSIS

    In this episode, Leah talks with Chris Parsons and Bill Robinson of Citizen Lab to discuss NSIRA’s latest review of CSE’s practice of sharing incidentally collected Canadian information with government agencies and the Review Body’s suggestion that CSIS hasn’t been frank with the Federal Court about … Read more »

  • Ep 160 The Toronto 18 Case at 15: A Critical Reassessment

    When news of the Toronto-18 Case broke in 2006, Canadians were stunned. It seemed as though the “War on Terror” had been brought to Canadian soil as a group of young men, allegedly inspired by Al Qaida, were accused of a serious bomb plot in downtown Toronto. After a high-profile news conference, ho … Read more »

  • Ep 159 The Culture of CAF: Addressing Sexual Assault in the Military

    Please note, this podcast contains references to sexual assault.In this episode, Stephanie and Amar sit down with Leah and guest LGen (retd) Mike Day who served with Joint Task Force Two (JTF2) and Canada’s Special Operations Forces Command. The four discuss the issues surrounding the long-standing … Read more »