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  • New Year, New Requirements: Safe Food for Canadians Regulations – 2021 Update

    For businesses subject to the Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA) and Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), keeping track of SFCR implementation deadlines can be challenging. 2021 ushers in new SFCR deadlines that food companies must meet in order to ensure compliance with Canada’s food laws. T … Read more »

  • Conflicting Guidance: Importing Finished Products Containing Milk Ingredients

    With Canada’s strong regulatory and supply management regimes, foreign and domestic businesses know all too well the struggle of importing milk, butter, cheese, and other dairy products into Canada.  Quotas, duties, and licences aside, dairy importers face stringent animal health restrictions when a … Read more »

  • Made in Canada: the ‘Ketchup Wars’ Continue

    On November 17th, Kraft Heinz announced that it will begin making Heinz ketchup in Canada once again. This announcement comes six years after the company decided to divest its Leamington, Ontario processing facility in 2014— a decision which sparked widespread criticism and consumer boycotts among C … Read more »

  • Mycotoxins at the Bar

    Affidia, the Journal of Food Diagnostics, recently consulted with several international food law experts, including Glenford Jameson, on the problem of safety-of-use in the cereal chain. Canadian agricultural cereal exports (wheat, corn/maize, e.g.) are frequently targeted by foreign food safety aut … Read more »

  • Glenford interviewed by the Toronto Star on home cooks using Facebook Marketplace

    Glenford was interviewed by Karon Liu for the Toronto Star on COVID-19 and the phenomenon of home chefs (specifically new Canadians) using their home kitchens as food premises. Facebook Marketplace has become a massive platform for home cooks, there’s a romance to meeting someone in a parking lot to … Read more »