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Canada’s Court is the first podcast to highlight select oral hearings from The Supreme Court of Canada. Presented by the Criminal Lawyers’ Association and available on all major podcast platforms.

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  • Episode 1: Johnson v. R

    In this episode, you will hear the oral submissions from the Appellant Don Johnson vs His Majesty the King. Mr. Johnson was charged with two counts of first-degree murder of brothers, Justin, and Jerome Waterman. The three of them were known to be friends. At trial before a judge and jury, Mr. Johns … Read more »

  • Episode 8: R. v. Metzger

    Mr. Metzger was convicted of two counts of robbery, breaking and entering to steal a firearm, and disguise with intent in relation to 2017 home invasion. Mr. Metzger was convicted largely on the strength of DNA evidence which tied him to a cigarette butt found within the getaway vehicle 11 hours aft … Read more »

  • Episode 7: R. v. H.V. (French)

    Il y a une ordonnance de non-publication dans le dossierL’intimé, H.V., a plaidé coupable à une infraction de leurre, poursuivie par voie sommaire, commise entre le 31 juillet et le 9 août 2017. Lors de la détermination de la peine, l’intimé a soulevé l’inconstitutionnalité de la peine minimale obli … Read more »

  • Episode 6: R. v. Chatillion (French)

    M. Chatillon a été déclaré coupable d’un chef d’agression sexuelle sur une enfant. Cette condamnation a été principalement basée sur des aveux qu’il a fait aux professionnels qui l’évaluaient, dans le contexte d’une démarche entièrement volontaire en thérapie pour recevoir des soins en lien avec des … Read more »

  • Episode 5: Hay v. His Majesty the King

    Mr. Hay and the complainant met online and had been dating for approximately one month before the alleged sexual assault, involving unconsensual anal intercourse occured. At the trial, Mr. Hay was allowed under s 276 of the Criminal Code to admit evidence that during a previous consensual sexual enc … Read more »