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  • Six Proven Ways to Prevent DementiaMay 25, 2018

    A recent report on the website discusses ways to avoid or slow the progress of dementia. First, the bad news: In the UK, one person is diagnosed with dementia every three minutes. One in twenty people develop dementia under 65, and after turning 65, a person’s risk of developing demen … Read more »

  • Hull on Estates #546 – Attorneyship planning optionsMay 15, 2018

    This week on Hull on Estates, Natalia Angelini and Nick Esterbauer discuss attorneyship planning options and the importance of full consideration of what may seem like basic options in protecting the interests of clients during periods of mental incapacity. Should you have any questions, please emai … Read more »

  • What will you do for long term care?May 2, 2018

    One of the challenges with demographic trends is that they tend to fly under the radar until they are suddenly upon us. Ensuring there is adequate care for our aging population is a prime example. The oldest members of the baby boom generation are now in their early 70s, and for the most part haven’ … Read more »

  • Hull on Estates #545 – The availability of summary judgmentsMay 1, 2018

    In today’s podcast, Ian Hull and Rebecca Rauws discuss the availability of summary judgments, and their use in estate litigation, in the context of the recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Aird & Berlis LLP v Oravital Inc., 2018 ONCA 164. Should you have any questions, please email us at webma … Read more »

  • Hull on Estates #544 – Consolidation of Family Law Act and Dependant Support ClaimsApril 17, 2018

    Today on Hull and Estates, Stuart Clark and Umair Abdul Qadir discuss the recent decision in Cohen v Cohen, 2018 ONSC 1613, in which the Honourable Justice Maranger discussed the Ontario Superior Court of Justice’s jurisdiction to consolidate applications for equalization commenced pursuant to the F … Read more »