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  • 7 Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

    Anytime a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle, serious injuries are a significant risk. Pedestrians do not have safety equipment or protection against the mass and velocity of a motor vehicle, which renders them extremely vulnerable. Even if the vehicle is travelling at a low speed, the impact c … Read more »

  • What is my Case Worth?

    This is the most common question we are asked, and unfortunately it’s a question that is not easily answered. Our answer depends on how long your case has been ongoing. It you have recently been injured, it’s just too soon to tell. The answer would be that we do not know. What we can say, confidentl … Read more »

  • Common types of bike crashes in Ontario

    What are some common types of bike crashes in Ontario? Cycling has become a popular alternative mode of transportation, particularly in bigger urban areas, like Hamilton. Bike crashes however, do still account for a significant number of serious roadway injuries. The Ontario Ministry of Transportati … Read more »

  • Pedestrian Seriously Injured in Hamilton Crash

    CBC News reported this afternoon that a 48-year-old woman has suffered serious injuries was hit by a vehicle while crossing James Street South in hamilton this morning.  Police say the woman was crossing in a marked crosswalk located at the intersection of James and Young shortly before noon on Mond … Read more »

  • Can you get Sued for Leaving a Bad Review?

    Can you be sued for leaving a Negative Online Review?  The answer is yes, you can get sued – but it depends how bad the review is, and the motive behind it. It cost one Ontario man $116,000.00. Online reviews have no doubt come a long way – and are heavily relied on in many industries, particularly … Read more »