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  • Biker Suffers Critical Injuries in Motorcycle Accident

    Kitchener CTV News A motorcyclist suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident on Saturday in Kitchener after a collision with a car. EMS and Ornge Air Ambulance were called to the incident on Shirley Drive in Kitchener around 11 a.m. It seemed according to Kitchener OPP that the motorcycle wa … Read more »

  • 3 injured and 2 dead in Mississauga Accident

    Global News Reported today that 2 people died and three others were injured in a fiery crash on a busy highway in the Toronto area, police said Monday.  The accident happened about 9:30 p.m. Sunday on the eastbound collector lanes of Highway 401 in Mississauga, Ont. OPP reported that red Corvette wa … Read more »

  • Man who Witnessed Wife get hit awarded 98K

    The Times Colonist reported today that  Victoria man who jaywalked across the street with his wife has been awarded $98,000 in compensation for “nervous shock” after he witnessed his wife get hit by a motorcycle.  Both he and his wife sued the driver of the motorcycle.  Marcena sued for “nervous sho … Read more »

  • 29 year old Motorcyclist pronounced dead after crash in Etobicocke

    Global News recently reported that a young motorcyclists has succumbed to his injuries after colliding with a van late this week. The accident happened at the intersection of Dundas Street West and Chestnut Hill Crescent, near Islington Avenue just before 10:45 p.m.  The 26 year old man suffered lif … Read more »

  • Traumatic Joint Fractures and Post-Traumatic Arthritis 

    Traumatic Joint Fractures and Post-Traumatic Arthritis Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, btrucking accidenta and other types of accidents can no doubt cause distress, life-threatening injuries, and severe changes for victims. Sometimes it requires the individual to give up a significant portion o … Read more »