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  • What’s the difference between paraplegic and quadriplegic injuries?

    4 Minute Read from Hamilton’s Spinal Cord Injury Trial Lawyers Spinal cord injuries may be classified as quadriplegic or paraplegic, depending on the level of injury or lesion on the spinal cord, and depending on the functioning of the torso, bowel, bladder, legs, arms, pelvic organs and sexual func … Read more »

  • Common types of personal injury cases in Ontario

    Personal injury victims are often confused about the different types of personal injury claims that can be made to compensate them for their losses. If you or a loved one has suffered life changing injuries it is certainly best to speak to one of our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers to determine you … Read more »

  • How Long do Short Term Disability Benefits last in Ontario?

    There is no perfect answer as short-term disability benefits vary policy by policy. Short-term disability also varies product by product – i.e. group (employer) versus individual policy.  It is very important that you review your particular policy’s summary and description because every benefit plan … Read more »

  • Income Replacement Benefits in Ontario

    For an accident victim, nothing is more Stressful than the Lack of Cash Flow Accident can send people into brutal crushing debt. When the cashflow stops all facets of a family’s financial life can be negatively affected, from paying the mortgage or car payments to paying for your kids’ hockey and da … Read more »

  • Crystal Meth, Multiple Sclerosis and Denied Benefits.

    4 Minute read from Hamilton’s Long-Term Disability Lawyers This was a good case* decided out of British Columbia not too long ago concerning a young woman with MS that: 1) tried to get back to work and;2) was doing drugs to deal with her symptoms. Unfortunately Empire Life denied her monthly disabil … Read more »

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