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  • What Happens After 2 Years of receiving Long-Term Disability?

    If your long-term disability claim is approaching the 2 year mark, it is important to understand that your policy’s change of definition will soon be coming up. Many, if not all insurance policies contain a provision that at the 2 year mark, a claimant must be totally disabled from doing any job.  I … Read more »

  • 3 Things to Remember After a Serious Car Accident

    4 Minute Read from Hamilton Car Accident Lawyers Immediately following a serious car accident, you may no doubt be in a tremendous amount of pain, disoriented or confused. Car accidents can no doubt result in substantial pain and psychological distress, which can cause you to be confused at the acci … Read more »

  • Cannabis & Spinal Cord Injuries

    4 Minutes Read from Hamilton Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Spinal cord injuries are catastrophic injuries with devastating impacts including far-reaching physical, social, and psychological consequences. There is no doubt that suffering a spinal cord injury (SCI) can profoundly change a person’s life a … Read more »

  • What’s the difference between paraplegic and quadriplegic injuries?

    4 Minute Read from Hamilton’s Spinal Cord Injury Trial Lawyers Spinal cord injuries may be classified as quadriplegic or paraplegic, depending on the level of injury or lesion on the spinal cord, and depending on the functioning of the torso, bowel, bladder, legs, arms, pelvic organs and sexual func … Read more »

  • Common types of personal injury cases in Ontario

    Personal injury victims are often confused about the different types of personal injury claims that can be made to compensate them for their losses. If you or a loved one has suffered life changing injuries it is certainly best to speak to one of our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers to determine you … Read more »

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