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  • COVID-19: An Unsympathetic Predator

    Covid-19: An Unsympathetic PredatorJust when we thought we had Covid cornered, it seems to have executed a delicate Cabriolé and is now poised to begin the dance anew. Covid cases have been rising dramatically in many parts of the world, including Canada. In Ontario, in the last half of July, the in … Read more »

  • The Boushie/Baptiste Family's Complaint Against the RCMP

     Originally published on April 6, 2021 in Policy OptionsThe under-resourced Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP did a valiant job in substantiating the discriminatory treatment of a Cree mother grieving the killing of her son. In its … Read more »

  • MAID Bill C-7 Is an Affront to Equality

    MAID Bill Is an Affront to EqualityArchibald Kaiser, Isabel Grant, Trudo Lemmens & Elizabeth SheehyToronto Star editorial March 11, 2021Canada’s legal system has an ugly track record on mental illness: exclusionary immigration laws; involuntary sterilization; restrictive marriage and voting statutes … Read more »

  • How Parliament and our Federal Government are Playing MAID Politics with the Lives of People with Mental Illness

    Our government is asking parliament to ignore its statutory-based commitment to evidence-informed policy making under the existing MAID lawIf the majority of Canadian Senators, some psychiatrists, and our government have it their way, physicians in Canada will soon be asked to offer patients with me … Read more »

  • Some Reflections on the Gamestop Saga

     Those who possess the intestinal fortitude to board Wonderland’s monster roller coaster, the Leviathan, will experience the singular pleasure of parking their stomachs nearly 100 metres in the air, accelerating to a top speed of 148 kph, and (hopefully) renewing their acquaintance with terra firma … Read more »