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  • Ford government decision is a step backward for investor protection

     By Anita AnandGlobe and Mail September 25, 2018The Ontario Securities Commission recently published a proposed rule banning certain commissions to dealers on mutual fund sales. The rule was not just Ontario’s initiative – it was a joint effort by members of the Canadian Securities Administrators (C … Read more »

  • Doug Ford can’t apply the notwithstanding clause retroactively to impede democracy

    Originally published in the Globe and Mail.Prof. Lorraine Weinrib was formerly the deputy director of Constitutional Law and Policy, Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario.Politicians who are disappointed when constitutional rights frustrate their plans sometimes turn to the notwithstanding cla … Read more »

  • No Time for Tinkering: On Intellectual Property and NAFTA

    Last year, I wrote the following essay, as part of a collection of essays, “NAFTA and the Knowledge Economy”, published by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). The essay discusses what Canada’s approach to intellectual property in the context of the renegotiation of NAFTA shoul … Read more »

  • Populist and Liberal Democracy

    Populist and Liberal DemocracyAlan Brudner                 Many see the authoritarian bent of Donald Trump’s presidency as a threat to liberal democracy—not as great, perhaps, as the populist dictatorships of Poland, Hungary, and Russia, but certainly on the spectrum.  Those who hold this view typic … Read more »

  • Enhancing Governance in Dual Class Share Firms

    Enhancing Governance in Dual Class Share Firmsby Anita Anand            In a typical public company, shareholders can elect the board, appoint the auditors, and approve fundamental changes.  In other words, they can participate in the governance of the firm. Firms with dual class shares (DCS) alter … Read more »

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