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  • No Contest Clause in Wills: MaWhinney v Scobie, 2019 ABCA 76

    Author: Sarah Barker A no contest clause in a will is intended to discourage the beneficiaries under it from challenging the will. The clause does this by creating a condition that, typically, the beneficiary’s bequest under the will is forfeited and becomes part of the residue of the estate if they … Read more »

  • Medical Marijuana: No Duty to Accept Unacceptable Risk

    Author: Kevin Stenner The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador recently upheld an arbitrator’s decision which found that the duty of an employer to accommodate an employee’s medical marijuana use does not require the employer to tolerate an unacceptable increased safety risk resulting from the … Read more »

  • A.H. v. Fraser Health Authority: Issues of Unlawful Detainment

    Author: Tory Hibbitt In the recent decision, A.H. v. Fraser Health Authority 2019 BCSC 227, the Supreme Court of British Columbia affirmed the primacy of liberty and autonomy of vulnerable patients, and held that the unlawful detainment of a 39 year old woman violated of her ss. 7, 9, and 10 rights … Read more »

  • Pride in Business Community Spotlight

    Carbert Waite’s Ellen Embury and Rachel West were honoured to speak at the Pride in Business Community Spotlight on February 27th, 2019. This evening of networking with LGBTQ+ professionals and business owners was a great success, and Carbert Waite is delighted to continue supporting Pride in Busine … Read more »

  • What to Do If You Receive an Employment Cease and Desist Letter

    Author: Dylan Snowdon Shortly after hiring a new employee, your company might receive a Cease and Desist letter telling you that the employee you’ve hired is subject to a non-competition or non-solicitation agreement with their former employer.  The letter might demand that you terminate the employe … Read more »

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