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  • Testamentary Gifts and Inter Vivos Gifts, A Distinction: Seguin v PearsonJune 13, 2018

    Seguin v Pearson, 2018 ONCA 355   In its recent decision in Seguin v Pearson, 2018 ONCA 355 [Seguin], the Ontario Court of Appeal has clarified the distinction between the tests for challenging testamentary gifts versus inter vivos gifts (those made while a person is still living) on the basis of un … Read more »

  • The Enforceability of Non-Disclosure Clauses in Releases and Similar Agreements in Sexual Harassment LawsuitsJune 6, 2018

    By Roxanne Davis, Carbert Waite LLP   There has been considerable public attention recently on a variety of forms of agreements which limit an individual’s right to bring claims or to disclose sexual harassment. Influential Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein was accused by more than 70 women, … Read more »

  • The de facto Application of the Business Judgment Rule to Condominium Boards in AlbertaMay 30, 2018

    By Bobby Randhawa, Carbert Waite LLP The celebrated Ontario Court of Appeal case 3716723 Canada v. Carleton Condominiums Corporation No. 375, 2016 ONCA 650 (“Carleton Condominiums”) explicitly states that the business judgment rule applies to condominium boards. The application of that rule safeguar … Read more »

  • Goudge Report SummaryMay 22, 2018

    By Michael Waite and Sarah Barker At the request of Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, the Honourable Stephen Goudge, Q.C. (“Mr. Goudge”), former Justice of the Ontario Court of Appeal, conducted a review of the Ontario civil justice system as it relates to medical liability cases. He … Read more »

  • Rule of ConvenienceMay 11, 2018

    How Convenient! The Rule of Convenience and Estate Administration By Eleanor Carlson and Melissa Rico Agreeing to take on the role of personal representative (aka an executor) of an estate can be a big decision and in many circumstances, one that should not be taken lightly. This is particularly so … Read more »