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  • The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

    Author: Dylan Snowdon and Mihai Beschea On April 8, 2020 Prime Minister Trudeau and the Federal Government of Canada announced the details of the new Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (“CEWS”) to assist Canadian businesses financially impacted by the COVID-19 health measures. The intention of this progr … Read more »

  • Estate Planning During COVID-19

    Author: Sarah Barker When it comes to estate planning, being armed with the right information is key. To help, here are answers to some common questions about estate planning, including some special considerations in light of COVID-19.  Does COVID-19 Affect My Estate Planning?  No! Given the current … Read more »

  • April 6 2020 Updates to the Employment Standards Code

    Author: Mihai Beschea & Kevin Stenner The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Alberta’s economy and working culture.  In response to this pandemic, the Alberta Government on April 6, 2020 made many legislative changes to the Employment Standards Code. Those changes can be found here. Key information abou … Read more »

  • COVID-19 Termination: What Severance is Required?

    Author: Matthew Bobawsky Although the federal government is stepping in to provide employees much-needed income support through EI, Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), and other benefits, employees will still be entitled to receive notice or payment-in-lieu of notice upon the termination of th … Read more »

  • COVID-19: Navigating Working From Home for Employers and Employees

    Author: Rachel West and Fiona Balaton The COVID-19 outbreak is forcing organizations and employees to rely on remote work arrangements. While work from home arrangements have intrinsic challenges, the current COVID-19 social-isolation measures add further difficulty, as many employees are now balanc … Read more »