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  • Weeknote 18, 2023

    §1 My new Google Reader §2 Law Library of Congress Reports §3 The Breach: “library workers are struggling to maintain a welcoming space in the face of policing solutions” §4 Google’s Project Tailwind §5 How About Machine Learning Enhancing Theses? Read more »

  • Weeknote 17, 2023

    §1 What is Bill C-27? §2 What is AIDA? §3 AIDA: An Explainer for Artists & Creators §4 This week in Data and Justice §5 Unreported is not the same as irretrievable Read more »

  • Weeknote 16, 2023

    §1 Injustice for All, Part Two §2 CBC: DIY law is on the rise §3 Ontario police hires no longer need a post-secondary education §4 What Wolfram|Alpha knows about US District Courts §5 The Running of the Interns Read more »

  • The future of local news is “civic information”

    Public agencies and non-profit organizations need to invest in systems that can let their communities directly know of the work and the opportunities that they provide. Read more »

  • Weeknote 15, 2023

    §1 This blog likely helped train the AI you are using §2 About the Topic in OMNI §3 A disappointing decision from the BC Court of Appeal §4 CBC Ideas: Injustice For All, Part One §5 Eight-five percent of (U.S.) librarians are white §6 The AI Incident Database Read more »