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  • Weeknote 4, 2023

    §1 Justfacts: Overrepresentation of Black People in the Canadian Criminal Justice System §2 They Rule §3 Public Interest Databases from Canada’s Investigative Journalism Foundation Read more »

  • Weeknote 3, 2023

    §1: Market Research Tools vs. Academic Research Tools §2: The Legal Layer that Enables Inequality §3: Simple Opt Out Read more »

  • Weeknote 2, 2023

    §1: The Law Library of Congress Report Examines the Canadian Emergencies Act §2: Data Cartels §3: Make sure you know how to properly redact your PDFs §4: The volume of fear-mongering crime news §5: The Society for the promotion of radical analogue games Read more »

  • Calling a ‘Karen’ when there’s no Access to Justice

    Having a lawyer to advocate on behalf of a person suffering from a corporate wrong-doing is generally out of the realm of possibility for most consumers. Is this an Access to Justice issue? Read more »

  • Weeknote 1, 2023

    §1: Happy Public Domain Day to Everyone Except Canadians §2: Google Docs now offers Smart chips §3: I wrote a blog post yesterday. I miss the dopamine that it used to bring §4: When your conceptual framework has been co-opted by the alt-right §5: Marcia Bates on Search Systems Read more »