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  • I am fed up with hiding myself — an actual human being — behind the conventional anonymity of a large language model

    I think you should read the transcript of Barbara Fister’s talk, “information literacy, writing instruction, and the problem of stochastic parrots”. And then I want to you to come out of hiding. Read more »

  • Citations Needed – Chatting about Chat-GPT

    Yesterday I spoke on a panel which was one part of a series of Windsor Law LTEC Lab forum discussions about Chat-GPT & Generative AI. This post is a means to share my cited works to prove that I didn’t make it all up (like Australia) like an army of drunk interns named Steve would. Read more »

  • Understanding AI as Dark Magic : A Collection

    §1 Never give an AI your true name §2 Now is the time for grimoires §3 “I refuse to write the name of mythical foes” §4 Dæmon (His Dark Materials) §5 Our Gothic Future Read more »

  • Weeknote 41 2023

    §1 The librarian who devoured the library §2 Alexa reads too many Substack newsletters §3 How Libraries, Museums, and Stock Agencies Launched a New Image Economy §4 We need to understand generative AI as platforms for coordinating labour. §5 AI and The Unauthorized Practice of Law Read more »

  • Weeknote 39 2023

    §1 Bianca Wylie on Canada’s Failing AI Regulatory Process §2 An Open Letter in regards to Bill C-27 §3 The Government intends to take an agile approach §4 A guide on the use of Generative AI from the Government of Canada §5 What Should Students Pay for University Course Readings? Read more »