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  • How to Form the Admin Dream TeamSeptember 7, 2017

    Lawyers are highly intelligent, capable human beings who can probably reasonably do any task placed in front of them.  That doesn’t mean that they should.  The wise business person focuses on their core competency, and for lawyers, that’s the practice of law. There’s also the belief by some (well, m … Read more »

  • Is Your Culture Slowly Killing Your Firm?August 6, 2017

    The purpose of any business is to be profitable, and provide conditions for a satisfying work experience for those who work there. The collective intelligence within a law firm should make these goals a slam dunk; unfortunately, in many ways the culture of the typical law firm works against its fina … Read more »

  • Keeping it Going When the Coaching StopsJuly 19, 2017

    In 18 years of coaching I’ve seen clients shift into more productive and happier lawyers.  I’ve also seen a few clients who reverted back to pre-coaching habits over time.  I get it.  At some point in our lives, we’ve all been committed to changing our behaviours in some way. We might start out stro … Read more »

  • What’s the Difference between Marketing and Sales?July 6, 2017

    Many firms include a marketing section in their plan and budget. But what they really mean is marketing and business development (or sales). They are two different functions, and if you don’t understand the difference, you might not be getting the results you would like from your marketing initiativ … Read more »

  • Ode to the Client-Focussed ProgramsJune 28, 2017

    When asked, most firms would say that their #1 business goal is to get more work. The only way to get more work for the firm is to get it from existing clients, or to develop new client relationships. It’s well-documented that it’s far easier to get more work out of an existing client than […] Read more »