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  • Is Dishonesty Hurting Your Firm?

    Having worked in or with law firms for over 30 years now, I can say that in my experience, law firms have a hard time being honest about certain things.  I’m not for a minute suggesting that lawyers do not tell the truth.  The foundation of every firm I’ve worked with is the personal integrity […] … Read more »

  • Why is it So Hard to Sell a Law Practice?

    The retiring baby boomer generation includes lawyers who were founding partners of their firm.  It’s understandable that as they bow out of the profession, they would want to protect the legacy they spent so many years building by ensuring their clients would be well taken care of in the future.  It … Read more »

  • Charitable Giving Programs as Part of Marketing

    Most law firms I know are very giving from a charitable perspective.  This could include altruistic monetary donations, support for client events, support of charitable initiatives involving the firm’s lawyers or staff, or in-house events in support of a charity. I’m always interested to see where i … Read more »

  • Lawyer Career Management 101

    When you decided to become a lawyer, you took the time and energy to plot out a pathway.  You took the right courses and got the grades needed to get into law school.   You participated in extracurricular activities that would look good on your resume to secure summer positions and later, a good art … Read more »

  • Buying and Selling a Law Practice

    Over the next ten or so years, we will see a marketplace-shifting change in law  firm ownership as baby boomers retire and decide what to do with their practice.  This is a time of high angst for those about to leave the law, and potentially a remarkable opportunity for the more entrepreneurial and … Read more »