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  • Leadership Styles for Practice Group/Client Team LeadersMay 19, 2017

    Law firm marketers have been fundamental to the establishment and management of many law firm practice groups and client teams in North American law firms. Critical to the success of these efforts has been the ability to help train team members in their respective roles. Toward the end of my time in … Read more »

  • Don’t Let an “ism” Hurt Your FirmApril 25, 2017

    My 22-year-old son tells me that the days of sexism and racism are gone, and for all I know that may well be the case for his generation, but it’s not for mine. I’m amazed at the constant examples of sexism and racism and other isms that I see regularly in my professional and personal […] Read more »

  • Using Firm Administrators as Your Secret WeaponApril 18, 2017

    Law firm Administrators are capable of doing so much more than most firms allow them to do.  If you’re able to move from giving them instructions to allowing them to really embrace their role, they can provide a far greater value to your firm. In my earlier years in-house with big law firms, I watch … Read more »

  • Why Can’t You Just Design the Darn Ad?!March 28, 2017

    I’ve seen lawyers lose patience when they’ve asked a credible, professional design firm to do a task (design an ad or brochure) and the design firm commences with a questions process. “Can’t they just design the darn ad?!” I’ve been asked. It’s doubtful a lawyer would visit their doctor and expect t … Read more »

  • Why it’s Good Business to Fire a ClientMarch 16, 2017

    We spend so much of our time, energy and money on attracting and keeping clients that the thought of firing one seems defeatist. But firing clients can be good for business. Here’s why.     Bad clients waste out time. One of the annoying elements of a bad relationship is that it tends to take […] … Read more »