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  • A Stronger Pathway to Managing PartnerJune 8, 2018

    While Ronald Reagan wasn’t one of my favorite Presidents, he produced one of my favorite quotes about leadership: “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” The decision-making process most firms seem t … Read more »

  • How to Support Your Associates in MarketingMay 25, 2018

    Most firms are under-utilizing one of the most effective marketing tools of their future: their Associates.  This results in increased pressure on the rest of the firm to build business and may potentially jeopardize a firm’s stability in the future.  Law firms need Associates to step up and market, … Read more »

  • Website Writing for Better SEOMay 8, 2018

    I am primarily a business strategist, but I often help firms move into implementation on various projects.  So, it’s not uncommon for me to write copy for law firm websites.  I’m about to embark on just such a project now, and in preparation I’m doing some personal homework to remind myself about go … Read more »

  • The Cost of Doing (Marketing) Business as UsualApril 23, 2018

    Most businesses – especially law firms – must market to some degree.  And they do.  They have a website. They print business cards.  They make sure the logo is used on tombstone ads and sponsorship programs.  Law firms do spend some money on marketing, and some of their lawyers even spend time on ma … Read more »

  • How to Make Better Sponsorship & Charitable Donation DecisionsApril 9, 2018

    Too often, when a client or contact asks for sponsorship money, law firms simply ask where to sign.  When a partner requests that the firm sponsor their child’s (school/sports team), it’s hard to say no.   When a staff member requests that the firm support an event or charity they are involved in, i … Read more »