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  • Predicting Shifts in Your Marketplace

    As part of my strategic planning process with clients, I conduct interviews with each lawyer and a representative group of staff.  One of the many questions I ask them is this: how will your client base shift in the coming five years, and how might that affect how you will provide legal services to … Read more »

  • What Associates Should Look for in a Law Firm (and vice versa)

    Recruiters make a lot of money helping to place Associates in law firms.  It’s a great service, but their motivation places emphasis on movement in the marketplace rather than stability.  And movement follows because most Associates don’t really know what they’re looking for and how to assess if fir … Read more »

  • What Law Firms Should Focus On Next

    Despite hiccups on vaccine receipt and distribution, we now know that by the end of the year, there’s a very good chance we’ll all be back to normal.  That means there’s still another considerable block of time to get through first.   We don’t want to be in either survival or neutral mode forever.   … Read more »

  • How Law Firms Self-Sabotage their Marketing Efforts

    Lawyers are some of the most intelligent people in this country. But from a business management perspective, I’d put them in the bottom 50%.  That’s because lawyers don’t like to plan, they don’t like to ask how they are doing, and they don’t like change. But mostly, it’s because when they do get go … Read more »

  • What Law Firms Should Be Focusing On in 2021

    (This article first appeared in SLAW.  While it’s no longer a “first of the year” piece, it still have value for those firms wondering if the pandemic will ever end, what business will look like on the other side, and whether they should be doing things differently now).  Despite hiccups on vaccine … Read more »