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  • Law Firm Marketing in a Pandemic World

    It’s telling that only a handful of my clients have been asking for advice on how to market during Covid.  Most of them are still trying to figure out how to be more productive with a workforce that is still at home at least part of the time.  But for those who are ready to […] Read more »

  • The Importance of Multiple Perspectives in Law Firm Decision-Making

    I’ve taken advantage of the relative quiet of the end of summer to take the free University of Alberta Indigenous Canada course.  The course provides a summary of life and history in Canada according to those where were here first.  I’m about halfway through as I write this blog post, and I’m findin … Read more »

  • Make Your Communications Meaningful (or Risk Losing Power)

    I recently received an email from an organization in which I used to be quite active.  The purpose was an announcement of an amalgamation of segments of the organization.  The message was well-written in a technical sense.  It included a summary of the change, some of the activities leading up to th … Read more »

  • What’s Your Contact Management Game Plan?

    Great marketing isn’t a single action; rather it’s a series of connected actions, each one building from the other for the purpose of creating a mutually beneficial and ideally ongoing relationship.  This is a difficult lesson for lawyers to get, for three main reasons. Most lawyers don’t like marke … Read more »

  • Lessons Learned from a Law Firm Breakdown

    (This article first appeared in SLAW)  The line between bad strategy and a law firm collapse is as thin as a noose.   Yet law firms practice bad strategy on a regular basis.  Take heed from the lessons of a very public breakdown. A client recently gave me a copy of Norman Bacal’s book “Breakdown, th … Read more »