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  • When Can a Resignation be Retracted?

    Do you know someone who tendered their resignation and then had second thoughts? Maybe they did so in anger, or based on illness or circumstances changed. You may wonder: when can a resignation be retracted? Here you will find the answer to that and we will look at what the courts consider when maki … Read more »

  • Employee, Independent Contractor or something in between?

    As an employment law lawyer, one of the most common issues I face is confusion from clients over whether they are (or a particular worker is) an “employee,” or “independent contractor.” It is important to understand how workers are classified, and what that means for them in terms of rate of pay, be … Read more »

  • Employment Law for Bartenders, Waiters and Waitresses

    Bartenders, waiters and waitresses, or “Liquor Servers” as they are referred to in the Employment Standards Act (“ESA”), are given special treatment under the law and by the Ontario Courts. While many of the ESA’s provisions apply equally to all types of employees, there are some important distincti … Read more »

  • Workplace Harassment, Health and Safety

    All workers should have the ability to complete their job duties in a safe work environment. Unfortunately, workplace harassment is a very real problem that many workers have to face. In the past, workplace harassment was largely governed by Section 5(2) of the Human Rights Code, and common law rule … Read more »

  • Time to Update your Workplace ESA Poster

    The Ministry of Labour has just released version 8.0 (January 2019) of its mandatory Employment Standards Act poster. The poster is available in multiple languages on the Ministry of Labour website, but you can downloaded it English right here: Updated Employment Standards Act PosterDownload All wor … Read more »