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  • Federally Regulated Employers: Understanding what laws govern your workplace.

    Approximately 90% of workplaces in Ontario are governed by the employment laws enacted by the Ontario government. However, some Canadians do not fall under that provincial jurisdiction, but instead are considered “federally regulated”. Federally regulated workplaces are governed by legislation enact … Read more »

  • Constructive Dismissal: A Good Reason to Quit

    What is Constructive Dismissal? “Constructive Dismissal” is defined as a substantial and unilateral change to the terms or working conditions of employment. In other words, a constructive dismissal describes situations where, although an employer has not directly fired an employee, its actions or it … Read more »

  • Temporary Layoffs: What Everyone Needs to Know

    Temporary layoffs are an attractive option for employers facing economic downturn, business or financial troubles, or a global pandemic like COVID-19. While it may appear to be a good way to eliminate staff without paying termination pay or severance, there are many misconceptions that both employer … Read more »

  • Termination within Probation Periods

    Probation at the start of employment may seem simple, but they don’t always automatically allow employers to fire someone in their first 3 months free and clear. Probationary periods are actually legally intricate. Employees terminated during probationary periods often accept their fate without seek … Read more »

  • COVID-19’s Effect on Reasonable Notice of Termination

    COVID-19 is having significant economic impacts on both employees and employers. Mass layoffs are happening across Canada despite government initiatives to avoid them. Many employers are considering staff cuts to remain profitable. While terminating employment for legitimate business reasons (such a … Read more »