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  • Accommodating Mental Health Illness

    Mental health illnesses affect approximately 20% of Canadian workers and cost the country billions of dollars. According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the Canadian Mental Health Association, at least 500,000 employees are unable to work due to mental health issues in any given we … Read more »

  • The Duty to Mitigate

    When employees are dismissed with cause or without just cause, they are obligated to make a reasonable effort to find comparable new employment within the period of reasonable notice. This obligation is referred to as their “Duty to Mitigate”. In other words, employees have an obligation to do what … Read more »

  • EI: Employment Insurance Basics

    Life circumstances change and can have an impact on a person’s ability to make ends meet financially. Dismissals, pregnancy, illness, accident and other family duties can put pressures on people and make it necessary to alter their regular work. The Government of Canada’s priority is to offer a numb … Read more »

  • Employee Classification Risks

    The way people view and perform work is changing and Canadians must be ready to respond. Short-term engagements, temporary contracts and independent contracting characterize this type of workforce. Organizations often rely on contractors to fill key positions, help maintain labour flexibility and ke … Read more »

  • Discipline at Work in Ontario

    Being fired or getting terminated for “just cause” is only one form of discipline available to Ontario employers. Often, though, termination for cause is too harsh in the circumstances and therefore not available as an option. It is important for both employees and employers to understand what other … Read more »