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  • Don’t Forget About the Employees during an Asset Sale

    When buying or selling a business in Ontario, it is critical to consider the employment law implications of the transaction. During any business acquisition, lawyers routinely advise clients on the relevant legal, tax, and business considerations. But too often this excludes timely, comprehensive th … Read more »

  • Deductions from Wages

    Deductions can only be made from wages under very specific circumstances. The Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA) clearly defines these circumstances as follows: Deductions, etc. 13(1) An employer shall not withhold wages payable to an employee, make a deduction from an employee’s wages or cause … Read more »

  • The Benefits of Hiring an Employment Lawyer

    I receive a lot of calls and questions from people across Ontario wondering whether they should hire an employment lawyer after they’ve been fired, or to review a severance package. Like calling the police after you’ve been robbed or your insurance agent after a fire, it is almost always a good idea … Read more »

  • How to Request Accommodation for Disability

    Making a request for accommodation because of a medical disability often feels intimidating. If circumstances arise that impact your ability to do your job, what do you do? Sometimes disabilities arise and make it difficult to complete daily work duties. There are many varying types and degrees of d … Read more »

  • The Importance of Settlement Offers in Employment Law Litigation

    Settlement offers play a significant role in shifting the burden of legal fees. Used strategically, in the employment law context especially, settlement offers are a powerful tool to recover the expenses of litigation or to avoid them entirely by leading to efficient settlements. Legal Costs, genera … Read more »