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  • Uber Class Action Given the Green Light to Proceed by Ontario Court of Appeal

    The Ontario Court of Appeal has now ruled that the proposed class action law suit against Uber is not barred by the Arbitration Clause in Uber’s contract. I last wrote about the case of Heller v. Uber Technologies Inc. in March 13, 2018 in my article Arbitration Clause in Employment Contract puts th … Read more »

  • #Clawbies2018 Nominations

    The 2018 Canadian Law Blog Awards (The Clawbies) Well it has been a crazy month for me personally and one exciting year. But, I have put some time aside to make sure I could make my nominations for the 2018 Canadian Law Blog Awards a.k.a. #Clawbies2018. For those who don’t know, the Clawbies are in … Read more »

  • Right to Disconnect

    Ontario’s Bill 148 may have created a right to disconnect – even for supervisors and managers The right to disconnect – to leave your work at work, instead of buzzing in your pocket – is regarded as an aspiration instead of a reality for most Ontario employees. But there may already be a legal basis … Read more »

  • How to Change Employment Contracts

    Anytime you ask an existing employee to sign a new employment contract, it’s important to proceed cautiously. There are risks and pitfalls that wary employers may wish to avoid when making a change to their employment contracts. A misgauged approach may result in an unenforceable contract, or worse, … Read more »

  • Hours of Work and Breaks

    The Law about Hours of Work In Ontario, the Employment Standards Act (“ESA”) sets out the maximum daily and weekly limits on the hours of work. In general, the maximum number of daily and weekly hours are: Eight (8) hours in a day or, if the employer establishes a regular work day of more than eight … Read more »

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