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  • How to Change Employment ContractsOctober 29, 2018

    Anytime you ask an existing employee to sign a new employment contract, it’s important to proceed cautiously. There are risks and pitfalls that wary employers may wish to avoid when making a change to their employment contracts. A misgauged approach may result in an unenforceable contract, or worse, … Read more »

  • Hours of Work and BreaksSeptember 5, 2018

    The Law about Hours of Work In Ontario, the Employment Standards Act (“ESA”) sets out the maximum daily and weekly limits on the hours of work. In general, the maximum number of daily and weekly hours are: Eight (8) hours in a day or, if the employer establishes a regular work day of more than eight … Read more »

  • Sexual Harassment at WorkJuly 31, 2018

    Sexual harassment at work have severe consequences for the  victim, accused, and employer and contribute to a hostile, intimidating, and offensive working environment which can affect the quality of work and productivity. It is incumbent of all employees, managers, leadership, and owners to prevent, … Read more »

  • Marijuana at Work after LegalizationJune 28, 2018

    The Canadian and Ontario governments have now announced the Rules and Regulations for marijuana, which is set to become legal across Canada for recreational use in October of this year. The legalization of marijuana raises many new challenges and concerns about the effect on workplace safety. Can re … Read more »

  • Video Cameras in the Ontario WorkplaceJune 12, 2018

    Increases in affordability and availability have made video cameras ubiquitous in both public and private places across Ontario. More so than ever before employers are installing cameras in the workplace. Video camera surveillance raises interesting employment law issues for both employees and emplo … Read more »