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  • Ontario Election 2018: Do employees get paid time off to vote?May 25, 2018

    With the Ontario Provincial Elections around the corner, some employees may be entitled to paid time off to vote pursuant to the Ontario Elections Act. The Elections Act states: Employees to have three consecutive hours for voting [6](3) Every employee who is qualified to vote shall, while the polls … Read more »

  • Equal Pay in the Ontario WorkplaceMay 21, 2018

    Over the past 30 years there has been a gradual progression to establish equal pay in the Ontario Workplace. For employers and human resource managers it’s important to recognize what your obligations are concerning equal pay and that these obligations are increasing. The Pay Equity Act For its time … Read more »

  • Stealth in a Mareva Injunction: Ontario’s First Ex Parte AppealMay 4, 2018

    This article originally appeared on The Lawyer’s Daily website published by LexisNexis Canada Inc.: Stealth in a Mareva Injunction: Ontario’s First Ex Parte Appeal. The Mareva injunction is the best tool available for victims of fraud by ensuring that a defendant’s assets do not vanish before a plai … Read more »

  • Featured on the Front Cover of Law TimesApril 30, 2018

    I am thrilled to be featured on the front page of law times along with my firm’s managing partner, James Zibarras. The post Featured on the Front Cover of Law Times appeared first on Legally Speaking. … Read more »

  • “My Boss Got Naked in Front of Me on a Work Trip”April 18, 2018

    While exploring one of the legal forums I frequent, a person posted a question about an incident that occurred on a work trip with his boss: I recently went on a business trip with my employer and many other employees, and I spent the night in a hotel room with my employer (just me and him in this t … Read more »