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  • Interpreting Life Insurance Policies Versus Wills: The Availability of Interpretive Aids

    Life insurance can be a very desirable estate planning tool since the proceeds typically pass outside of probate, avoiding estate administration tax. However, one should take note that insurance policies are not interpreted the same way as wills, even though both are used for estate planning. One no … Read more »

  • Let’s Talk about Costs Baby! Interest on Litigation Loans

    In keeping with my theme from yesterday’s blog, I want to talk about Justice Myers’ recent costs decision in Drennan v. Drennan, 2024 ONSC 3905.  This is a case where interest on a litigation loan was claimed (as a disbursement in the Applicant’s bill of costs) and awarded, along with substantial in … Read more »

  • Costs of an SDA Proceeding

    Costs is always a contentious issue especially after protracted litigation.  Sometimes it can even be the last issue that stands in the way of a full and final settlement.  Unfortunately, such difficulties exist just the same in proceedings under the Substitute Decisions Act, 1992 with respect to in … Read more »

  • Supreme Court of British Columbia Allows Extrinsic Evidence

    In the recent case of Ritchie v Hamilton, 2024 BCSC 941, the Supreme Court of British Columbia was asked to determine what a testator meant when they referred to “my children”. In this case, the deceased, Mr. Ball (the “Deceased”), had three biological children from two marriages, as well as a steps … Read more »

  • James v James: A Reminder That Irrationality ≠ Incapacity

    Disagreements are an inevitable part of relationships. With different upbringings, life experiences, and social circles, seeing eye-to-eye with another person on every decision is rare, if not impossible. The relationship between a child and their aging parent is particularly difficult to navigate, … Read more »