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  • Episode 101: Special guests Erik Magraken and Jan Semenoff

    A packed episode this week. First, returning to the show is Erik Magraken, lawyer and author of the BC Injury Law Blog. He talks to Paul Doroshenko about what happens to disbursements when lawyers change firms. Kyla Lee is back on the show to tell us about the Ridiculous Driver of the Week. And fina … Read more »

  • Episode 100: Special guest Jan Semenoff

    “Co-hostest with the mostest” Paul Doroshenko is hostest with the mostest this week. His guest is Jan Semenoff, an expert on breath testing and a former police officer. COVID-19 is raising issues regarding breath testing. For one, will those who recover from the disease with reduced lung function st … Read more »

  • Episode 99: No charges likely in Car2Go crash, new cell phone legislation

    Kyla Lee and “co-hostest with the mostest” Paul Doroshenko present the podcast hunkered down in their respective coronavirus bunkers. The Vancouver PD has announced that the driver of a Car2Go car involved in a fatal car crash last year is unlikely to be charged. The Motor Vehicle Act Amendment Bill … Read more »

  • Episode 98: Special guest Deandra Grant

    Kyla Lee’s special guest this week is Deandra Grant, executive director of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association. She explains auto-brewery syndrome and what it could mean for the future of driving law. Then, we look back on some of our favourite Ridiculous Drivers of the Week. And to round off the po … Read more »

  • Episode 97: 🚨IRP Red Alert🚨, RCMP Freedom of Information disclosure

    Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko are on 🚨IRP red alert🚨. The government has announced new legislation to amend the Immediate Roadside Prohibition scheme. Kyla and Paul look at how it could signal a significant restriction on drivers’ rights. Paul recently obtained some eye-opening disclosure about the R … Read more »