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  • Episode 94: ICBC scraps payments for future earnings, RoadSafetyBC problems

    Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko pick up where they left off last week with more on the massive ICBC changes. This week, they look at the plans to scrap payments to claimants for future lost earnings. Also, RoadSafetyBC has been heavily criticised for increasingly long waits for adjudicators’ decisions. … Read more »

  • Episode 93: Uber arrives in Lower Mainland, ICBC no fault-style system

    Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko chat all things Uber. The Passenger Transportation Board recently approved ride-hailing in the Lower Mainland but it hasn’t been a smooth ride. Surrey by-law enforcement officers have issued $500 fines to Uber drivers operating within its city limits. Huge changes are in … Read more »

  • Episode 92: Special guest Erik Magraken

    Personal injury lawyer Erik Magraken, of MacIsaac & Company, joins Kyla Lee for a new, regular feature: The BC Injury Law Update. Co-host Paul Dororshenko and Kyla discuss a Calgary police policy change which is to carry out mandatory breath tests on everyone who gets pulled over. Then there’s news … Read more »

  • Episode 91: Dangerous driving, non-lawyers arguing at traffic court

    Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko dissect the Chung decision at the Supreme Court of Canada. Ken Chung appealed the overturning of his acquittal for dangerous driving in relation to a collision in which a doctor was killed. Also, there’s an intriguing case from the BC Supreme Court dealing with whether a … Read more »

  • Episode 90: Special guests Grant Gottgetreu and Chuck Rathburn

    Forensic consultant and retired police corporal Grant Gottgetreu is on the show with Kyla Lee to talk about your obligations as a driver when it snows. Indiana DUI lawyer Chuck Rathburn is also on the show. He discusses recent issues with disclosure and certification of breath testing instruments in … Read more »