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  • Episode 83: Special guest Jan Semenoff

    Jan Semenoff is an expert witness and former police officer. He recently featured in the New York Times and on NPR about the reliability of breath testing devices. He speaks to Kyla Lee about problems with breath testing in the US and how they impact us here in Canada. Jan also shares some interesti … Read more »

  • Episode 82: Special guest Ron Moore

    Lawyer and toxicologist Ron Moore is the special guest this week. He returns to the podcast to talk to Kyla Lee about sleeping drug Ambien and the phenomenon of ‘sleep-driving’ in the US. Kyla and Paul Doroshenko have some advice for lawyers in Manitoba following the announcement that Immediate Road … Read more »

  • Episode 81: Special guest Erik Magraken

    Driving Law is pleased to welcome back personal injury lawyer Erik Magraken, of MacIsaac & Company. Erik also writes the popular BC Injury Law Blog. Insurance has been a big story lately after the BC government’s restrictions on medical experts in ICBC cases were ruled to be unconstitutional. Erik s … Read more »

  • Episode 80: Supreme Court ruling on experts in ICBC cases

    The BC Supreme Court has ruled that the BC government imposing limits on the number of medical experts in ICBC cases was unconstitutional. Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko react to the decision and what it means for BC drivers. Also, there’s discussion about curative discharges for certain driving cases … Read more »

  • Episode 79: Election Special

    It’s the election special. Acumen Law Corporation lawyers Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko weigh into the Canadian federal election. They break down what each political party would mean for driving law. There’s also time to talk about hit and run cases including some helpful advice on what to do if you … Read more »