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  • #WorkLawWednesday: The Medicinal Marijuana HypeMarch 15, 2017

    A quick Internet search on the topic of medicinal marijuana in the workplace produces a raft of catchy headings: “Vaporizing the stigma”, “A joint effort”, “Comfortably numb at work”, to mention but a few. As of 2013, over 37,000 Canadians held an “Authorization to Possess” under the now repealed Ma … Read more »

  • #WorkLawWednesday: Halifax, We Need to Talk about Sexual Harassment and ViolenceMarch 1, 2017

    A close family friend was walking by a group of teenage boys in a sports facility when he heard them talking about a female classmate who was not present. The boys were commenting on her appearance and began to “joke” about gang-raping her. This happened recently in the city known for the St. Mary’s … Read more »

  • #WorkLawWednesday: Challenge to Construction Project Collective Agreements has no “Merit”February 16, 2017

    The latest attempt by Merit Contractors Association to challenge union security clauses in construction collective agreements has fallen short. Merit Contractors represents non-union contractors who advocate for open shop contracting in the construction industry. In Barry Millen, et al. v. Manitoba … Read more »

  • Three New Partners at Pink Larkin!February 3, 2017

      February 3, 2017 Pink Larkin is very pleased to announce that Jillian Houlihan, Nathan Sutherland and Brenda Comeau have been admitted to partnership with the firm. Jill and Nathan are based in our Halifax office, and Brenda is based in our Fredericton office. All three have made outstanding contr … Read more »

  • #WorkLawWednesday: Is Nova Scotia Heritage Day a Holiday with Pay for Me?February 1, 2017

      Photo by: Jana Kennedy As of February 2015, the Labour Standards Code, RSNS 1989, c 246 recognizes Nova Scotia Heritage Day as a statutory holiday. With some exceptions, statutory holidays entitle employees to a day off with pay. This year, Heritage Day falls on Monday, February 20, 2017. This pos … Read more »