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  • Pink Larkin Diversity Award and Internship in Law

    News Release – June 17, 2019 Halifax, NS – Pink Larkin is proud to initiate and support the Pink Larkin Diversity Award and Internship in Law at the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University. For a six-year term beginning in June 2019, Pink Larkin will fund a renewable scholarship for a second-ye … Read more »

  • Pink Larkin Warmly Congratulates Sandy McKenna on Her Retirement

    Saying goodbye to Sandy McKenna after over thirty years of working together isn’t easy. Sandy began working with the founding members of Pink Larkin at our predecessor firm, Patterson Kitz. She’s been with Pink Larkin throughout its nearly-thirty-year existence, first as an administrative assistant, … Read more »

  • Finding Lost Pension Plan Members

    by Ron Pink Pension Plans have historically had a “dirty little secret”. They cannot locate all their beneficiaries – certainly those who have ceased working and are not actively retired. These “deferred Members” have moved/relocated and have not advised the Administrator of their new address. What … Read more »

  • Ontario Court of Appeal Shakes up the “Gig Economy”

    By Jason Edwards   The Court of Appeal for Ontario kicked off 2019 with a noteworthy decision: Heller v. Uber Technologies Inc., 2019 ONCA 1. It addresses the evolving relationship between companies operating in the “gig economy” and existing labour and employment standards legislation. The Court ov … Read more »

  • Checking in with the poor during the ‘magic month’

    In this opinion piece published in the Chronicle Herald Vince Calderhead  says that the holidays are a good time to check in, to look more closely, beyond the seasonal good tidings, and ask how the poor are really doing — especially so, given that the province is now some four years into its much-pr … Read more »