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  • Court Finds Minister Of Education Is Not Responsible For Actions Of Teachers

    Parents whose children have special needs are often made to put a great deal of trust in the school system when it comes to providing care for their children. Occasionally, parents may not agree with the steps taken by the school with their children. While it seems obvious that the school and its ad … Read more »

  • Hockey Hit Lands Player In Court

    Playing sports at any age or skill level can pose a risk to one’s health. Even those playing non-contact sports are exposing themselves to the risk of injury. However, does accepting the possibility of injury mean someone has no legal recourse if another player’s actions lead to injury? This was a q … Read more »

  • Losing Bidder Claims Breach Of Contract On The Part Of The Winner

    Competition for construction jobs can be great, and there may be times when one bidder treats another unfairly in the pursuit of a contract. In an interesting case recently heard by the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, the losing bidder of a construction project alleged that there was an agreement … Read more »

  • Court Issues Ruling On Costs In Elder Society Class Action

    Back in October we posted a story about a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of people living in long-term care facilities in Alberta. In 2003, changes to the law were made to allow facilities to apply “accommodation charges” to people living in their facilities. The suit was led by the non-profit … Read more »

  • Supreme Court of Canada Weighs In On Safety Obligations Of Employers

    In a recent decision from Canada’s highest court, the Supreme Court of Canada has issued a ruling related to an employer’s obligation to inspect workplaces that are outside of its control. The court’s decision held that employers are not responsible for inspecting workplaces over which they do not h … Read more »