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  • Father Asks Supreme Court Of Canada To Reduce Child Support Arrears

    The obligation to pay child support can be difficult for the parent responsible for paying it. The amount of child support that has to be paid by a parent is largely dependent on their income and the number of children the parties have. If someone experiences a reduction in income, they can ask the … Read more »

  • Mother Is Successful In Huge Costs Award Following Trial

    Family law litigation can be a stressful process for anyone to go through. The emotional toll that dealing with issues such as decision making and parenting time (formally referred to as “custody and access”) can be compounded when those involved face the large fees associated with litigation. In a … Read more »

  • Court Upholds Drug and Alcohol Testing When Contract Allows It

    Many people work in places where drug and alcohol testing is not something that people have to deal with. However, in certain situations, employment agreements might stipulate that an employer is able to perform random drug and alcohol tests, or in other situations, a workplace may be one that is da … Read more »

  • Mother Asks For Costs Following Failed Reunification Therapy

    At HMC Lawyers, we take a collaborative approach to family law, and we focus on finding positive solutions through negotiation and mediation, only turning to litigation when necessary. One of the reasons for this is the costs that can be associated with going to court to resolve matters. In some cas … Read more »

  • Father’s Failure To Provide Financial Information Leads To Imputed Income

    When married parties get divorced or separated there may be obligations for one of them to pay the other child support or spousal support. The amount of support that is payable is directly related to the income of the parties. Because of this, it is important for those involved to provide full finan … Read more »