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  • What Happens To Stock Options When An Employee Is Terminated?

    It’s pretty well known that people who are terminated without cause are entitled to notice or to have their wages paid in lieu of notice. However some jobs come with compensation outside of standard wages, such as stock options, bonuses, commissions, and more. What happens to these forms of payment … Read more »

  • Does Growing Marijuana Constitute A Material Change Or Risk?

    House insurance can be one of those things that people sign up for and don’t really think about again until it’s time to renew or make a claim. Unfortunately for some people, such as those involved in a recent case before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, a failure to disclose a material change … Read more »

  • Broken Freezer Leads To Insurance Coverage Dispute

    Business often rely on their insurance policies to cover any losses should something prevent them from operating as expected. Something like a broken freezer might have a negligible impact on everyday people, but for a business that keeps is good frozen, such an incident might lead to a serious loss … Read more »

  • Fiduciary Duties May Depend On How Former Employees Are Treated

    The obligations one has to a former employer after they exit the employment relationship can vary based on the type of position the employee held. For example, employees who have senior positions within a company may qualify as “fiduciary employees” which means they may be limited in how soon they c … Read more »

  • Insurance Coverage Dispute Arises When Passenger Grabs The Wheel, Causing An Accident

    It is natural for people to turn to their insurance policies after being injured in a motor vehicle accident or other type of event leading to injury. As with many things in life, there are countless variables at play when operating a motor vehicle. As careful a driver as one person might be, they c … Read more »

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