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  • Construction Delays Result In Revocation Of Certificate To Build

    Deadlines in construction can mean serious financial penalties for parties that are unable to meet the deadlines established in a construction project. In some cases, such as one recently heard before the British Columbia Court of Appeal, missing a deadline can mean having a permit to complete a pro … Read more »

  • City of Calgary Partially Liable Following Assault On Train System

    Following a recent decision from the Court of Appeal of Alberta, the city of Calgary may have to consider improving its security on the city’s C-Train system. The decision follows an assault where the court determined the city did not provide adequate security, leading to a very serious assault that … Read more »

  • Driveway Dispute Proves To Be Costly In Sale Of Home

    Nobody wants to be a victim of buyer’s remorse; especially when the item being purchased is a house. It’s natural for people embarking on such a serious investment to want to be careful that they are getting exactly what they pay for. While all parties involved in the sale of a home have the same ul … Read more »

  • Not Being At Fault In An Accident Does Not Necessarily Mean There’s No Liability

    Being injured in a motor vehicle accident is always a trying experience. If an accident is not your fault, you may assume that you have no liability in the accident. However, a recent decision from the Alberta Court of Appeal demonstrates that there may be a distinction between who’s fault an accide … Read more »

  • Broken Blueberry Contract Leaves Sour Taste Behind

    Business relationships that stand to continue for a number of years might seem like a great way for two parties to mutually benefit for a long period of time. However, when one party makes a move that fundamentally alters the business relationship, disputes are sure to arise. This was the case in a … Read more »