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  • MCLNugget: Ibrahim ONCA

    R v Ibrahim, 2019 ONCA 631 The Issue:Is a W.(D.) instruction required (or can it be modified) where the mens rea test is objective (rather than subjective).The Answer:“The classic W.(D.) formulation will not always be appropriate; it depends on the context” [para 37] – indeed, it may be that it is n … Read more »

  • MCLNugget: CC ONSC

    R v CC, 2019 ONSC 3232 The IssueUnder section 715.1 of the Criminal Code, what is a reasonable amount of time for a videotaped statement alleging sexual assault against a minor complainant to be made following the alleged offence?The Answer In the case at bar, the court determined that the videotape … Read more »

  • How do you Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer?

    Description: Finding the right divorce lawyer for your filing isn’t easy. Do you know what to look for when it comes to divorce attorneys in Denver?Divorce is never easy, but the legal portions of a divorce filing are possibly the most difficult. Even a divorce between two middle-class people that d … Read more »

  • MCLNugget: PN ONCA

    R v PN, 2019 ONSC 2858   The IssueWhen examining a potential surety during a bail hearing, should the Crown be allowed to question this individual about conversations that s/he had with the accused related to the accused’s charges? The AnswerThe court found that yes – asking a potential surety wheth … Read more »

  • The Mistake of Fact and Criminal Defence

    * The following is a guest post by John Adams. NOTE: It is written in the context of US law * In criminal cases, there are a number of defenses that the accused person can use in the court when facing criminal charges. ‘Mistake of Defense’ is a type of defense that refers to a misunderstanding by so … Read more »