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  • MCLNugget: Haevischer SCC

    R v Haevsicher, 2023 SCC 11  The IssueWhat is the standard to be applied when a judge is asked to summarily dismiss an application without hearing it on the merits. In this case, the more precise question is “when is it appropriate to summarily dismiss an application for a stay of proceedings for ab … Read more »

  • Are You Trapped In Timeshare Holidays?

    Issues with the sales process or the possibility to terminate the agreement in the future may sometimes lead to issues for consumers who acquire timeshares. Timeshares were more widespread in Europe throughout the 1980s due to the area experiencing a period of tremendous economic expansion at the ti … Read more »

  • MCLNugget: Ching ONCA

    R v Ching, 2019 ONCA 619 The IssueWhen does the transferred intent provision in s 229(b) apply to a planned and deliberate first-degree murder pursuant to s 231(2). Put differently, where an accused kills someone other than the intended target of their planning and deliberation, will they be guilty … Read more »

  • How to Cope with Divorce

    Divorce is a legal process that ends a marriage. It generally involves the cancellation and reorganization of the legal responsibilities of the marriage. A divorce dissolves the matrimonial bonds between the married couple and is difficult on both parties. It can also be emotional and lonely. Luckil … Read more »

  • MCLNugget: Bajich ONCA

    R v Bajich, 2019 ONCA 586 The IssueCan confidential informant information be substantially relied upon to justify an arrest?The AnswerIf the information from the CI is sufficiently credible, compelling and corroborated it may be sufficient to support reasonable grounds for an arrest. Notably, with r … Read more »