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  • Know when you're in over your head.

    Sometimes the questions I get here are really complex. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a long time know that I don’t usually answer the questions that take a full page just to post. This is because it is simply unsafe for someone to post a complicated question then rely on a couple … Read more »

  • Two tips from CRA for talking to CRA about a deceased person

    Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has released a couple of tips for executors, spouses, and others who communicate with CRA regarding someone who has passed away. They seem like practical tips to me, so I’m passing them along here.”1. Dates of death on tax returnsThe Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) noticed th … Read more »

  • What if the will gives away an asset that is subject to an agreement for sale?

    In my work this week, a situation arose that I thought would be interesting for many of you executors out there. A man passed away, leaving a valid will. In his will, he left a vehicle to his nephew. However, at the time the man died, he had agreed to sell the car to a neighbour. The sale to the nei … Read more »

  • Posts on this site only allow 200 comments

     To the person who asked me THREE TIMES why her post doesn’t show up: this is because the thread you posted your question on has 227 replies. It also has a warning written in red that the system only allows 200 comments and after that, I can’t see them, or can only see the first line. You might try … Read more »

  • Our official canine office greeters

    We don’t see very many clients in person these days compared to pre-Covid days. So I thought I’d send along a little taste of what it’s like to come to our office in person. The first thing that happens is that the official greeters come charging to the door to bring you in. On the left is Roxy, a t … Read more »