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Information About The Law Garage

"As an extension of The Garage Series, this next project works to expand upon Paul M Cooper’s long-standing commitment of making continuing legal education accessible for everyone. Come in for your tune-up in the Law Garage and learn from leading professionals in the criminal bar. From the beginning of a police investigation to the trial or jury trial, gain insight into the working minds of experienced defence practitioners. For young lawyers: learn what they could not teach you in law school. For seasoned members of the criminal bar: come on in for your tune-up."

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  • Sentencing with Marco Sciarra

    “You’re going to ask for the best possible outcome that you think you can get for your client. And if that outcome is available to you, supported by the case law and by the materials that you’ve provided, then you advocate for it – you are not going outside the scope of the law when you’re doing tha … Read more »

  • Trials and Pre-Trial Motions with Hussein Aly

    “When you’re doing a jury trial, the first place to start is your closing address because when you know what you’re going to say at the end, that’s what gives you the roadmap throughout the trial to understand this evidence is important because it supports what I’m going to say at the end. If someth … Read more »

  • Pre-Trial Motions with Leora Shemesh

    “You take your cues from your client. If he’s black and blue and he’s adamant that he was done wrong by the police, I bring the application. And I don’t hope for success, I drive it for success. You are their voice and their advocate and you’re going to vigorously put their application before the co … Read more »

  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility with Darryl Singer

    “When we talk about ethics in law school, it’s all about things like don’t steal money from your trust account, don’t cheat your client…that’s the obvious stuff.…Being an ethical lawyer goes beyond that. It’s about making decisions in the day to day of your practice that aren’t about you. They are a … Read more »

  • Trials and Jury Trials with Jennifer Penman and Dirk Derstine

    “What you are doing in your cross-examination is trying to paint a picture…It’s theatre because you’re conveying a message. It’s theatre when you walk up to your accused’s water glass and drink out of his water glass because he’s just a regular guy. It’s theatre when you put your hand on his shoulde … Read more »