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  • 80: Arbitration Law (Alex Mitretodis)

    For our Season 8 finale, we are capping off the year with a discussion about arbitration law, featuring Alex Mitretodis! Topics: consumer protection and arbitration clauses; predictive analytics; new BC legislation and rules; and our Ask-Me-Anything segment. Full Episode (56:43) Download      Transc … Read more »

  • 79: Insurance Law (Dennis Ong)

    On this episode, we chat about insurance law with Dennis Ong, Aviva trial lawyer and Deputy Judge of the Small Claims Court Topics: the meaning of physical damage, delays and civil juries; third-party litigation funding; and our Ask-Me-Anything segment. Full Episode (54:40) Download      Transcript … Read more »

  • 78: Class Actions Law (Sakina Babwani)

    This week, we’re exploring the high-stakes world of class actions litigation with our guest, Sakina Babwani! Topics: duty of care for gun manufacturers, compensable damages for data breaches, the threshold for pleading common issues; and our Ask-Me-Anything segment. Full Episode (51:07) Download    … Read more »

  • 77: National Security Law (Yavar Hameed)

    On this episode, we take a close look at our country’s public safety mechanisms in a conversation about national security law, featuring Yavar Hameed! TOPICS: public inquiry into the use of the Emergencies Act; civilian oversight of RCMP & CBSA; facial recognition technology; and our Ask-Me-Anything … Read more »

  • 76: Corporate Governance Law (Susan Kushneryk)

    This week, we’re speaking with Susan Kushneryk about some of the most high-profile issues in the area of corporate governance. Topics: Rogers Communications and other family-run corporate disputes; diversity on corporate boards; shareholder democracy; and our Ask-Me-Anything Segment. Full Episode (5 … Read more »