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  • 34: Broadcasting Law (Mark Lewis)April 18, 2018

    This week, we chat about what’s making waves in the area of broadcasting law with Mark Lewis, a lawyer who has practised in this area for over five decades! Topics: Super Bowl commercials; the Internet of Things; and online piracy vs. net neutrality. Full Episode (36:11) Download 1. How to Watch a S … Read more »

  • 33: Regulatory Law (Gerald Chan)April 4, 2018

    This week, we’re running down the latest cases in the area of regulatory law with Gerald Chan, one of Canada’s leading practitioners in public law litigation. Topics: digital privacy & text messages; litigation privilege; CBSA phone searches. . Full Episode (32:46) Download 1. Digital Privacy (12:02 … Read more »

  • 32: Energy Law (Lisa DeMarco)March 21, 2018

    This week, we’re chatting about what’s generating conversation in the world of energy law with Lisa DeMarco, one of the world’s leading climate change lawyers. Topics: National Energy Board reform; Fair Hydro Plan and ratepayer expectations; and engaging with First Nations groups for energy projects … Read more »

  • 31: Aviation Law (Bill Clark)March 7, 2018

    Season 4 takes off this week, as we chat with aviation lawyer, Bill Clark, about the legal issues about planes, jets and everything in the sky. Topics: Passenger Bill of Rights; CRA policies on aircraft ownership; and cross-border country of origin rules. Full Episode (36:36) Download 1. Passenger B … Read more »

  • 30: Education Law (Tom McRae)July 12, 2017

    To wrap up Season 3, we’re talking about education law with the outgoing OBA Section Chair, Tom McRae. Topics: religious accommodations in schools, the ombudsman’s jurisdiction over school boards and changes to the disciplinary process for teachers Full Episode (32:19) Download 1. Religious Accommod … Read more »