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  • 70: Internet Law (Michael Geist)

    We’re closing out Season 7 with a conversation about internet law, featuring Michael Geist, one of the leading thinkers on technology law and policy. Topics: Bill C-10 and Internet regulation; proposals to combat online harm; site-blocking orders; and more. Full Episode (55:55) Download What is the … Read more »

  • 69: Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Law (Amee Sandhu)

    This week, we’re exploring the area of environmental, social and governance law (aka ESG Law), with business lawyer and corporate ethics expert, Amee Sandhu. Topics: corporate liability for climate change; cracking down on modern slavery; benefit companies, and more! Full Episode (53:53) Download Wh … Read more »

  • 68: Sentencing Law (Jonathan Rudin)

    This week, we’re speaking about sentencing law, with Jonathan Rudin, the program director of Aboriginal Legal Services. Topics: removing restrictions on conditional sentences (Sharma), parole eligibility for murder offences (Bissonnette), community impact statements, and more! Full Episode (56:49) D … Read more »

  • 67: Tenancy Law (Lisa Mackie)

    This week, we’re speaking with tenancy lawyer, Lisa Mackie, about the legal issues involved within the landlord-tenant dynamic! Topics: tenant smoking & human rights; landlord privacy obligations & COVID-19; terminating tenancies due to household violence; and our Ask-Me-Anything segment. Full Episo … Read more »

  • 66: Wills and Estates Law (Ziad Yehia)

    On this week’s show, we’re speaking about wills and estates law with estates litigator, Ziad Yehia! Topics: digital assets via testamentary transfer; estate trustees during litigation; succession planning and the law Full Episode (54:04) Download How do lawyers address the transfer of digital assets … Read more »