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  • 46: Mining Law (Al Wiens)

    On this week’s episode, we’re digging deep and chatting with lawyer, Al Wiens, about the depths of mining law! Topics: developing a social mindset for mining projects; the shareholder activist trend; and alternative financing arrangements for the mining sector. Full Episode (35:30) Download 1.Develo … Read more »

  • 45: Cannabis Law (Caryma Sa’d)

    As we pass the half-year mark of legalization, we’re sitting down with cannabis lawyer, Caryma Sa’d, to chat about the ins and outs of cannabis law! Topics: new impaired driving laws; proposed amnesty for cannabis possession offences; and Ontario’s retail cannabis landscape. Full Episode (34:10) Dow … Read more »

  • 44: Maritime Law (Marc Isaacs)

    On this episode, we’re taking to the high seas and chatting with maritime lawyer, Marc Isaacs, about justice and jurisdiction on the water! Topics: division of powers jurisdiction for maritime law; rules about abandoned and wrecked ships; tactics for using arbitration clauses Full Episode (34:10) Do … Read more »

  • 43: Sports Law (Layth Gafoor)

    This week, we’re keeping one foot in the trial court and the other in the basketball court, as we talk sports law with Layth Gafoor! Topics: contract negotiations for amateur sports; legal tools to mitigate player injuries; and investigative powers for athlete abuse and discrimination. Full Episode … Read more »

  • 42: Tax Law (Katy Pitch)

    Just in time for the CRA filings, we’re speaking about the ins and outs of taxation rules with tax lawyer, Katy Pitch. Topics: considerations for paying employees in cryptocurrencies; rules about passive investment income; and claiming solicitor-client privilege for non-legal documents. Full Episode … Read more »

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