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  • 40: Construction Law (Sharon Vogel)

    For our Season 4 finale, we’re speaking with construction lawyer, Sharon Vogel, who was ranked as one of 2017’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada! Topics: corruption in the construction industry; Ontario’s new Construction Act; division of powers issues between federal and provincial legisla … Read more »

  • 39: Infrastructure Law (Nick Shkordoff)

    This week, we host our first guest from the public sector as Nick Shkordoff (senior legal counsel at Infrastructure Ontario) chats with us about the mechanisms of infrastructure law! Topics: the P3 funding model; CETA, free trade agreements and procurement; and the social benefit incentives for gove … Read more »

  • 38: Labour Law (Lindsay Lawrence)

    We’re switching gears this episode and getting into the ins and outs of labour law, featuring Lindsay Lawrence! Topics: workplace harassment and #MeToo; unpaid internships; and random drug testing Full Episode (32:25) Download 1. #MeToo and the Scope of Workplace Harassment (11:24) Download – Britis … Read more »

  • 37: Special Situations Law (Walied Soliman)

    On this episode, we’re learning about special situations law with Walied Soliman, the Canadian chair of Norton Rose! Topics: hostile takeovers; proxy battles; and other current trends in corporate law Full Episode (30:25) Download 1. Hostile Takeovers (11:44) Download – Aurora/CanniMed: Canadian sec … Read more »

  • 36: Competition Law (Michael Osborne)

    This week, we’re speaking about competition lawyer, Michael Osborne, about price-fixing, abuses of dominance and merger control Topics: bread price-fixing; abuses of dominance cases; and mediated settlements with the Competition Bureau Full Episode (36:10) Download 1. Price-Fixing in the Bread Indus … Read more »

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