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  • 50: Political Law (Husein Panju)

    In honour of hitting the 50-episode mark, we’re flipping the script and putting the LawyerEd host, Husein Panju, in the guest seat to chat about elections, lobbying and other aspects of political law. Topics: the federal lobbyists’ code of conduct; new changes for political contributions; and curbin … Read more »

  • 49: Disability Law (Brendon Pooran)

    On this episode, we’re joined by disability lawyer, Brendon Pooran, to chat about accessibility and other legal issues facing persons with disabilities! Topics: the Accessible Canada Act; Henson trusts; and the supported decision-making framework Full Episode (33:57) Download   1. Canada’s New Feder … Read more »

  • 48: Poverty Law (Shalini Konanur)

    On this episode, we’re taking a thoughtful look at the legal issues facing low-income persons, featuring Shalini Konanur, the Executive Director of the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario (SALCO)! Topics: systemic racism/poverty considerations in criminal sentencing; ODSP eligibility changes; and em … Read more »

  • 47: Telecommunications Law (Daniel Stern)

    This week, we’re tapping into the complex world of telecommunications law with Daniel Stern, the director of regulatory law and policy at TELUS! Topics: new consumer protection rules and standards; the mobile virtual network operator framework; and jurisdictional issues about telecom facility sites. … Read more »

  • 46: Mining Law (Al Wiens)

    On this week’s episode, we’re digging deep and chatting with lawyer, Al Wiens, about the depths of mining law! Topics: developing a social mindset for mining projects; the shareholder activist trend; and alternative financing arrangements for the mining sector. Full Episode (35:30) Download 1.Develo … Read more »