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  • 55: Licensing Law (Brian Osler)

    This week on Lawyered, we’re speaking about the rules impacting licensed professionals – including lawyers, teachers, doctors and more! Our guest is Brian Osler, the legal director at the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council. Topics: duty to cooperate with professional regulators; moral blameworth … Read more »

  • 54: Gaming Law (Don Bourgeois )

    On this episode we’re chatting about gambling law, with gaming lawyer Don Bourgeois – and we’re betting you’re going to love it! Topics: the legality of sports betting, games of skill vs. games of skill; and addressing money laundering in the gaming sector. Full Episode (38:21) Download 1. Wanna Bet … Read more »

  • 53: Real Estate Law (Candace Cooper)

    This week, we’re chatting about the rules of land, property, and development with real estate lawyer, Candace Cooper! Topics: when time is of the essence, the refundability of deposits; and why “forever” might mean only 40 years. Full Episode (38:13) Download 1. When can a Real Estate Deposit be Ret … Read more »

  • 52: Restructuring Law (Kathryn Esaw)

    This week, we’re diving into the world of bankruptcy and insolvency law with the guidance of restructuring lawyer, Kathryn Esaw. Topics: managing insolvent cannabis companies; vesting royalty interests in land; and new fairness procedures in bankruptcy/insolvency legislation. Full Episode (37:52) Do … Read more »

  • 51: Esports Law (Josh Marcus)

    We’re kicking off Season 6 with a legal deep-dive into the emerging world of competitive video gaming, featuring esports lawyer, Josh Marcus Topics: esports athletes as independent contractors vs employees; contractual issues for esports player agreements; and choice(s) of law for the esports landsc … Read more »