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  • When do Ontario Regulations Come into Force?

    When conducting legislative research, gathering data on statutes is only half the job. Most acts are accompanied by a set of related regulations. They are a package – regulations take care of the important details needed to implement the broader provisions of the act. Therefore, you should not overl … Read more »

  • One to Remember: Canadian Parliamentary Historical Resources

    Conducting federal legislative historic research is a hard enough task without not knowing where to find the documents you need. While LEGISinfo is an excellent resource for bills, Hansard, and committee sittings alike, it only goes so far back. Read more »

  • COVID-19: Where are we now?

    This is the theme of the featured articles within the latest issue of LawNow, the online magazine known for its relevant and accessible legal writing.  The Sept/Oct 2020 issue of LawNow provides an update on how the pandemic has changed and continues to impact freedom of movement, family law practic … Read more »

  • The Rock

    Elise Brunet, CuratorGuest Writer The question I hear the most when I give a tour is “when was Osgoode Hall built?” Number two on the chart is “why is there a chunk of rock in a showcase?” in the Great Library. Precious things reside in showcases, so is this a minimalist sculpture, a meteorite from … Read more »

  • Finding SCJ Cases Online: The Court Case Search Portal

    The Ontario government has made the case information for Superior Court of Justice cases available and searchable online. Through their new database The Court Case Search Portal, both civil and criminal cases can be searched by: Read more »