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  • Introducing Daily Matters

    Daily Matters is a new podcast from Clio exploring the impact of COVID-19 on the legal profession and how law firms can navigate these unprecedented times. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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  • Why the Latent Legal Market Matters

    If you learned that the unmet legal needs of consumers amounted to a multi-billion opportunity, what would that mean for the legal industry? What would it mean for your firm? In this episode of the Matters legal podcast, Teresa Matich interviews Jack Newton, Clio’s CEO, Co-founder, and author of the … Read more »

  • Why Privacy Matters

    Does privacy still matter? And if so, how do we protect it in the Digital Age? In this episode, Glenn Greenwald—the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist, constitutional lawyer, commentator, and best-selling author who brought the Edward Snowden case to the public—joins us for a can’t-miss … Read more »

  • Why Criminal Justice Reform Matters (Part 2)

    How do we move past “an eye for an eye” in a way that benefits and honors communities and victims? And what role do physical spaces have to play in better justice solutions? In this episode, Deanna Van Buren—an award-winning architect, activist for criminal justice reform, and Keynote Speaker from t … Read more »

  • Why Criminal Justice Reform Matters (Part 1)

    What role does trauma play in shaping us as human beings? How do the flaws in our criminal justice system harm vulnerable populations? And how can legal professionals shift their perspectives on justice reform in order to help improve the system? Shaka Senghor, criminal justice reform advocate and 2 … Read more »