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  • Best Interest of Who? The State or the Child?

    On this episode of Appointed we’re talking about the child welfare system and how systemic discrimination plays a key role in determining who ends up in care. We speak with Natasha Reimer, the founder of the peer support group Foster Up and host of her own podcast, titled “The Disappearance of Natas … Read more »

  • Transformative Justice: Healing in Place

    On this episode of Appointed we’re talking about challenging systemic marginalization by healing interpersonal harm. We ask what the role of transformative justice is in the work of decarceration and unpack the difference between restorative justice and transformative justice. We speak with James Fa … Read more »

  • Coronavirus: Equalizer or Magnifier?

    On this episode of Appointed we’re discussing the novel Coronavirus pandemic and its varied effects on each of us. Far from The Great Equalizer, COVID-19 is instead magnifying existing societal inequities. We speak with former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Louise Arbour, author and activist Robyn … Read more »

  • Don't Label Me!

    On this episode, we’re unpacking labels like “victim” and “criminal”. We speak with Canada’s Ombudsman for Victims of Crime, Margot Van Sluytman, a poet and writer whose father was murdered at his workplace when she was a child, and Shannon Moroney, a bestselling author whose husband forcibly confin … Read more »

  • Dear Canada: Stop Detaining Migrants

    On this episode of Appointed, we dig into the issue of immigration detention. We speak with a man named Olu and his wife Kimora. Olu was detained for 11 months, despite having no criminal charges laid against him. He organized with his fellow detainees and even went on a hunger strike to try to secu … Read more »