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  • Font Wars

    You may have seen that the US District Court for the District of Columbia has issued guidance (it isn’t framed as a directive, exactly) on its preferences for typefaces in documents submitted to the court. Briefs (as they call them in the USA) must be at least 14-point in size (judges tend to be old … Read more »

  • Up Your Research Game With Lexbox Premium

    If you’re a power Lexbox user, you’ll be interested to know that Lexbox Premium is now available. The premium account includes: integration with Clio 5GB of uploads storage (or even more: 20GB for an additional fee) up to 100 alert feeds (or even more: 400 extra alerts for an additional fee) unlimit … Read more »

  • Changes

    The meanings of words change over time. A nice example is condescending, which not so long ago meant something along the lines of ‘being gracious to the underlings’ (the King James Bible, Dr Johnson and Lord Byron use it in this sense). Since the later nineteenth century, it has meant ‘patronising’ … Read more »

  • How to Set Up Alerts on Lexbox

    Lexbox is a free* online service that allows you to set up CanLII alerts that are automatically emailed to you. To set up an alert on CanLII using Lexbox: If you haven’t already done so, create a Lexbox account. Go to CanLII and run your search. Once you are happy with the search, click on the grey … Read more »

  • Are You Doing Your Utmost or Your Upmost?

    To do one’s utmost is to make the maximum possible effort: We will do our utmost to meet the deadline imposed by the regulator. What one sometimes sees (or, more often, hears) is upmost instead of utmost. Close, but no cigar. Upmost is a legitimate word, but it’s obsolescent in its correct sense. It … Read more »