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  • Fight Fake News and Information Overload in the Age of COVID-19

    Our personal and professional lives have been dramatically impacted by COVID-19. We’re all trying our best to stay informed, remain physically and mentally healthy, and to live and work in this brave new world. I am not alone in suggesting that staying informed about this pandemic and experiencing t … Read more »

  • Reflections on Language From Confinement

    I often feel like a grumpy old schoolmaster, rapping the knuckles of my hapless pupils with a ruler when they misplace a comma or mistake who’s for whose. A certain amount of knuckle-rapping is necessary, but no one who writes about words and writing can afford to be overly prescriptive. Language ch … Read more »

  • Get Free Help With Publishing Reference Docs Online During COVID-19

    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian legal tech industry is stepping up to help. Joining Clio and Optimize Compliance in offering generous assistance during this challenging time is Lexum, which today made the following announcement: Need to Provide Open Access to Key Documents and Ma … Read more »

  • Survive (& Thrive) While Working From Home

    Three standout posts on surviving and thriving during this abrupt change to working life: Staying sane while shifting to remote work Halifax lawyer Jennifer Taylor shares crowdsourced gems of wisdom on “how to be a lawyer, and a feminist, working from home in the age of COVID-19” (CBA National) What … Read more »

  • Redundancy Redux

    Never underestimate the tendency of people – and legally trained people, especially – to say things twice, unnecessarily. Both Think before you (over-)use this. It is superfluous here: The plaintiff seeks both compensatory and punitive damages. Co-conspirator To conspire necessarily involves combina … Read more »