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  • SlawTips Is Moving to

    After nearly 11 years, dozens of Tipsters, and more than 1200 tips, we’ve made the decision to transition SlawTips from its own site to being part of our content over at Slaw. Moving forward, you’ll now find new tips occasionally via our “Tips Tuesday” category. A huge thanks to all the Tipsters who … Read more »

  • Use Twitter to Track the Passage of a Bill Through the House of Commons

    While LEGISinfo is an excellent tool for tracking federal legislation, it does not get updated the moment that there is a change to a bill. But sometimes you need to have the information on the status of a bill as fast as is humanly possible. The House of Commons In the Chamber (@HoCChamber) Twitter … Read more »

  • Confusing Pairs

    We haven’t done these for a while, so here goes. Classic/classical Over time, these have been used interchangeably to some extent, but they are now best kept separate – and more or less as follows. Classic refers to something of recognised quality and enduring value: Mozart’s four greatest operas ar … Read more »

  • Law Prof Fail

    A law professor and political candidate tweeted this: Last night we gathered with a group of Liberal supporters who, like I, care about combatting climate change … And here I was thinking that only Lorelei Lee, the uneducated but aspirational showgirl in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1925), referred to … Read more »

  • Licensure

    This is becoming more common in regulatory law in Canada, but it’s unnecessary. It’s fairly old – OED gives citations going back to the mid nineteenth century. The word is listed there as an Americanism. The Law Society of Ontario has begun to use it: ‘Licensure is the official recognition by the La … Read more »