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"Advice you can use — short and to the point — every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. SlawTips is an initiative of where Shaunna, Laura, David, and Dan are all regular contributors."

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  • A Comma Quiz

    How would you punctuate the following? Former Minneapolis Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin and two colleagues J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane have been charged with multiple offences in connection with the death of George Floyd. No points for saying there should be a comma after Minneapolis … Read more »

  • Legalese: Not Just an English-Language Thing

    It happens in French too. A lawyer in Lyons (Lyon, to use the French spelling) complained recently on Twitter about contractual drafting like this: Par ailleurs, si l’Acquéreur envisagé en émet le souhait, celui-ci devra avoir la possibilité de… Translated literally, that means ‘Moreover, if the pro … Read more »

  • Problem Pronouns

    Things seem to go awry when people use even slightly complicated sentence structure. The venerable New York Times, usually a stickler for grammar (of an American variety), initially published this: More familiar to we of the social media era is a type of … This has since been corrected, changing tha … Read more »

  • Making the Most of Your Videoconferencing

    Assuming we want to look as confident and professional on someone else’s computer screen as we do in person, here are a few tips for hosting or attending online meetings. 1) Ensure confidentiality and security Not all video conferencing software provides the same security, so consider whether your m … Read more »

  • Sanitizing Library Books

    As libraries reopen, one concern is how to deal with books that have been returned by patrons. The Australian Library and Information Association is recommending the following: “For paper-based products, leave books untouched in a dedicated quarantine area for a 24-hour period prior to handling and … Read more »