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  • Use Sessional Clippings Books for BC Legislative Research

    British Columbia’s Hansard (the transcripts of the Legislative Assembly) was not published until 1970, making researching the intent behind a piece of pre-1970 legislation challenging. Happily for researchers, the BC Legislative Assembly Sessional Clippings books from 1891 to 1972 are now available … Read more »

  • The

    As used (or not) in the names of countries. One does still occasionally hear or see the Ukraine, but be careful not to use that around people of Ukrainian origin. They can get very shirty about it. Their point is that the definite article the makes the country sound more like a region, like the Midw … Read more »

  • A Step a Day to Leverage LinkedIn

    How long have you been on LinkedIn? A few years? More? Have you added or changed anything since that time? Your headshot? Your profile? The type of content you post? If it’s been more than a few years and not much has changed, now is the time to do just that! Even if you start with a single, small s … Read more »

  • Some Additional Apostrophe Catastrophes

    This was the headline of a recent LinkedIn post: Cryptocurrency do’s, don’ts and dangers. Think before you use the apostrophe and you’ll do it correctly: Dos, don’ts and dangers. At least it wasn’t danger’s in the original. And, without catastrophic apostrophes, it is No ifs, ands or buts. The posse … Read more »

  • Find Articling/Summer Students With the CPLED Student Resume Directory

    CPLED is now hosting a Student Resume Directory on its website to assist students who are seeking articles. Students can create profiles here, indicating the type of position they are looking for, the location where they would like to work (Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan), and upload a … Read more »