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  • Create Your Own Personal Pension Plan

    2019 is here and rather than lament about funds you already spent in 2018, now is the time to get back on track and set savings goals.  Statistics say the average millionaire saves at least 20 percent of what they earn.  Are you on track to create real wealth for yourself in 2019? If you are an inco … Read more »

  • Further Confusing Pairs

    I forget where we are in the series. Part 8? Anyway… Avert/advert One averts one’s gaze from something unpleasant; one adverts (turns one’s attention) to other matters. The two have been confused since the Middle Ages. Forgone/foregone My friend Ross Guberman has noted Warren Buffet’s confusion of t … Read more »

  • Be Best

    There are many reasons to pity Melania Trump (although maybe she knew what she was signing up for and got what she deserved – hard to say, really). Mrs T got into some linguistic hot water with the slogan for her campaign for children’s health and happiness, launched in May 2018: Be Best. As Tim Hil … Read more »

  • How to Save a Specific Paragraph From a Decision From CanLII on Lexbox

    Administrator’s note: thanks to Lexum for sharing this tip by Alisa Lazear; it first appeared on the Lexum Blog. Lexbox was designed to make your legal research faster and easier. To help you use Lexbox to the best of its ability, we are sharing Lexbox tips with you from time to time.  Here’s one if … Read more »

  • The Verb Summons: A ‘Horrible Expression’?

    Summons is one of those odd nouns that ends in –s in its singular form; so the plural is summonses. Odder still is the use of summons as a verb, meaning to command someone’s appearance in a court of law by way of a summons. Verbs don’t typically end in –s either. Not everyone is happy with this stat … Read more »

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