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  • Unclear Days: Computing Time in Statutes and Regulations

    What does it mean when a statute or regulation says that there must be “x days between” two actions? What about “at least x days between” two actions? In keeping with the relative, wibbly-wobbly nature of time itself, the answer sometimes depends on where you are. Federally, ss. 26-30 of the Interpr … Read more »

  • Redundancy Redux

    Remanded back I heard this on the CBC, and I’m hoping it hasn’t made its way into criminal lawyers’ writing: The suspect was remanded back into custody. The re­- prefix means ‘back’, so it is just remanded (and usually in custody, sometimes to, but not into). Similarly, not refer back – just refer. … Read more »

  • Renata Adler

    If you are unfamiliar with this writer, head to the nearest independent bookstore (Ben McNally would be an excellent choice in Toronto) and buy her unusual and compelling novels Speedboat (1976) and Pitch Dark (1983), both recently reissued under the New York Review of Books imprint. What have they … Read more »

  • My Favourite Apps – Part IV

    Nowadays, I think most transit systems probably have an app that tells you when the next bus or train is coming. Handy, but I found a new app – Citymapper – which is great for planning out how to get where you need to go. Citymapper will help you find your away around cities across North America, Eu … Read more »

  • How to Cite Online Looseleafs

    The question came up recently on the CALL listserv about how to cite online looseleafs, specifically those available on Thomson Reuters’ ProView platform. The McGill Guide suggests citing print looseleafs as follows: Author, Title (publication information) (Loose-leaf revision, supplement number or … Read more »