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"Advice you can use — short and to the point — every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. SlawTips is an initiative of where Shaunna, Laura, David, and Dan are all regular contributors."

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  • Figuring Out Geographic Areas in the Canadian Census

    The Canadian census is carried out every five years (you may remember filling it out earlier this year) and, in addition to basic demographic information, covers such areas as housing and employment. If you’re trying to find census information on a more granular level than simply for the country as … Read more »

  • Let’s Table That

    What does it mean when you table a motion at a meeting? It depends on where you live. For those in the non-US parts of the English-speaking world, to table means to submit something formally for discussion or consideration. The expression comes from act of laying your submission on the table of a le … Read more »

  • Continuing Comma Calamities

    It’s disheartening to see how frequently people mess up with commas. This kind of thing is all too common: Partner, Alfredo Garcia will be speaking about … Remove that comma! And don’t be tempted to leave it but add one after Garcia! Both suggest that there is only one partner (which, as you know, i … Read more »

  • Keep Your Legal Research Up to Date With Alerts on Lexbox

    For legal professionals working with a high volume of cases, it can be difficult to stay up to date with legal research for all of them. However, with the alert feature on Lexbox, it’s easy to keep track of changes to legal information on CanLII that is relevant to your field of work or study. Lexbo … Read more »

  • Finding Black’s Law Dictionary Online

    One resource that users may not be aware is available in Westlaw Canada’s LawSource module is Black’s Law Dictionary, possibly because it is the only “international” piece of content included in the module. Black’s Law Dictionary is the most widely used law dictionary in the United States and (accor … Read more »