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"Advice you can use — short and to the point — every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. SlawTips is an initiative of where Shaunna, Laura, David, and Dan are all regular contributors."

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  • Plain-Language Info on Canadian Copyright Law

    Administrator’s note: thanks to Lesley Ellen Harris of for this guest tip! Do you sometimes feel that there’s too much information out there? Do you wish there were a list of the top 5 to 10 online articles you need to read to get from point A to point B? These posts on Canadian co … Read more »

  • Screenshot Entire Webpages With FireShot

    Here’s a handy browser extension to add to your toolbox: FireShot, an add-on that captures entire webpage screenshots – even scrollable areas. Install FireShot in just a few seconds, then screenshot any website just by clicking the “S” icon in the top right corner of your browser and selecting an op … Read more »

  • Miscellaneous Misuses

    Shut down, shutdown Don’t confuse these. You shut down your computer in anticipation of the firmwide shutdown by the IT department.  On a similar footing, log in and login. Surveil This is like the awful liaise. Surveil is a misguided back-formation from surveillance, but an ugly and unnecessary one … Read more »

  • Finding RSS Feeds for Podcasts and YouTube Channels/Playlists

    Is there a podcast or YouTube channel you’d like to keep track of or display using RSS? Determining the RSS feeds for videos and podcasts can be tricky. Here are a couple of tips on how to find the RSS feeds for YouTube channels and playlists, and podcasts on iTunes or Soundcloud. To determine the R … Read more »

  • That Awful Extra ‘of’

    You’ve already been advised in a previous post not to say outside of or inside of. The of is both unnecessary and incorrect in each case. Of creeps in elsewhere, where it should not. As in the shudder-inducing off of, Please, just off. Or perhaps from (I got it from the internet, not off of). Or as … Read more »

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