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  • The question every legal regulator needs to answer

    Earlier this month, I was fortunate to appear on the closing panel at the International Conference of Legal Regulators‘ 2021 Virtual Conference. The premise of our panel was that regulatory innovations are taking place in many different countries, and we should decide whether this is a good thing or … Read more »

  • Defining lawyer competence

    Think about these two questions for a moment: 1. What would you want to know about a person before agreeing they should be allowed to become a lawyer? 2. What would you want to know about a person before agreeing they should be allowed to remain a lawyer? How would you answer them? These are […] The … Read more »

  • The legal regulation revolution

    Almost exactly three years ago, when hardly anyone was talking about a pandemic, I wrote about the California State Bar’s brand new Access Through Innovation In Legal Services Task Force, of which I remarked: The chances that California’s task force will result in fundamental reform to law firm owne … Read more »

  • The future of legal sector reform is now

    I was happy to contribute an article to the latest issue of leading European legal industry magazine Legal Innovation and Technology Today. You should read the entire issue, which includes great pieces about DEI in the legal sector by Christy Burke, agile law firms by Chris Bull, and key corporate l … Read more »

  • The CASE for standards of supervised practice in lawyer licensing

    Speaking to a US-based regulatory conference last month, I remarked on a key difference between the Canadian and American lawyer licensing systems: “In Canada, we decided that nobody should be allowed to practise law until they’ve spent a period of time performing supervised lawyer work in a legal s … Read more »