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  • Family Contests Charity’s Windfall From Estate

    It’s not uncommon for people to leave a part of their estate to a charity they feel close to or value the work of. One of the most important reasons to write a will is to make sure that your wishes, including charitable donations, are followed through. Without a will, your estate would be distribute … Read more »

  • Niece of Deceased Challenges Uncle’s Appointment As Estate Trustee

    Those familiar with estate litigation are well aware that family relationships can be complicated, and in the event of someone’s death, the problems in relationships amongst surviving members of the family can lead to impasses in how the deceased’s estate is managed. In a recent decision from the On … Read more »

  • Family At Odds Over What Happens To Home

    The family home is often the most valuable asset a family owns. When you also consider the emotional ties to a family home, it’s easy to understand why it is sometimes at the heart of estate disputes when there is no clear direction about how the home should be treated in the event of the owner’s de … Read more »

  • Changes Coming For Trust Reporting

    At Derfel Estates Law, we regularly advise trustees on their obligations and responsibilities, which can be significant. We are currently well into the final quarter of the year, and as 2021 approaches, we thought it would be a good time to remind trustees about changes to reporting requirements. Th … Read more »

  • A Widow Struggles To Get Late Husband’s Digital Assets From Apple

    Digital media is something that was probably an afterthought, if a consideration at all, just a generation ago. However, a person’s digital assets are an important consideration today, and the story of an Ontario woman engaged in a four-year battle with Apple over her late husband’s digital files is … Read more »