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  • Man Denied Partner’s Pension Due To Same-Sex Relationship

    For many people who have lost a loved one and perhaps been named executor of the estate, the process of working through the details of distributing the deceased’s assets can be daunting. For those who expect to benefit from the estate of the deceased, there can sometimes be long waits as the passing … Read more »

  • Decision Highlights The Importance Of Having A WIll

    Most people create wills in order to ensure that their estate is left to their loved ones. One of the dangers of not preparing a will as part of an estate plan is that failing to do so means that your estate may ultimately not go to the person or people that would have otherwise benefitted. It’s an … Read more »

  • Disinherited Twins Attempt To Vary Father’s Will

    People often put together estate plans while they are alive in order to ensure that their property goes to the people they want it to, and conversely, to ensure that property does not go to people who they do not want it to go to. In a recent situation before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, t … Read more »

  • Mother Gives Home To Son, Then Wants Proceeds From Sale

    For many people, the family home may be the most valuable asset they own, and the most significant gift they can leave for their loved ones in the event of their death. However, on occasion, someone might make a decision about what should happen to their home should they pass away, only to regret it … Read more »

  • CRA Issues Reminder About Managing Taxes For Deceased Individuals

    Being named the person responsible for probate and estate administration can be a daunting task. Being named as an executor comes with significant responsibilities as well as personal legal and financial liability. This alone is one of the reasons we suggest it’s critical to meet with an estates law … Read more »