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  • ICBC No Fault Insurance = WCB/Worksafe for Car Accidents

    The recent announcement by the NDP of a complete overhaul of ICBC into no fault insurance is not fully understood by most British Columbians. In fact, the NDP has completely duped the public into believing that this is a good thing. Only ICBC and the NDP will benefit from no fault insurance. One of … Read more »

  • Medical Malpractice Claim Not Too Complex for a Jury

    Howe v. Hwang 2018 BCSC 90 involved a medical malpractice claim where the injured claimant alleged that not only the wrong surgery was performed on her by the defendant doctor, but that the wrong surgery was done incorrectly resulting in life threatening complications and additional surgeries to sav … Read more »

  • Slip and Fall Claim Dismissed – No Evidence of the Cause of the Fall

    In order to succeed in a slip and fall claim against an owner or occupier of private property, an injured claimant must provide evidence of causation which is a connection between the wrongdoing of the occupier and the injury. An owner or occupier of private property owes the public a duty of care t … Read more »

  • The ICBC Fraud of No-Fault Insurance- Blame the Innocent

    No-Fault auto insurance means ICBC will profit by letting guilty drivers get away with killing and maiming the innocent. The history of no-fault auto insurance in other jurisdictions shows a callous disregard for human life. Profit over quality of life. If you are a bad driver and cause of your own … Read more »

  • $110,000 Pain and Suffering Award for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Chronic Pain

    In this car accident case (Winick v. Goddard 2020 BCSC 4), the 27 year-old female injured claimant was involved in 3 collisions. In the 1st car accident, the injured claimant sustained soft tissue injuries to her neck and back with pain radiating into her hip and legs that were aggravated by the 2nd … Read more »