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  • Holy Construction DamageMay 26, 2017

    By: Katelyn Bell, Summer Law Student Without a doubt, those of us who live, work and/or drive in Toronto are frustrated by the seemingly never-ending construction. The consequences of such construction are significant, for drivers, businesses, and infrastructure. While drivers face road delays, road … Read more »

  • Lobster Fraud! Nova Scotia Men Charged in $3 Million SchemeMay 25, 2017

    By: Nickolas Grunow-Harsta, Student at Law Millions in Atlantic lobster, criminal fraud, and three small-town Nova Scotians. They’re elements of a story that just don’t come together often.  Well, in this case they have, and they’ve kept the RCMP – and a legion of other government bodies – busy inve … Read more »

  • How Trump’s Tax Returns Can Be Legally ReleasedMay 25, 2017

    By: Michelle Cook, Summer Law Student United States President Donald Trump has given every excuse not to release his tax returns—first, he was under audit, then, it was that the American people just do not care about his tax returns, next, he needed to wait until his new taxes were filed, etc. Final … Read more »

  • Grandparents’ Custody and Access Claims Enhanced by Amendments to Ontario’s Children’s Law Reform ActMay 24, 2017

    Parents’ separations can mean difficult transitions for children.  Grandparents very often play a special role in these circumstances, providing their grandchildren with stability and unconditional love when they need it most.  These times of transition, however, can also lead to parents and grandpa … Read more »

  • Air Passenger Bill: Does it Really Protect Passenger Rights?May 23, 2017

    By: Nicolas Di Nardo Transportation Minister Marc Garneau introduced a Passenger Bill of Rights which is included in a package of amendments to the Canada Transportation Act. This bill is being introduced as a result of the United Airlines incident, where a passenger was dragged from a plane in Chic … Read more »