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  • MOVING CANNABIS: The Canadian Perspective

    On October 17, 2018 Cannabis became legal in Canada. The federal Cannabis Act[1] sets out the terms and conditions, which are uniform across Canada. It deals with the production, sale, distribution and possession of cannabis. Provinces have power to deal with how it is distributed, sold and can add … Read more »

  • Canadian Immigration Status during COVID-19 pandemic

    Information regarding the status of flights, border closures and visas is changing by the hour during this pandemic. When it comes to immigration status, there are a few key things to be done to ensure that you are able to remain in Canada. If you have temporary resident status as a visitor If you a … Read more »

  • The Canada Labour Code & Employer Releases

    The Remedy The Canada Labour Code applies to employees working in companies which are governed by federal law, as opposed to provincial law. This includes industries such as public broadcasting, railroads, trucking companies which cross provincial borders, banks, federal government employees and pub … Read more »

  • Resolving Family Law Disputes While the Family Courts Are Closed Due to COVID-19

    Podcast #46 – Resolving Family Law Disputes While the Family Courts Are Closed Due to COVID-19 The closure of the Ontario Family Courts due to COVID-19 does NOT mean that separated spouses and parents have to wait to have their matters resolved. Since separation and divorce is an uncomfortable perio … Read more »

  • Do I still have to let my kids travel with my ex for March Break amid COVID-19?

    We are all aware of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Yesterday, the Ontario Government announced the closure of all publicly funded schools for two weeks following March Break, which is set to commence this Monday, March 16th. March Break tends to be one of the busiest travel seasons… but not so much … Read more »