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  • Monkey Sues Human Over ‘Selfies’ Taken In 2011July 21, 2017

    By: Nicolas Di Nardo It’s 2017 and apparently, every year that goes by brings something new that we never thought we’d ever see possible. Now, animals seem to be able to sue humans over anything they please. Back in 2011, a British photographer by the name of David Slater gave a crested black macaqu … Read more »

  • O.J. Simpson Granted Parole after 8 Years Behind BarsJuly 21, 2017

    By: Nicolas Di Nardo Last month we published a post about O.J. Simpson being granted a parole hearing for his 2008 arrest. He was charged with: Armed Robbery Kidnapping Other Charges (not listed) These charges were laid after a confrontation with a sport memorabilia dealer who reportedly had persona … Read more »

  • Canada’s Immigration Detainees: Locked Up By Dodgy Risk AssessmentsJuly 20, 2017

    By: Nicolas Di Nardo A recent blog post highlighted an immigration detainee that went to court to fight for his release after being locked up for 4 years while awaiting deportation. For more information on that story, please click here to read our blog. Now, a Star investigation further into this ma … Read more »

  • Security Tightens as U.S.-bound Flights Require Enhanced ScreeningJuly 19, 2017

    By: Nicolas Di Nardo Enhanced security measures on any U.S.-bound flight begins today at Pearson Airport. Airlines such as Air Canada and WestJet have already advised passengers to arrive at least 2 hours prior to their flight in order to get through the additional screening process. The U.S. Depart … Read more »

  • Lululemon sues Under Armour Over a $52 Sports BraJuly 19, 2017

    By: Nicolas Di Nardo Two of the biggest athletic apparel companies are about to go to war, this time, in court and over a sports bra. Lululemon Athletica (NASDAQ: LULU), a Vancouver-based athletic apparel company is suing rival, Under Armour (NYSE: UAA) for copying a sports bra design. The bra in qu … Read more »