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  • Should Law Society Fees Be Progressive?

    Recently lawyer Elsa Ascencio @elsaasce tweeted about the Law Society fee structure. In her initial tweet she pointed out that the fees prevent her from servicing her clients. In response, many lawyers chimed in. Jessica Prince @jesshwprince tweeted that the barristers in England and Wales have a pr … Read more »

  • Eliminating Waste in Your Law Practice

    Photo by Steve Johnson on In the New York Times article “5-Hour Workdays? 4-Day Workweeks? Yes, Please“, Dr.Newport discusses attempts to change the way we work in the knowledge economy. He gives the example of a German entrepreneur, who put in place a 5 hour workday. Employees arrive at … Read more »

  • Small Claims Court Jurisdiction Increased to $35,000: What does this mean for current cases?

      Photo by Pixabay on   Currently, the most someone can ask for in Small Claims Court is $25,000. Beginning on January 1, 2020, the Small Claims Court will increase its jurisdiction from $25,000 to $35,000. Litigants who started a claim in the Superior Court can seek to transfer their cas … Read more »

  • #LawNeedsWellnessBecause

    Recently the #LawNeedsWellnessBecause hashtag was trending on Twitter. Lawyers weighed in on why mental health should be a priority. Amongst the #LawNeedsWellnessBecause tweets, the structure of how lawyers practice was pointed to as a contributor to stress, anxiety, and burnout. Despite the structu … Read more »

  • Ontario Bar Association: Fall Council Meeting

    Over the weekend, the Ontario Bar Association held its annual Fall Council Meeting. There were several amazing speakers. President Colin Stevenson spoke about the barriers to innovation and the ways companies are overcoming these barriers. Barriers to innovation include: The solitary work of lawyers … Read more »