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  • Using Courtbot to Improve Attendance at Court

    Photo by Alex Knight on As we have seen in the last year, technology can improve access to justice. A new product called Courtbot is another great example of technology improving interactions with the courts. The new App Courtbot helps remind litigants of upcoming court appearances. It is … Read more »

  • The Need for Holding Big Tech Companies Accountable for Speech

    The ability of Big Tech companies to shut out one of the world’s loudest men, Donald Trump, is astonishing. The events of last week, including the mob storming the U.S. Capitol building, forces us to ask how should we regulate Big Tech? In the Harvard Business Review “How to Hold Social Media Accoun … Read more »

  • Do Settlement Offers Expire Years Later?

    Photo by Pixabay on In the recent decision Karasiewicz v Collins et al, 2020 ONSC 4601, the plaintiff brought a motion to enforce a settlement. The plaintiff commenced an action in February 2016, alleging constructive dismissal. Early on the parties exchanged settlement offers in correspo … Read more »

  • Taking Mental Health Seriously: A Review of the American National Judicial Stress and Resiliency Survey

    It was recently reported in the Law Times that the isolation experienced during the pandemic is worsening lawyers’ mental health. Similarly, the American Bar Association released a study (conducted pre-pandemic) showing that judges are experiencing severe stress. The National Judicial Stress and Res … Read more »

  • Can Small Businesses Get an Injunction to Lift the COVID-19 Restrictions?

    Photo by cottonbro on In Canadian Appliance Source LP v. Ontario, 2020 ONSC 7492, Canadian Appliance Source (one of Canada’s largest home appliance retailers) brought an application requiring the government to allow it to remain open in Peel and Toronto. As part of scheduling the upcoming … Read more »