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  • Should Affidavits of Service Be Required?

    Recently lawyers have been debating online about whether the rules about affidavits of service should be reformed. Particularly in the context of serving documents by email, and there is a clear record of service. Service is important. It ensures that parties know about important court events before … Read more »

  • Ontario Court of Appeal Hearing Some Appeals in Writing

    In 4352238 Canada Inc. v. SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., 2020 ONCA 303, the Ontario Court of Appeal heard arguments on whether an appeal should be heard in writing only.  Deviating from the usual mode of oral and written submissions. The appellant objected to the matter being heard only in writing. Despite … Read more »

  • Can Chatbots Answer Legal Questions?

    The People’s Law School in British Columbia is offering free legal information through a Chatbot on Facebook. @chatwithbeagle answers questions through Facebook messenger at The chatbot starts off saying: I work for People’s Law School. I’m here to sniff o … Read more »

  • Why the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Has Barely Missed a Beat During the Pandemic

    Photo by Polina Zimmerman on The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has been fully functional for almost the entire time period during the pandemic. The court has easily transitioned to web-based hearings at the end of March 2020, – as announced here. Hearings are being heard in their ordinary … Read more »

  • Helpful Tips for Drafting Affidavits

    Photo by cottonbro on Background Rules on Drafting Affidavits: Affidavits must be based on what the deponent saw, what they heard, or what they did. Affidavits must be written in the first person, state the full name of the deponent, and if the deponent is a party or a lawyer, officer, di … Read more »