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  • Court Services of the Future: Online Mediation

      In British Columbia, the Legal Services Society has launched a free, online service called “The Family Resolution Centre”. It is part of My Law BC(delivered by legal aid provider Legal Services Society). The Family Resolution Centre program of My Law BC helps separated couples create parenting pla … Read more »

  • Blockchain Regulation and Governance Course

    Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are considered by experts to be the biggest technological change since the invention of the internet. Since ancient times money has been the domain of governments. Because digital currencies such as Bitcoin are not created by governments as a central auth … Read more »

  • Privacy Rights in the Internet Age and The New Tort of Public Disclosure of Private Facts

    “Society has been scrambling to catch up to this problem [the publication of intimate photos or videos online without consent] and the law is beginning to respond to protect victims.” – Justice Stinson in Jane Doe 464533 v N.D., 2017 ONSC 127 Gradually courts have been awarding damages for the tort … Read more »

  • Court Forms: Should They be Eliminated?

      Court forms are confusing. They are difficult to fill in and contain legal jargon. Even worst, the guides for court forms can be hard to follow. Especially, if you do not have a strong grasp of English or an understanding of the court system. I have personally witnessed numerous people struggle wi … Read more »

  • Is Selling Prescription Eyewear Online Legal?

    Nowadays you can buy almost anything online: clothing, food, glasses, jewelry, medication, mattresses, and the list goes on. So is there a problem with buying prescription eyewear online? The College of Optometrists of Ontario thought so. The College launched a court application against Essilor Grou … Read more »